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17 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia steps up efforts to boost private-sector employment for citizens

22 Mar 2021

UAE cabinet approves program to attract remote workers

27 Sep 2020

Japanese LDP Exec hints at extra economic measures amid pandemic

05 Sep 2020

Japan's Suga signals focus on protecting jobs, rules out sales tax cut

16 Aug 2020

UAE firms look into ways to pay staff’s increased work from home costs during the coronavirus pandemic

05 Aug 2020

Japan considering extending special employment subsidy

31 Jul 2020

Japan June job-openings ratio lowest since Oct. 2014

31 Jul 2020

Survey reveals 37 percent of Japan's elderly have paying jobs

18 Jul 2020

Japan companies are ramping up coronavirus responses

27 Jun 2020

Youths in Tunisia’s deprived south dream of ‘real’ jobs

29 May 2020

Japan's job openings ratio dives to 1.32 in April

22 May 2020

Over 10,000 workers axed in japan due to virus crisis

06 May 2020

Essential reading during The Great Lockdown

13 Apr 2020

Japan local govts hiring displaced workers as coronavirus relief

04 Feb 2020

Japan Govt adopts bill to call for employment until the age of 70

03 Feb 2020

"Ice Age" job seekers flocking to public-sector positions

20 Jan 2020

Japan ranks 15th in social mobility: WEF report

27 Dec 2019

Number of jobless people in Japan hits 27-year low

23 Dec 2019

Jobs market ‘will drive Saudi education,’ says education minister

11 Dec 2019

Unemployment high on list of Arab youth’s major concerns

30 Nov 2019

Japan's jobless rate flat at 2.4 percent in Oct.


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