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25 Sep 2021

Macron urges new Lebanese PM to undertake ‘urgent’ reforms

29 Aug 2021

Macron visits Daesh former stronghold in Iraq’s Mosul

09 Aug 2021

France’s Macron calls on Iran to return to nuclear talks

25 Jul 2021

Suga, Macron tout Tokyo Games as 'symbol of global unity'

07 Jun 2021

Suga eyes talks with Biden on G-7 Summit sidelines

18 May 2021

France to cancel $5 billion Sudan debt: Macron

18 May 2021

Macron, El-Sisi agree ‘absolutely necessary’ to end Israel-Gaza hostilities: Elysee

27 Mar 2021

EU extends olive branch to Ankara with key conditions

02 Nov 2020

World leaders should stop politicizing religion

26 Oct 2020

EU condemns Erdogan’s Macron comments as ‘unacceptable’

12 Oct 2020

Muslim World League chief denounces extremists in response to Macron’s ‘Islamist separatism’ speech

05 Oct 2020

Saad Hariri could lead Lebanese government again

25 Sep 2020

Lebanese maneuvers produce same mediocre results

17 Sep 2020

Warnings as Lebanon misses government formation deadline

16 Sep 2020

Aoun in last-ditch talks as Paris deadline looms

13 Sep 2020

Turkey’s Erdogan slams Macron amid Mediterranean tensions

11 Sep 2020

Macron urges firm EU stance against Turkish ‘provocations’

04 Sep 2020

Macron using Lebanon as a gateway to Iran

03 Sep 2020

Lebanon PM designate pledges to form ‘expert govt’ in record time

03 Sep 2020

Macron and Iraqi PM discuss nuclear energy project

02 Sep 2020

Macron warns Lebanese politicians of ‘last chance’

29 Aug 2020

Lebanese parliamentary consultations after disagreement over next PM

29 Aug 2020

Macron to meet iconic singer Fairuz in push for Lebanon reform

27 Aug 2020

Macron returns to Beirut next week to press for reform and reconstruction

17 Aug 2020

Middle East peace talks remain priority, Macron says after call with Abbas

13 Aug 2020

Macron warns Iran: Don’t meddle in Lebanon's fightback from Beirut blast

08 Aug 2020

France’s macron to co-host Lebanon donor conference, officials say

07 Aug 2020

Macron tells Lebanon ‘you are not alone’ during visit to traumatized Beirut

06 Aug 2020

French President Macron lands in Beirut on official visit

31 Jan 2020

France-Turkey dispute escalates over Libya and Mediterranean

22 Jan 2020

Lebanon PM says new cabinet faces 'catastrophe'

16 Jan 2020

Macron repeatedly asked Abe to improve Ghosn's treatment

08 Jan 2020

Seeds of Renault-Nissan crisis were sown by Macron's move

05 Jan 2020

France's Macron discusses Middle East tensions with UAE and Iraq's Salih


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