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02 Feb 2023

Israel steps up demolitions of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

31 Jan 2023

Japan condemns attacks in Palestine and Israel

31 Jan 2023

Palestinian legal center files objection to plans to build US embassy in Jerusalem on illegally confiscated land

26 Jan 2023

Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian, boy dies from bullet wound

23 Nov 2022

Twin blasts shake Jerusalem, killing teen, wounding 18

18 Oct 2022

Australia drops recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

17 Oct 2022

UAE signs $25m agreement with WHO to support East Jerusalem hospital

09 Oct 2022

Israeli forces hunt east Jerusalem checkpoint attacker

06 Sep 2022

Israel advances plans for another east Jerusalem settlement

21 Aug 2022

Palestinians feel ‘abandoned by international community’: Latin patriarch of Jerusalem

14 Aug 2022

Seven injured, two seriously, in attack on Jerusalem bus: police, medics

25 Jun 2022

Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque ‘in danger of collapsing’ due to Israeli excavation work: Site official

01 Jun 2022

US says it remains committed to reopening Jerusalem consulate

24 May 2022

Senior Israeli lawmaker warns of ‘religious war’ over Jerusalem moves

06 May 2022

OIC calls on UN to stop Israeli settlers’ attacks

23 Apr 2022

Dozens wounded in clashes at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa compound

22 Apr 2022

Japan calls for restraint from Israel and Palestine over Al Aqsa mosque clash

21 Apr 2022

Police restrict Israeli ultra-nationalists’ Jerusalem march

19 Apr 2022

UN Security Council to meet Tuesday on unrest in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa

17 Apr 2022

Pope calls for free access to Jerusalem holy sites

16 Apr 2022

158 worshippers injured as Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa

30 Mar 2022

Jordan’s King Abdullah reiterates two-state Palestinian solution in talks with Israel’s Gantz

25 Feb 2022

Jerusalem should be a beacon of peace, not the heart of conflict

19 Feb 2022

Palestinians offer Jerusalem Friday prayers in solidarity with eviction families

02 Feb 2022

Israel demolishes east Jerusalem home of Palestinian gunman

07 Oct 2021

Two-state solution is the only path to peace

25 Sep 2021

Palestinian-Armenian dispute over Jerusalem land deal intensifies

14 Sep 2021

Palestinian stabs two in Jerusalem shop before being shot, Israeli police say

25 Aug 2021

Jewish prayers held discreetly at contested Jerusalem shrine

16 Aug 2021

Jerusalem covered in smoke as wildfire rages outside city

27 Jul 2021

Free and fair Palestinians elections must include East Jerusalem: UN experts

16 Jun 2021

Israeli nationalists march in East Jerusalem under heavy police presence

15 Jun 2021

Palestinians warn new Israel govt ‘will not differ from predecessors’

10 Jun 2021

US asks Israel, Palestinians to avoid ‘provocations’ after Jerusalem march approved

09 Jun 2021

Israeli govt authorizes controversial Jerusalem march: PM’s office

07 Jun 2021

Hamas threatens new escalation if settlers hold Jerusalem rally

22 May 2021

Biden pledges reconstruction, humanitarian aid for war-hit Gaza

22 May 2021

Israel, Hamas cease fire but Jerusalem clashes break out

17 May 2021

Israeli police assault Sky News Arabia reporter in Jerusalem

17 May 2021

Jordan’s king says diplomatic efforts under way to halt Israel’s military campaign

14 May 2021

Holy city of Jerusalem marks sad end to Ramadan

13 May 2021

How Muslim faithful in Jerusalem savored the essence of Ramadan

13 May 2021

Israel destroys tower block, kills Hamas commander as Gaza civilian death toll mounts

12 May 2021

Only US intervention can halt Israel’s Jerusalem onslaught

12 May 2021

Saudi foreign minister condemns Israel over Palestinian evictions, Al-Aqsa Mosque violations

11 May 2021

Japan condemns Israeli settlements and recent violence

11 May 2021

Saudi Arabia condemns attacks by Israeli forces at Al-Aqsa

11 May 2021

Arab League Council holds urgent session to discuss attack on Jerusalem

11 May 2021

Israel defies international community as conflict with Palestinians continues

10 May 2021

Facebook, Instagram accused of bias by censoring Palestinian content


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