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09 Apr 2022

Yemen troops battle new Houthi attacks near Marib

21 Feb 2022

Houthis fire 7 missiles at Yemen’s Marib amid surge in fighting

16 Feb 2022

Dozens of Houthis killed in raging battles outside Marib in Yemen

27 Jan 2022

Yemeni army pushes into Marib province as Houthis retreat

11 Jan 2022

Coalition says over 350 Houthis killed in strikes on Marib, Shabwa

17 Dec 2021

Envoys denounce Houthi offensive on Marib

16 Dec 2021

Coalition destroys two Houthi ballistic missiles fired toward Saudi Arabia’s Abha

14 Dec 2021

Yemeni army commander killed in fighting outside Marib

12 Dec 2021

Coalition carries out strikes on Marib, kills more than 200 Houthi militants

21 Oct 2021

Arab coalition says more than 80 Houthis killed near Yemen’s Marib

14 Oct 2021

US demands end to Houthi militia siege in Marib

10 Oct 2021

100 Houthis killed in heavy fighting outside central Yemeni city of Marib

01 Oct 2021

Houthis reject calls for truce, intensify attacks on Marib

25 Sep 2021

93 Houthis among 140 dead in battle for Marib

16 Sep 2021

Houthis told to stop ‘stalemated’ Marib offensive

24 Aug 2021

UN concerned about humanitarian situation in Marib, fuel crisis in Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen

02 Aug 2021

At least 40 Houthi fighters killed in fierce Marib fighting

16 Jul 2021

Yemeni government scores fresh military gains in Marib province

02 Jul 2021

Fighting outside Marib simmers as Houthis take heavy casualties

01 Jul 2021

Houthi offensive in Marib is exacerbating Yemen’s humanitarian crisis: US State Dept.

23 Jun 2021

Battle for Marib deals severe blow to Houthis

11 Jun 2021

8 killed, 27 wounded after Houthis launch missile, drone strikes on Marib

10 Jun 2021

US Yemen envoy condemns ‘brutal’ Houthi attacks on civilians

10 Jun 2021

Yemen condemns Houthi attacks on Marib in letter to UN Security Council

06 Jun 2021

17 civilians killed, dozens wounded as Houthi missile hits gas station in Marib city

02 Jun 2021

US condemns ‘devastating’ humanitarian toll of Houthi Marib offensive in Yemen

03 May 2021

Yemen government troops advance in Marib province amid fierce fighting

24 Apr 2021

45 Houthis dead in raging fighting in Marib province

17 Apr 2021

Dozens of fighters killed in battles near Yemeni city of Marib

02 Mar 2021

Yemen minister says Iranian media shows Tehran ‘behind Houthi escalation in Marib’

19 Feb 2021

Yemeni minister accuses Houthis of using displaced people as human shields in Marib

15 Feb 2021

100 dead in battle as Yemeni army launch counterattack against Houthis in key province


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