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Saudi nationals and residents eligible for e-visa to Japan starting Monday

Evisa Japan to be available to Saudi nationals and residents. (AFP)
Evisa Japan to be available to Saudi nationals and residents. (AFP)
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24 Mar 2023 11:03:52 GMT9
24 Mar 2023 11:03:52 GMT9

Arab News Japan

DUBAI: Saudi nationals and residents will be eligible for electronic visas to Japan starting March 27.

Mutual interests and official diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Japan have been present for decades; both countries are mutually essential for each other’s political and economic growth.

The embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia recently announced that all Saudi nationals and people who reside in Saudi Arabia will be eligible to apply for a visa to Japan electronically; prior to that announcement, applications had to be done in the Japanese embassy or consulate.

Other than speeding up and streamlining the application process, this new decision will further enhance bilateral relations between both countries and facilitates entry and exit for all purposes.

The process includes a form that requires applicants to fill out basic information such as name, contacts, passport details, and travel information.

In 2015 Japan was named the third-largest trading partner of Saudi Arabia; both countries share many common interests that allow them to maximize benefits and enhance bilateral relations

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