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05 Apr 2024

Turkiye arrests two more suspected spies for Israel

04 Mar 2024

Erdogan and Abbas to discuss delivering aid to Gaza

14 Dec 2023

Turkish MP dies after suffering heart attack in parliament

24 Sep 2023

Turkish authorities warn unregistered Syrians to leave Istanbul

21 Aug 2023

A bus crashes off the road in central Turkiye, leaving 12 passengers dead

14 Jul 2023

Saudi-Turkish Business Forum sees deals worth $610m signed

12 Jul 2023

Erdogan’s NATO U-turn: What does the Turkish president have to gain?

14 Jun 2023

Turkiye says military ‘neutralized’ 53 Kurdish militants in northern Syria

28 May 2023

Likely outcomes of Turkish presidential runoff explained

08 Jun 2022

Ankara calls on Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands

14 May 2022

Biden signals stronger Ankara ties with push to ‘green light’ missile sales

07 Apr 2022

Ankara considering opportunities to start talks with Syria: Hurriyet

04 Feb 2021

Rights watchdog condemns Ankara over illegal transfer of Syrian detainees

08 Jan 2021

Ankara on alert over McGurk’s expected appointment to Syria

01 Jan 2021

Turkey’s crackdown on freedom of expression highlighted in new report

24 Oct 2020

Turkey on alert after US warns of potential terror strikes

02 Oct 2020

Turkish official sees Ankara unswayed over EU sanctions on Eastern Mediterranean

28 Sep 2020

Pompeo begins Greece talks to calm eastern Mediterranean tensions

11 Sep 2020

Macron urges firm EU stance against Turkish ‘provocations’

16 Aug 2020

Ankara burns bridges with UAE but maintains ties with Israel: Why?

26 Jun 2020

Turkey court sentences 121 to life in coup trial

26 Jun 2020

Magnitude 5.5 quake hits western Turkey

03 Mar 2020

Turkey fighter jet downs Syrian warplane over Idlib

20 Feb 2020

Turkey, Russia discuss joint patrols option in Syria’s Idlib

13 Feb 2020

Russia accuses Turkey of aggravating situation in Syria's Idlib

05 Feb 2020

Erdogan urges Syria to back off Turkish observation posts

05 Feb 2020

UN chief calls for end to fighting between Turkey and Syria in Idlib

17 Jan 2020

Car-bomb attack in northern Syria kills 3 Turkish soldiers

02 Jan 2020

Turkey’s pro-government papers closing down


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