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23 Apr 2024

IAEA begins 2nd review of Fukushima n-plant water release

17 Apr 2024

TEPCO to start FY 2024 Fukushima water release on Fri.

15 Apr 2024

Ex-PM Suga inspects Fukushima nuclear plant

21 Mar 2024

Climate activists demonstrate thirteen years after Fukushima disaster

17 Mar 2024

Fukushima nuclear plant completes water discharge for 1st year

17 Mar 2024

Sunday morning quake rattles Fukushima and Tokyo

15 Mar 2024

Japan suspends Fukushima water release after quake as precaution

14 Mar 2024

IAEA chief tells Kishida discharge of contaminated water going well

13 Mar 2024

IAEA chief reassures residents that treated wastewater discharge at Fukushima nuclear plant is safe

12 Mar 2024

13 years after nuclear disaster, citizens protest in front of TEPCO headquarters

11 Mar 2024

Lawyers submit petition to seek dismissal of judge in Fukushima nuclear disaster case

09 Mar 2024

TEPCO achieves many things over Fukushima No. 1 plant

09 Mar 2024

Combination of 2 options proposed for Fukushima plant debris removal

07 Mar 2024

Lawyers contest radiation levels in cases of Fukushima children with thyroid cancer

03 Mar 2024

N-Plant water release still overshadowing Japan-China ties

28 Feb 2024

4th round of Fukushima treated water release begins

27 Feb 2024

4th round of Fukushima water discharge to start Wed.

27 Feb 2024

IAEA's Grossi to visit Fukushima n-plant in March

23 Feb 2024

Japan, China held talks on Fukushima plant treated water in Jan.

21 Feb 2024

Japan's industry minister chides utility president over radioactive water leak at Fukushima plant

14 Feb 2024

Japan names 2 candidate areas for 2nd-stage nuclear waste survey

08 Feb 2024

Fukushima operator reports leak, says no contamination detected

31 Jan 2024

Protesters demand removal of judge in Fukushima nuclear case

26 Jan 2024

TEPCO to release 54,600 tons of treated water in FY 2024

18 Jan 2024

China's fishery product imports from Japan fall 40% in 2023

15 Dec 2023

Radioactivity detected in Fukushima worker's nose

21 Nov 2023

TEPCO completes 3rd round of Fukushima water release

03 Nov 2023

Japanese consumers are eating more local fish in spite of China's ban due to Fukushima wastewater

02 Nov 2023

TEPCO starts 3rd round of water release from Fukushima plant

24 Oct 2023

IAEA begins review of Fukushima water release

17 Oct 2023

Japan criticizes Russian ban on its seafood following the release of treated radioactive water

16 Oct 2023

Russia joins China's restrictions on fish and seafood imports from Japan

05 Oct 2023

TEPCO starts second round of Fukushima water release

04 Oct 2023

Japan hopes to resolve China's seafood ban over Fukushima's wastewater release within WTO's scope

03 Oct 2023

Japan concerned about possible Russia ban on fishery products

29 Sep 2023

Second round of Fukushima wastewater release to start next week

28 Sep 2023

Japan's fishery exports to China tumble 70.8% in August

25 Sep 2023

Protesters criticize TEPCO’s decision to use Pacific Ocean for contaminated water disposal

14 Sep 2023

Thyroid Cancer victims continue fight against TEPCO

10 Sep 2023

Japan PM Kishida spoke about Fukushima water release with G20 leaders

02 Sep 2023

Japan rebuts China's criticism of Fukushima water release

01 Sep 2023

The Simpsons predicts the future, as Kishida eats Fukushima fish

30 Aug 2023

Japan PM eats 'safe and delicious' Fukushima fish

30 Aug 2023

Japan parliament to discuss Fukushima water release Sept 8

29 Aug 2023

Japan to ask China to lift import ban via WTO

28 Aug 2023

Japan PM condemns China over stone-throwing at embassy, schools

27 Aug 2023

Tritium not detected in seawater off Fukushima: Ministry

26 Aug 2023

Seafood exhibitors express concern over Fukushima waste water

26 Aug 2023

U.S. "satisfied" with Japan's Fukushima water process

24 Aug 2023

TEPCO claims safety top priority in N-plant water release

24 Aug 2023

South Korea police arrest 14 Fukushima protesters seeking to enter Japan embassy

24 Aug 2023

Japan starts treated Fukushima water release into sea

23 Aug 2023

Nuclear center accuses Japan government of betrayal over polluted water

23 Aug 2023

Australia tolerates Japan's treated water release plan

21 Aug 2023

Japan to start Fukushima water release as early as Thurs.

19 Aug 2023

Demonstrators gather near Prime Minister's residence to protest Fukushima discharge

16 Aug 2023

Blinken says US satisfied with Japan's plans to release water from Fukushima

07 Aug 2023

Japan may release Fukushima treated water from late Aug.

03 Aug 2023

Japan's nuclear restarts this year to accelerate liquefied natural gas import decline

01 Aug 2023

Japan, China clash over Fukushima water release plan

01 Aug 2023

Japanese eateries in China fear ruin as Fukushima water discharge looms

31 Jul 2023

Japan takes to anime to promote Fukushima water release safety

24 Jul 2023

Fukushima plant water release within weeks raises worries about setbacks to businesses, livelihoods

13 Jul 2023

Art museum themed on nuclear disaster opens in Fukushima City

13 Jul 2023

Hong Kong may ban Japanese products if radioactive water is released

13 Jul 2023

Korean, Japanese lawmakers denounce dumping of contaminated Fukushima water into sea

06 Jul 2023

Japan, S. Korea leaders may discuss Fukushima water release

05 Jul 2023

IAEA chief reassures Fukushima residents on water release

04 Jul 2023

Fukushima: Japan gets UN nuclear watchdog approval for water release

23 Jun 2023

Japan denies reported political donations to IAEA

06 Jun 2023

Fukushima Pref. develops AI-based early beef evaluation system

25 May 2023

Japan nuclear watchdog ask Fukushima plant operator to assess risk from reactor damage

16 Apr 2023

G-7 stops short of welcoming Fukushima water release

08 Apr 2023

G-7 likely to back nuclear power for energy security

01 Apr 2023

Japan opens new research organization in Fukushima

14 Mar 2023

TEPCO ordered to pay ¥ 1.5b to Fukushima evacuees

11 Mar 2023

Japan marks 12 years from tsunami and nuclear disaster

01 Mar 2023

12 years on: Fukushima aiming to lead drone use in disasters

15 Feb 2023

'Lucky tiger': Fukushima fishermen pin hopes on pufferfish

26 Jan 2023

Fukushima youths with thyroid cancer testify at Tokyo District Court

20 Jan 2023

Protestors denounce court’s exoneration of Fukushima nuclear plant officials

20 Jan 2023

IAEA visits Japan ahead of discharge of contaminated water into ocean

13 Jan 2023

Japan to start N-plant water release in spring at earliest

25 Nov 2022

TEPCO ordered to pay 279m yen to Fukushima evacuees

09 Oct 2022

United Nations representative on internal refugees urges help for Fukushima evacuees

30 Aug 2022

Evacuation order lifted for part of Fukushima n-plant's host town

26 Aug 2022

TEPCO delays Fukushima nuclear fuel debris removal by another year

17 Aug 2022

Anti-terror facility construction plan for TEPCO nuclear plant approved

19 Jul 2022

No direct health effects from Fukushima N-crisis: UN

13 Jul 2022

Tepco shareholders awarded 13 trillion yen compensation for nuclear accident

30 Jun 2022

Evacuation order lifted for part of Fukushima town

12 Jun 2022

Japan lifts evacuation order for part of Fukushima district

07 Jun 2022

Hearing on responsibility for the Fukushima nuclear disaster ends in uncertainty

27 May 2022

First hearing for woman who contracted cancer after Fukushima disaster

15 Apr 2022

Citizen groups oppose the discharge of Fukushima's tritium-polluted water

09 Mar 2022

Fukushima region forges renewable future after nuclear disaster

04 Mar 2022

Top court to rule on govt liability over Fukushima evacuation

27 Jan 2022

Six victims file complaint against TEPCO after contracting thyroid cancer

23 Jan 2022

Japan's Tepco hit by setback in clean-up of crippled Fukushima nuclear plant

13 Dec 2021

Japan's 1st Pokémon-themed playground opens in Fukushima


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