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10 Oct 2023

EU, Gulf states urge ‘sustained financial support’ for Palestinians

05 Aug 2023

How soft power can boost Turkish-Gulf relations

18 Jul 2023

Erdogan aims to deepen economic ties with Gulf nations

15 Jul 2023

Gulf nations offer great opportunities for investors

14 Jul 2023

Appointment of first EU special representative for Gulf region is proof of ambition to work together, Luigi Di Maio tells Arab News

08 Jun 2023

US ‘committed to partners in Gulf,’ secretary of state tells Arab ministers

14 Dec 2022

China and the GCC plan for a brighter future in the Gulf

27 Nov 2021

US military presence in the Gulf is a strategic priority

21 Nov 2021

New realities when it comes to Turkey and the Gulf

08 Oct 2021

Capital Economics expects Gulf states to reduce VAT on higher oil revenues

29 Sep 2021

Lab-grown meat is here to save the Gulf from hunger, says Khaled bin Alwaleed

01 Sep 2021

Gulf Arabs face prospect of unlivable heat as planet warms

27 Aug 2021

Saudi banks lead Gulf in loan growth as sector posts strong quarter

05 Aug 2021

UN urged to act over Iran piracy in the Gulf

25 Jul 2021

This art exhibition is bridging the Gulf and Japan

06 Jul 2021

Passengers evacuated from Gulf Air flight after ‘incident’ landing in Kuwait

22 Jun 2021

Tax-shy Gulf states will rely on hydrocarbons for at least a decade: Moody’s

04 Mar 2021

Israeli minister says interconnection with Gulf grid would boost Mideast energy security

17 Jan 2021

Iranian missiles land 100 miles from US aircraft carrier strike group in Indian Ocean

13 Jan 2021

Iran holds missile drill in Gulf of Oman amid tensions

02 Jan 2021

US, Gulf allies brace for Iran terror attacks as Tehran vows to avenge Soleimani killing

05 Dec 2020

Kuwait, US hold ‘fruitful talks’ on resolving Gulf crisis

29 Nov 2020

US navy denies carrier group moved into Gulf after any ‘threats’

25 Nov 2020

Gulf families shift to ‘responsible investing’

13 Aug 2020

US military accuses Iranian forces of boarding Liberian-flagged civilian ship

29 May 2020

Iran Guards threaten US over Gulf presence after receiving new combat vessels

11 May 2020

19 dead as Iran warship hit by ‘friendly fire’ in tense Gulf

01 Apr 2020

Gulf stocks battered by coronavirus and oil slump

03 Jan 2020

Iraq faces a bleak new year

01 Dec 2019

Japan imported 27.6m barrels of crude oil from Saudi Arabia in October


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