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21 Aug 2021

Foreign pilgrims happy to perform Umrah anew after long hiatus due to COVID-19 pandemic

24 Jul 2021

Pilgrims ‘do not need to test, isolate’ after Hajj

21 Jul 2021

Hajj 2021: No COVID-19 infections or other illnesses among pilgrims

21 Jul 2021

Maximum technology utilized by Saudi authorities to ensure safety of pilgrims

21 Jul 2021

King Salman thanks Muslim countries for supporting Saudi Arabia’s anti-virus Hajj efforts

20 Jul 2021

The Well of Zamzam is a lasting miracle

20 Jul 2021

Saudi authorities step up inspection of pilgrims’ tents as Hajj progresses

19 Jul 2021

Saudi health ministry: No COVID-19 infections among pilgrims

19 Jul 2021

Arafat Day and the women of Makkah

18 Jul 2021

Makkah Grand Mosque: The most sacred site in Islam

18 Jul 2021

Hajj 2021: How Jeddah earned its reputation as the city of hospitality

17 Jul 2021

Hajj pilgrims urged to carry coronavirus safety items

16 Jul 2021

Makkah Grand Mosque ready to receive Hajj pilgrims

11 Jul 2021

Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to receive pilgrims on July 17-18

16 Jun 2021

More than 450,000 people apply to perform Hajj during first 24 hours of registration

12 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia to limit Hajj pilgrimage this year to 60,000 citizens and residents

26 Apr 2021

Explained: How to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah this Ramadan

28 Oct 2020

Saudi ministry announces quarantine rules for foreign pilgrims

04 Aug 2020

Pilgrims to quarantine for 14 days after Hajj

03 Aug 2020

Pilgrims safely end Hajj journey

01 Aug 2020

Hajj pilgrims complete stoning ritual amid social distancing curbs

01 Aug 2020

The Well of Zamzam is a lasting miracle

31 Jul 2020

No health issues reported among Hajj pilgrims

31 Jul 2020

Services to pilgrims based on latest technological innovations, minister says

31 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia praised by WHO for measures taken to protect Hajj pilgrims

30 Jul 2020

Pilgrim’s progress: Moroccan completes 4-year cycle epic for Hajj

30 Jul 2020

Women police officers join Makkah’s Hajj security forces for first time

29 Jul 2020

Hajj explained: The rituals of Hajj

28 Jul 2020

Decision to scale down Hajj wins support among Muslims

27 Jul 2020

Makkah Municipality ready for Hajj season

26 Jul 2020

Hajj explained: A sacred site for Muslims

26 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia taking all measures to keep Hajj safe

06 Jul 2020

Makkah mayor chairs virtual meeting to discuss plans for Hajj season

25 Jun 2020

WHO welcomes Saudi Arabia’s decision to limit Hajj 2020

24 Jun 2020

World community, Muslim organizations welcome strict Saudi limit on Hajj pilgrims

24 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia limits Hajj pilgrims to 1,000

23 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia: Hajj 2020 to be held with very limited number of pilgrims

07 Oct 2019

24,000 visitors to Saudi Arabia within 10 days of new tourist visa system


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