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08 Nov 2021

Saudi Arabia allows non-Saudis to invest in real estate funds at Makkah and Madinah

17 Oct 2021

Makkah’s Grand Mosque ready to receive worshippers at full capacity

16 Oct 2021

The masks are off in public places as Saudi Arabia eases COVID-19 restrictions

28 Sep 2021

Makkah’s museums open their doors again to visitors for a cultural journey

18 Jul 2021

Makkah Grand Mosque: The most sacred site in Islam

16 Jul 2021

Makkah Grand Mosque ready to receive Hajj pilgrims

15 Jun 2021

Young winners of Saudi tech challenge receive awards from Makkah governor

30 Apr 2021

Japanese astronaut publishes brilliant photo of Makkah from outer space

24 Apr 2021

Rawasheen in Makkah: A civilized window to the past and present

14 Apr 2021

Worshippers flock to Grand Mosque in Makkah as dawn breaks on Ramadan

01 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia has biggest new hotel pipeline in the world

15 Mar 2021

Saudi experts set to uncover secrets of ancient trail to Makkah

08 Feb 2021

15 artists and a 33-meter long mural add to Makkah’s multicultural beauty

07 Feb 2021

Makkah-Madinah real estate index down 7.6% in 2020

11 Nov 2020

Study to assess Makkah pilgrims’ commitment to anti-virus measures

06 Nov 2020

Student volunteers guide pilgrims at Makkah's Grand Mosque

05 Nov 2020

Indonesian delegation lauds Saudi efforts to serve pilgrims

31 Oct 2020

Car crashes into door at Makkah Grand Mosque door

22 Oct 2020

The first Japanese pilgrims in Makkah

15 Oct 2020

Second phase of Umrah return set to begin on Sunday

07 Oct 2020

Makkah hotels bounce back with price cuts

05 Oct 2020

Joy, disbelief and gratitude as pilgrims perform Umrah again

04 Oct 2020

First pilgrims arrive at Grand Mosque after six-month curb

02 Oct 2020

Saudi ministry prepares for Umrah return with safety plans

01 Oct 2020

Ministry makes 14-day gap between two Umrahs mandatory

25 Aug 2020

Saudi Arabia records 1,114 new COVID-19 cases

25 Aug 2020

A museum at home: Son follows father’s will request to house 1,000 artifacts

29 Jul 2020

The history of Makkah Grand Mosque’s expansion

29 Jul 2020

Holy Kaaba to be adorned with new 'Kiswah' on Wednesday

27 Jul 2020

Makkah Municipality ready for Hajj season

26 Jul 2020

First pilgrims arrive in Makkah for Hajj 2020

06 Jul 2020

Makkah mayor chairs virtual meeting to discuss plans for Hajj season

12 Jun 2020

The siege of Makkah

22 May 2020

When a deadly fire killed 15 school girls in Makkah

19 May 2020

Tragedy of Saudi medic in Makkah, dead from coronavirus at 43

21 Apr 2020

Saudi Arabia suspends praying in the Two Holy Mosques in Ramadan

26 Mar 2020

Saudi Arabia extends curfew as coronavirus cases reach 900

18 Mar 2020

Saudi Arabia suspends prayer in mosques, exempts holy Makkah and Madinah sites

29 Feb 2020

GCC citizens temporarily banned from entering Saudi Arabia’s Makkah and Madinah

18 Dec 2019

How the Kingdom opens its doors to non-Saudi property owners

18 Dec 2019

As Saudi tourism becomes more accessible, tour guides share their pride in assisting pilgrims


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