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27 Feb 2021

UN Security Council sanctions top Houthi security official for rape and torture

26 Feb 2021

Arab coalition intercepts, destroys Houthi drones targeting Saudi Arabia

22 Feb 2021

Marib police thwart Houthi attempt to recruit women and children for Yemen attacks

21 Feb 2021

Greek FM to discuss military ties with Saudi Arabia

19 Feb 2021

Arab coalition intercepts, destroys Houthi drone targeting Saudi Arabia

19 Feb 2021

Surge in Houthi violence is sign of desperation, says Saudi envoy

19 Feb 2021

Yemeni minister accuses Houthis of using displaced people as human shields in Marib

17 Feb 2021

Houthi snipers accused of targeting children in Taiz

17 Feb 2021

Houthis spreading misleading information regarding Safer tanker: Minister

17 Feb 2021

Houthi offensive ‘risks new humanitarian crisis in Yemen’

17 Feb 2021

US calls on Houthis to halt all military operations in Yemen

15 Feb 2021

100 dead in battle as Yemeni army launch counterattack against Houthis in key province

15 Feb 2021

Coalition destroys Houthi drones fired at Saudi Arabia

14 Feb 2021

Yemeni government calls for international support to protect heritage sites from Houthis

13 Feb 2021

Saudi envoy writes to UN about Houthi war crimes

12 Feb 2021

Japan condemns Houthi attacks on Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia

12 Feb 2021

Saudi Arabia calls on UN to take responsibility for ending Houthi threat

11 Feb 2021

A new study on the Middle East takes the wraps off Iran’s militia doctrine

10 Feb 2021

UN Yemen envoy demands rebels halt Marib attack

09 Feb 2021

Houthis step up attacks on Marib despite resistance, condemnation

03 Feb 2021

Yemen security authorities foil kill plot by female Houthi cell

31 Jan 2021

Arab coalition destroys armed drone fired by Houthis toward Saudi Arabia

30 Jan 2021

Houthi terror attacks a test for Biden

27 Jan 2021

Yemen steps up diplomatic drive for Houthi terrorist designation

27 Jan 2021

Are Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis firing warning shots across Biden administration’s bows?

27 Jan 2021

Ending Houthi sanctions raises Iran terror threat, critics warn

26 Jan 2021

Houthi, Iranian influence will ‘reshape’ Yemeni society, warns UK ambassador

25 Jan 2021

Yemeni government and Houthis hold prisoner swap meeting

22 Jan 2021

Biden’s team should beware of Houthis’ misuse of humanitarian concerns

22 Jan 2021

How Yemen’s Houthis’ well-deserved terrorist label gives Biden important leverage

20 Jan 2021

Saudi Cabinet strongly condemns continuous Houthi violations

14 Jan 2021

Yemen’s interior says ballistic missiles used to attack Aden airport

10 Jan 2021

Yemen calls on UN to take stand on Houthi war crimes in Taiz

09 Jan 2021

Houthi shelling kills child, wounds 4 in Taiz

08 Jan 2021

Houthi shelling kills 6 in Taiz as UN Yemen envoy visits Aden

07 Jan 2021

Houthi militants kidnap Safer. Co engineers, kill civilians

26 Dec 2020

Houthi militia launch missile targeting Yemen’s Al-Jawf

26 Dec 2020

Houthi marine mine hits cargo ship in Red Sea: Arab coalition

10 Dec 2020

Arab Coalition completes arrangements to accelerate implementation of Riyadh Agreement

08 Dec 2020

Iranians guiding Houthi missiles, says captured spy

07 Dec 2020

Yemen journalist captives tell of five-year torture ordeal in Houthi prisons

05 Dec 2020

US considering blacklist for Yemen’s Houthis — Oman foreign minister

05 Dec 2020

Deadly Yemen attack sparks calls to ‘name and shame’ Houthi militia

04 Dec 2020

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone

03 Dec 2020

US could designate Houthi militia as ‘terrorist’ organization

01 Dec 2020

Houthi shelling kills 2 children, injures dozen more in Yemen

27 Nov 2020

Saudi Foreign Minister: Houthis are behind Yemen’s problems

27 Nov 2020

Yemeni parties condemn Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

26 Nov 2020

Japan strongly denounces Houthi terrorist attack against Jeddah's oil Facility

26 Nov 2020

Houthis give green light for UN team to access decaying oil tanker


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