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13 Nov 2023

Emerging global trends to create development opportunities of up to $20trn in next decade

07 Nov 2023

AI driving transformation in Saudi logistics sectors, minister says

01 Nov 2023

AI to play a part in future of education: minister

31 Oct 2023

Japanese beverage company goes viral for using AI-generated actress in recent ad

30 Oct 2023

Japan newspaper association calls for rules on generative AI

30 Oct 2023

G-7 draws up guiding principles for AI developers

30 Oct 2023

JETRO’S Japan pavilion participates at GITEX’s Expand North Star 2023

26 Oct 2023

AI to contribute $160bn to Saudi economy by 2030, says SRMG CEO

25 Oct 2023

Japanese art with Arabic calligraphy in the metaverse: Aimi Sekiguchi’s journey in VR painting

16 Oct 2023

GITEX GLOBAL takes place in Dubai, for the first time, this week

10 Oct 2023

Jera unveils digital power plant featuring Metaverse, AI

10 Oct 2023

AI rules to reflect various opinions: Japan Minister

09 Oct 2023

Digital Cooperation Organization event explores AI’s role in global diplomacy

09 Oct 2023

G-7 to draw up AI code of conduct this autumn: Kishida

25 Sep 2023

How Saudi Arabia is indigenizing the AI revolution and future-proofing its workforce

13 Sep 2023

How AI can help us fulfill the smart city dream

31 Aug 2023

US curbs AI chip exports from Nvidia to some Middle East countries

19 Aug 2023

The artificial intelligence war? Israel is fighting it already

17 Aug 2023

Japan publishers voice copyright concerns over generative AI

17 Aug 2023

Workers’ anxiety the price of world’s growing reliance on AI

26 Jul 2023

Japan's Advantest sees AI demand aiding chip testing recovery

24 Jul 2023

Saudi Arabia set to be biggest gainer from artificial intelligence in Middle East by 2030: PwC

23 Jul 2023

Job creation in Saudi Arabia to continue beyond 2030

16 Jul 2023

Robotics registrations in Saudi Arabia surge 52% to hit over 2k in Q2

28 Jun 2023

Japan school guidelines to call for limited use of generative AI

06 Jun 2023

Fukushima Pref. develops AI-based early beef evaluation system

11 May 2023

Saudi authorities launch Generative AI Hackathon

25 Apr 2023

Japan supports industrial use of generative AI, PM says

24 Apr 2023

Japan govt starts discussing use of generative AI

07 Apr 2023

Saudi Arabia ranks 2nd in global study of AI awareness

06 Apr 2023

Aeon to launch new online supermarket with AI

28 Mar 2023

Ubisoft uses AI to assist writing video game dialogue

20 Mar 2023

‘I am not here to take your job,’ ChatGPT tells Frankly Speaking host

15 Mar 2023

How AI and remote learning platforms are transforming education in the Middle East

07 Mar 2023

Machine magic or art menace? Japan's first AI manga

06 Mar 2023

GCC hosts first meeting of cybersecurity executive committee

05 Mar 2023

Upskilling for AI and the green revolution at sea

03 Mar 2023

ChatGPT turns to manga in 'One Piece' author experiment

27 Feb 2023

Saudi commission explores AI in movie making

20 Feb 2023

Saudi Film Commission to host meeting on role of AI in movie industry

26 Jan 2023

Learning to lie: AI tools adept at creating disinformation

26 May 2022

Protect role of ethics in AI future, UAE minister tells Davos

05 Feb 2022

JETRO collaborates with Dubai store to showcase contemporary Japanese products

09 Sep 2021

AI machine offers coffee on-the-go

15 Aug 2021

How to stay ahead of the future employment curve as AI enters recruitment

30 Mar 2021

NEC to start AI-based service for "dialogue" with pets

05 Dec 2020

Saudi Arabia leads Arab world in global AI index

23 Oct 2020

Saudi-hosted summit examines how AI can deliver positive social impact

21 Oct 2020

The key role of data in the transformation of Saudi Arabia

03 Oct 2020

Deal signed to establish AI center for health care in KSA

13 Sep 2020

UAE, Israeli educational institutions sign artificial intelligence MoU

14 Aug 2020

Melting 'frozen memories,' AI helps Japanese recall war days

17 Jul 2020

Dubai holds first ‘real life’ conference after shutdown

11 Jun 2020

Project on AI system to help doctors in Japan

19 May 2020

Sony and Microsoft team up on AI-Based Video Analytics Solutions

04 Apr 2020

Japanese AI app turns pictures and selfies into works of art

07 Jan 2020

Sony Unveils Self-Driving Electric Concept before CES

07 Dec 2019

Softbank, University of Tokyo to jointly research AI


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