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21 Nov 2022

Israeli far-right’s demand for defense post hinders Netanyahu’s coalition bid

01 Apr 2022

Coalition says committed to halting military operations in Yemen

30 Mar 2022

Coalition halts all military operations in Yemen

26 Mar 2022

Coalition launches air-strikes, destroys explosive-laden boats in Yemen’s Hodeidah, Saleef

23 Mar 2022

Coalition foils Houthi attack on oil tankers, destroys explosive-laden boats

21 Mar 2022

Coalition: Fire caused by Houthi attack on Aramco station in Jeddah brought under control

20 Mar 2022

Coalition destroys explosive-laden boat, thwarts attack on shipping

22 Feb 2022

Coalition says 16 people injured in Houthi drone attack on Jazan airport

18 Feb 2022

Coalition strikes drone operating base in Yemeni capital

09 Feb 2022

Coalition says it exchanged information regarding Houthi allegations with UN

08 Feb 2022

Coalition says it will host UN agency on Tuesday to discuss Houthi allegations

28 Jan 2022

Coalition: Nearly 200 Houthis killed in airstrikes on Marib, Al-Bayda, and Taiz

26 Jan 2022

Coalition in Yemen begins military operations in Sanaa

18 Jan 2022

Three killed by Houthi drone attack in Abu Dhabi

18 Jan 2022

Coalition in Yemen destroys 8 drones targeting Saudi Arabia

17 Jan 2022

Coalition in Yemen kills more than 280 Houthis in airstrikes on Marib, Al-Bayda

12 Jan 2022

Coalition announces operation to liberate Yemen on all fronts after winning battle for Shabwa

11 Jan 2022

Coalition kills 270 Houthis in Yemen airstrikes

03 Jan 2022

Coalition: 2 armed drones shot down at Baghdad airport

16 Dec 2021

Coalition destroys two Houthi ballistic missiles fired toward Saudi Arabia’s Abha

12 Nov 2021

Coalition warplanes hit military locations in Houthi-held Sanaa, Saada

23 Oct 2021

Arab coalition: Over 90 Houthis killed, 16 military vehicles destroyed in strikes on Juba and Al-Kasara

18 Oct 2021

165 Houthis killed in coalition airstrikes in Marib battleground

16 Oct 2021

Arab coalition: Over 180 Houthis killed, 10 military vehicles destroyed in Abedia operations

03 Oct 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone launched toward southwestern Saudi Arabia

12 Sep 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone targeting southwestern Saudi Arabia

28 May 2021

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drone targeting Saudi Arabia

14 May 2021

Arab states condemn Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

18 Mar 2021

Houthis misinterpreted terror delisting as green light for escalation: Al-Malki

13 Mar 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi air defense system in Yemen

13 Feb 2021

Saudi-led Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drone targeting Abha airport

11 Feb 2021

Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport sets passenger plane on fire

23 Jan 2021

Arab coalition thwarts two Houthi attacks

15 Jan 2021

Arab coalition intercepts, destroys Houthi drones targeting Saudi Arabia

12 Dec 2020

Saudi ambassador to Yemen says Riyadh Agreement to fulfill peace, security and stability

09 Nov 2020

Arab coalition intercept Houthi drone targeting Saudi Arabia

13 Sep 2020

Top military officials review operations of the coalition forces in Yemen

21 Aug 2020

Arab coalition shoots down drone fired from Yemen toward Saudi Arabia

10 Jul 2020

Arab coalition destroys two Houthi boats loaded with explosives

28 May 2020

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drones launched toward Saudi Arabia’s Najran

15 May 2020

UN envoy Griffiths thanks Arab coalition for Yemen cease-fire extension

09 May 2020

The civil war in Yemen

07 Feb 2020

Coalition naval forces rescue three crewmen after fishing boat is sunk by Houthi mine


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