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13 Jun 2024

KSrelief chief discusses aid efforts in Gaza with Palestinian ministers

31 May 2024

KSrelief provides food, health aid to Jordan and Yemen

26 May 2024

KSrelief chief and WHO’s Tedros meet in Geneva, sign agreements worth $20m

25 May 2024

KSrelief continues aid projects in Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon and Yemen

19 May 2024

KSrelief provides prosthetic services in Yemen

18 May 2024

KSrelief continues aid projects in Sudan, Yemen and Greece

17 May 2024

KSrelief provides 500 mobile homes for Syrian refugees in Jordan

07 Apr 2024

KSrelief supports Yemen’s vulnerable youths on Arab Orphan Day

02 Apr 2024

Saudi, Japanese officials discuss humanitarian efforts in Gaza

21 Mar 2024

Saudi Arabia announces $40 mn donation to UN agency for Palestinians

21 Mar 2024

KSrelief assists orphans in Yemen

10 Mar 2024

KSrelief food aid projects continue in Yemen, Lebanon and Sudan ahead of Ramadan

05 Mar 2024

KSrelief provides aid for orphans in Albania

22 Feb 2024

KSrelief, UN officials meet to discuss aid cooperation

22 Feb 2024

KSrelief distributes 950 food parcels to displaced people in Khartoum

04 Feb 2024

KSrelief distributes over 4,500 food parcels in Gaza, Sudan, and Afghanistan

28 Jan 2024

KSrelief extends humanitarian aid to Gaza, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon

23 Jan 2024

Saudi aid campaign collects $165m for Gaza

21 Jan 2024

KSrelief’s humanitarian initiatives continue across the Middle East

31 Dec 2023

KSrelief steps up aid, medical projects in 5 countries

25 Dec 2023

KSrelief oversees 69 surgeries in Yemen program

14 Dec 2023

KSrelief’s UN exhibition showcases Saudi Arabia’s role in humanitarian aid worldwide

10 Dec 2023

KSrelief projects help people in Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan

25 Nov 2023

First ship carrying aid for Gaza arrives in Egypt in KSrelief-coordinated operation

21 Nov 2023

KSrelief medical projects continue in several countries

16 Nov 2023

Saudi aid agency distributes food to Afghan quake victims

08 Nov 2023

KSrelief project helps combat blindness in Morocco

20 Oct 2023

Jordan PM, KSrelief chief discuss aid for refugees

10 Oct 2023

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief launches winter project for flood-hit Pakistan

30 Sep 2023

Ksrelief continues medical aid projects in Yemen

23 Sep 2023

KSrelief distributes food aid in Lebanon and Yemen

04 Sep 2023

KSrelief signs $5m deal to provide clean drinking water in Somalia

26 Aug 2023

KSrelief continues humanitarian work in Yemen, Somalia and Lebanon

20 Aug 2023

KSrelief-backed prosthetics and mobile clinics serve 530 patients in Yemen

18 Aug 2023

KSrelief pursues humanitarian projects in Sudan, Lebanon and Nigeria

15 Aug 2023

KSrelief continues distributing food parcels to Sudan

13 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief distributes 1,000 school bags in Somalia

08 Aug 2023

KSRelief removes 625 mines in Yemen

06 Aug 2023

Saudi aid agency distributes food aid in Sudan

25 Jul 2023

KSRelief and UN Population Fund sign $2m deal to support vulnerable Yemeni women

22 Jul 2023

KSrelief continues humanitarian work in Pakistan, Sudan and Lebanon

18 Jul 2023

KSrelief’s Masam project clears 762 Houthi mines in Yemen

20 Jun 2023

KSrelief extends mine clearance project in Yemen

02 Apr 2023

KSrelief continues distribution of food aid worldwide

27 Feb 2023

KSrelief, UN agencies sign humanitarian deals

13 Feb 2023

KSRelief sends 11 trucks carrying aid to Syria, continues relief operations in Turkiye

09 Feb 2023

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief raises millions with earthquake appeal for Turkiye and Syria

09 Feb 2023

KSrelief launches charity campaign to help those affected by quake in Turkiye and Syria

05 Feb 2023

KSRelief organizes marketing exhibition for household products in Yemen

06 Jan 2023

KSrelief continues aid work in Sudan

19 Dec 2022

KSRelief continues humanitarian efforts in Nigeria, Yemen and Jordan

16 Dec 2022

KSRelief continues relief efforts in 5 countries

30 Nov 2022

KSRelief delivers relief aid to flood-hit Pakistan

06 Nov 2022

Refugees in Jordan receive winter clothing vouchers from Saudi Arabia’s KSRelief

19 Oct 2022

KSRelief distributes over 2,600 food baskets in 4 crisis-hit countries

03 Oct 2022

KSRelief launches aid campaigns in Lebanon and Jordan

20 Sep 2022

Yemenis benefit from KSRelief’s humanitarian efforts

23 Aug 2022

Saudi-funded health center helps Syrian child deal with trauma

18 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia relief efforts in Yemen continue with sanitation, medical outreach

11 Aug 2022

KSrelief’s supervisor general meets Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, pledges $10m aid

19 May 2022

Japanese delegation visits KSrelief headquarters in Riyadh

28 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia continues to distribute Ramadan aid

27 Apr 2022

KSrelief signs two deals to booster humanitarian work in Lebanon

17 Apr 2022

KSrelief provides more than 3 million liters of water to Yemeni camps for displaced people

11 Feb 2022

KSrelief’s prosthetics center provides vital services in Aden

07 Feb 2022

Saudi aid agency continues aid work in Jordan, Afghanistan

27 Jan 2022

KSrelief, UNICEF sign agreement to provide basic health services for mothers and children in Yemen

21 Jan 2022

KSrelief continues aid projects in Yemen, Sudan

08 Jan 2022

A new report highlights Saudi aid’s contribution to the wellbeing of developing countries

06 Jan 2022

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief distributes over 185 tons of food baskets to Yemenis in Abyan province

05 Jan 2022

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief distributes over 85 tons of food baskets to alleviate suffering of Yemenis

07 Dec 2021

154 KSrelief food aid trucks sent to Yemen

26 Nov 2021

KSrelief provides aid in Pakistan, Yemen, Jordan

01 Nov 2021

KSrelief pumps more than 500,000 liters of water into Yemen’s Hodeidah

28 Oct 2021

Saudi aid agency continues relief projects in Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon

27 Aug 2021

KSrelief sends vaccines to Tunisia to fight pandemic

01 Aug 2021

Saudi aid agency provides medical services in Jordan, Yemen

01 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia ready to be regional hub for COVID-19 vaccine production, says KSrelief chief

19 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia distributes food baskets, provides medical services to refugees

25 May 2021

KSRelief launches medical campaign to combat blindness in Sudan

04 Mar 2021

Saudi aid agency continues projects in Yemen, Jordan

28 Feb 2021

KSrelief provides medical aid to Yemenis

27 Feb 2021

Saudi aid agency delivers aid in Sudan, Yemen

19 Feb 2021

Saudi aid agency mobilizes global efforts to help children trapped in conflict

16 Feb 2021

KSrelief sends 6th batch of Saudi medical aid to help Palestinians battle COVID pandemic

17 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief distributes more than 35 tons of food baskets in Yemen’s Marib

01 Jan 2021

KSrelief condemns terrorist attack on Aden airport

24 Dec 2020

KSrelief signs deal for $4m nutrition program in Yemen

04 Nov 2020

KSRelief distributes 12k sleeping bags in Yemen

31 Oct 2020

Saudi Arabia, WHO launch anti-dengue campaign in Aden

29 Oct 2020

KSRelief doesn’t discriminate religiously, ethnically or politically, says top Saudi aid body chief

14 Oct 2020

KSRelief continues helping Sudan flood victims

19 Sep 2020

Saudi aid agency opens dialysis center in Beirut

18 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia’s KSRelief to provide $200m in UN Yemen aid deals

15 Sep 2020

KSRelief sends plane loads of aid to Sudan amid floods and COVID-19 pandemic

09 Sep 2020

335 Yemenis receive treatment at KSRelief prosthetic center in Aden

06 Sep 2020

Saudi clinics treat over 16,000 patients in Hodeidah

29 Aug 2020

Saudi Arabia supports Yemeni women in reproductive health

23 Aug 2020

Saudi Arabia delivers equipment to 8 Lebanese hospitals

21 Aug 2020

Saudi aid agency provides medical supplies to Yemen


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