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04 Sep 2022

Judges in Houthi-held Sanaa on strike after killing of colleague

01 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia designates five individuals for association with activities in support of Houthis

14 Aug 2022

Confession by Houthi-affiliated smugglers prove Iran’s role in regional instability: Yemeni minister

31 Jul 2022

Houthi-owned ammunition depot blast kills five engineers in Yemen

29 Jul 2022

Yemeni journalist in ‘critical condition’ as Houthi captors deny him medication

27 Jul 2022

Houthi captors torture abducted model in Sanaa prison

23 Jul 2022

Houthis commit 277 violations of UN truce in 48 hours

20 Jul 2022

Coalition denies Houthi claims of airstrikes on Yemen’s Al-Dhale governorate

05 Jul 2022

Yemen’s Taiz braced for new Houthi attacks

03 Jul 2022

Houthis criticized over refusal to open main roads in Yemeni city of Taiz

02 Jul 2022

Houthi militia targets army positions in Taiz

27 Jun 2022

Houthis seize properties of late former PM Bajamal

15 Jun 2022

UN urges Houthis to lift Taif siege as Yemeni truce holds

15 Jun 2022

Houthis break truce with new attacks on Taiz city

01 Jun 2022

Houthis shell besieged Taiz amid intensifying international efforts to renew truce

31 May 2022

Houthi ‘intransigence’ over ending Taiz siege undermining UN-brokered truce, says Yemeni foreign minister

29 May 2022

Yemen government, Houthis discuss final draft of agreement on opening roads in Taiz

25 May 2022

Yemenia to operate direct flights between Houthi-held Sanaa, Cairo

25 May 2022

US sanctions Hamas official and financial network, Treasury Dept. says

22 May 2022

Pressure mounts on Houthis to lift Taiz siege

20 May 2022

Houthi pirates accused of attempting to hijack racing yacht in Red Sea

13 May 2022

Coalition blames deaths of migrants in Al-Raqu border region on Houthi attacks

13 May 2022

Houthis using summer camps to train child soldiers, parents warned

09 May 2022

Houthis unwilling to end their siege of Taiz, says official

07 May 2022

Released by coalition, dozens of Houthi war prisoners return to Yemen

06 May 2022

Coalition: First plane carrying Houthi prisoners arrives in Aden

01 May 2022

Houthis crack down on women who walk without male chaperons

29 Apr 2022

Coalition to release 163 Houthi prisoners in ‘humanitarian initiative’

26 Apr 2022

Yemen’s Houthi militia announces release of crew of Emirati ship Rwabee

26 Apr 2022

Houthis gather more forces outside Yemen’s Marib city

10 Apr 2022

Houthi missile hits Marib as Yemen’s new leader vows to end war

06 Apr 2022

Exploiting truce, Houthis deploy war machinery outside Marib

05 Apr 2022

Second fuel ship docks at Hodeidah as fresh Houthi violations shake truce

05 Apr 2022

UN Security Council urges Houthis to abide by terms of truce

28 Mar 2022

Japan condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

26 Mar 2022

World condemns Houthis as US says Iran ‘clearly enabled’ Jeddah oil attack

26 Mar 2022

Houthis hit ‘backbone of the global economy’ in Jeddah oil depot strike

26 Mar 2022

Houthi crimes highlighted at European Parliament

22 Mar 2022

UN condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi oil facilities as detrimental to peace efforts

15 Mar 2022

Yemen’s government vows to hunt down kidnappers of aid workers

13 Mar 2022

Billion-dollar property grab as Houthi ‘gangs’ seize rivals’ homes

11 Mar 2022

Houthi bomb-maker killed in northern Yemen clashes

10 Mar 2022

Houthis accused of abusing women with moral policing

07 Mar 2022

Coalition intercepts drones launched by Houthis toward Saudi Arabia

01 Mar 2022

Houthis recruit African migrants, refugees to shore up depleted ranks

28 Feb 2022

Yemen army destroys 2 Houthi explosive boats in Red Sea

25 Feb 2022

Houthis abduct two more Yemeni employees of US embassy in Sanaa

24 Feb 2022

Houthi death penalties condemned by Yemeni government, activists

24 Feb 2022

Coalition: Over a dozen Houthi military vehicles destroyed in strikes on Yemen’s Hajjah

21 Feb 2022

UAE drone conference warns of rising threat from terrorist groups


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