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29 Jul 2023

Kurdish groups: Turkish strikes in Syria, Iraq kill eight fighters

14 Jun 2023

Turkiye says military ‘neutralized’ 53 Kurdish militants in northern Syria

27 May 2023

Iraq’s Kurd regional government opposes changes in budget

26 Apr 2023

Hundreds of Kurds demand abolition of Japan’s immigration bill

20 Apr 2023

Kurdish resident gets compensation from beating by guards in detention center

26 Jan 2023

Kurdish forces seize dozens of suspected Daesh members in Syria

14 Jan 2023

Swedish PM denounces protest by Kurds in central Stockholm

07 Jan 2023

Syria Kurds say they arrested more than 100 Daesh suspects

02 Dec 2022

Syria Kurds halt joint operations with US-led coalition after Turkish attacks

24 Nov 2022

Kurds — stateless people under attack from all sides

17 Sep 2022

Syria Kurds wrap up sweep of Daesh relatives camp

26 Jul 2022

Iraqi Kurd farmers battle drought as Lake Dukan retreats

16 Dec 2021

Lack of jobs, crisis drive Iraqi Kurds to migrate

17 Oct 2021

How viable is the Kurds’ autonomous territory in northeast Syria?

11 Jul 2021

Kurdish authorities in Syria slam UN aid crossing vote as unfair

14 Jun 2021

How Iraq’s Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi turned into an Iranian foreign policy instrument

12 Dec 2020

Hundreds protest against Kurdish authorities in northeast Iraq

10 Oct 2020

Crackdown on Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party raises concerns among opposition

29 Sep 2020

Fresh allegations about mistreatment of Kurds in Turkey

16 Sep 2020

Kurds again under threat of clampdown in Turkey

31 May 2020

Kurdish, foreign and Japanese people protest against 'police brutality'

08 May 2020

The drowning of Aylan Kurdi

06 Feb 2020

US broke Iraq, now it must own its mistakes

12 Nov 2019

Shackles of the past holding Iraq back

04 Nov 2019

Turkey at risk of becoming bogged down in Syria


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