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26 Feb 2024

Algeria’s president inaugurates Africa’s largest mosque

24 Apr 2023

Madinah mosques, historical monuments a big hit during Eid

31 Jan 2023

Saudi Arabia condemns suicide attack on Pakistan mosque

15 Jul 2022

Mosques in Tokyo ensure preventative measures against COVID-19, despite declining cases

22 Apr 2022

Makkah Grand Mosque free of disease outbreaks during Ramadan: Saudi health update

16 Oct 2021

Suicide attack on Shiite mosque in Afghanistan kills 37

17 Sep 2021

First Friday prayers held at new Tokyo mosque

29 May 2021

Turkey’s Erdogan inaugurates major new mosque in heart of Istanbul

06 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia expands capacity, allows Umrah for vaccinated pilgrims in Ramadan

15 Nov 2020

Fire damages historic mosque on Istanbul’s Bosporus Strait

30 Aug 2020

Turkish Nobel laureate criticizes government, Hagia Sophia conversion

27 Aug 2020

New Zealand mosque shooter Tarrant sentenced to life imprisonment without parole

22 Aug 2020

Turkey’s cultural wars at full gallop with reconversion of historic church

21 Aug 2020

Erdogan converts another former Istanbul church into mosque

29 Jul 2020

Holy Kaaba to be adorned with new 'Kiswah' on Wednesday

14 Jul 2020

By changing the status of Haghia Sophia, Erdogan is playing to extremists

14 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia permits Eid Al-Adha prayers with coronavirus measures

27 Jun 2020

30,000 Muslims pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque while sticking to social distancing

20 Jun 2020

Mosques across Saudi Arabia prepared to ensure worshippers’ safety

12 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia reopens mosques except those in Makkah and Jeddah

01 Jun 2020

From Jeddah to Jerusalem, the faithful return to their mosques

31 May 2020

Saudi Arabia reopens mosques after 2 month coronavirus lockdown

17 Apr 2020

Saudi artist draws on Grand Mosque’s closure for painting inspiration


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