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26 Oct 2021

Houthis abduct dozens of civilians in wake of deadly Marib siege

25 Oct 2021

Houthi’s boat attacks pose threat to global trade lines at Red Sea

22 Oct 2021

Arab coalition strikes military sites in Houthi-held Sanaa

19 Oct 2021

More than 150 Houthis killed, injured in Yemen’s Abedia: Arab coalition

16 Oct 2021

Saudi air defenses destroy Houthi drone targeting Jazan

15 Oct 2021

UN envoy: Yemen solution can only be achieved through negotiated political settlement

13 Oct 2021

Japan condemns Houthi terrorist attack on Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah airport

12 Oct 2021

Arab coalition hits Houthi targets in Abdiya

08 Oct 2021

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi ballistic missile, drones launched toward Saudi Arabia

08 Oct 2021

Houthi drone attack on Abha widely condemned

06 Oct 2021

Yemen’s prime minister blasts Houthis for ‘sabotaging peace, blackmailing the world’

03 Oct 2021

Four dead in Aden gun battle as Yemen’s separatists go to war

26 Sep 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi ballistic missile launched toward Najran

24 Sep 2021

Coalition forces thwart Houthi attempts to disrupt Saudi National Day celebrations with drone attacks

23 Sep 2021

Coalition forces destroy bomb-laden Houthi drones and boats

19 Sep 2021

Houthis execute 9 civilians over 2018 coalition killing of leader Al-Samad

17 Sep 2021

Coalition forces foil Houthi missile and drone attack on Saudi city

12 Sep 2021

Yemen vice president denounces Houthi attack on Mocha port

12 Sep 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone targeting southwestern Saudi Arabia

04 Sep 2021

UN condemns Houthi attacks on Abha International Airport

04 Sep 2021

Saudi air defenses foil Houthi drone attack

03 Sep 2021

Blinken tells Saudi foreign minister of US concern over Houthi attack on Abha airport

31 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia strongly condemns Houthi attack that killed dozens at Yemen airbase

30 Aug 2021

Saudi air defenses intercept 3 Houthi drones launched toward Khamis Mushayt

29 Aug 2021

At least 30 killed in Houthi drone, missile attack on Yemen airbase

29 Aug 2021

Houthi strikes target largest airbase in Yemen; at least 6 killed

24 Aug 2021

UN concerned about humanitarian situation in Marib, fuel crisis in Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen

23 Aug 2021

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drone targeting Saudi Arabia’s Khamis Mushait

22 Aug 2021

Arab coalition airstrikes kill Iranian expert in Yemen’s Marib

19 Aug 2021

Yemeni army liberates new areas in Al-Jouf from Houthi control

19 Aug 2021

Arab coalition reiterates support for Yemeni government as battle for Marib continues

17 Aug 2021

Thousands of Yemeni children brainwashed in Houthi ‘summer camps’

16 Aug 2021

Houthi court adjourns trial of abducted model due to absent judge

15 Aug 2021

Saudi air defenses intercept Houthi missile launched towards Najran

11 Aug 2021

Accepting UN-brokered peace initiative would be surrender, says Houthi leader

09 Aug 2021

Coalition forces thwart Houthi drone attack on Saudi city

09 Aug 2021

Houthis snub new UN envoy for Yemen, president welcomes appointment

06 Aug 2021

OIC slams attempted Houthi attack on southern Saudi city

06 Aug 2021

University professor shot dead in Houthi-held Sanaa

01 Aug 2021

Yemen violence increases as Houthis reject truce calls

01 Aug 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone launched toward Saudi Arabia’s Khamis Mushait

28 Jul 2021

Arab coalition intercepts several missiles, drones launched by Yemen’s Houthis toward Saudi Arabia

27 Jul 2021

US condemns latest Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, calls for Iran-backed group to return to negotiations

26 Jul 2021

‘Most fierce’ Houthi assault on Marib foiled by Yemen government, coalition

25 Jul 2021

Houthis bury 11 fighters after new military setback in Yemen

25 Jul 2021

Arab coalition destroys 3 Houthi drones launched toward southern Saudi Arabia

22 Jul 2021

Yemeni army repels Houthi attacks on two governates

16 Jul 2021

Yemeni government scores fresh military gains in Marib province

12 Jul 2021

Yemeni FM condemns Houthi militia’s continued rejection of proposed peace initiative for a cease-fire

11 Jul 2021

Top Houthi commander killed in new Yemen battle


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