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22 Sep 2023

Rising female workforce boosts Saudi Arabia’s economic growth

26 May 2023

Emirati royal calls for more female influence on policy-making

22 Aug 2022

Tsuneko Sasamoto, Japan's 1st female photojournalist, dies at 107

11 Jul 2022

Record 35 women win upper house seats in election

16 Mar 2022

Self-taught Saudi pianist shines across KSA

14 Mar 2022

15 nationalities set to participate in women-only Rally Jameel in Saudi Arabia

08 Mar 2022

Japan pledges increased gender equality on International Women’s Day 2022

08 Mar 2022

Pioneering women are the future of the tech industry

08 Mar 2022

Women’s talents crucial to any society’s development

08 Mar 2022

Arab women break the gender bias in the Middle East media industry

08 Mar 2022

How higher education bolstered women’s empowerment in Saudi Arabia

08 Mar 2022

Palestinian women struggle to improve social position

08 Mar 2022

Meet the Arab female reporters leading the way in covering the Ukraine war

08 Mar 2022

How Sarah Al-Tamimi embodies women’s empowerment in Saudi Arabia

08 Mar 2022

Arab Women Forum to be held in cooperation with Arab News

27 Feb 2022

Saudi Arabia gets its first female international Karate judge

12 Feb 2022

First Saudi female crane driver ensures safety procedures at E-Prix

31 Dec 2021

Runners get ready for women’s cross-country race in Jeddah

23 Oct 2021

A women’s well-being app builds on Saudi Arabia’s health-tech success

22 Oct 2021

Astronaut NAOKO Yamazaki reaches for the stars as first woman part of the Japanese Mission Specialist

22 Oct 2021

In Iraqi Kurdish city, women gain power without parity

03 Jul 2021

Female workers help Saudi Arabia jobless rate hit five-year low

13 Apr 2021

Saudi female elected first president of Digital Cooperation Organization

13 Mar 2021

Saudi women reach for the skies, inspire fellow dreamers

16 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia to appoint women as court judges ‘very soon’

15 Jan 2021

Meet the Saudi military engineers breaking gender barriers

09 Jan 2021

First Saudi female skating team aiming for international glory

27 Dec 2020

INTERVIEW: The first Japanese female professor in Saudi Arabia

18 Dec 2020

Japan councilwomen says ouster shows gender bias in politics

17 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia looks to close gender pay gap

15 Sep 2020

Saudi woman to run for sports club presidency

27 Apr 2020

Female leadership and heroism in the face of pandemic


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