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07 Jul 2023

Japanese of North Korean descent protest plan to destroy monument of "forced labor"

26 Sep 2022

Borrell says Iran protest crackdown ‘unjustifiable, unacceptable’

30 Jun 2022

Protesters oppose Japan's participation in NATO summit

12 Jun 2022

Small protests in Tokyo and Sapporo against Olympic bid

02 Jun 2022

Demonstrations over building collapse in Iran show no sign of abating

10 Apr 2022

Pro-peace supporters in Tokyo call for end to war in Ukraine

22 Feb 2022

Japanese nationalists stage protests over territorial dispute outside Korean embassy

27 Jan 2022

Sudanese rally against UN bid to resolve crisis

27 Dec 2021

Popular Palestinian protest succeeds in stopping settler march

07 Nov 2021

Protesters denounce government policies of new Japanese prime minister

03 Nov 2021

Sudanese community in Japan protests military coup

24 Jul 2021

UN human rights chief condemns Iranian attacks on water-crisis protesters

23 Jul 2021

Iran using unlawful force in water protest crackdown: rights groups

18 Jul 2021

Historical dispute, Fukushima nuclear unit overshadows Korean Olympic team

02 Jul 2021

Chinese Communist Party foundation anniversary caused tension in Tokyo

30 Jun 2021

Lebanese security forces on high alert as violent protests continue

28 Jun 2021

Army deployed as protests become riots in Lebanese cities

20 May 2021

Anti-China groups appeal to Japan to take action

06 May 2021

Anti-Olympic petition gains tens of thousands of signatures

21 Apr 2021

Japanese lawyers and citizens protest against new asylum law

11 Apr 2021

Citizens angry at the decision to discharge irradiated water at the Fukushima plant

15 Mar 2021

Discontent grows among Lebanon’s Shiite communities

09 Mar 2021

Lebanese president calls on army to prevent protesters blocking roads

06 Mar 2021

Tokyo unions calling for nuclear power plants to be shut down

24 Jan 2021

Hundreds protest police repression in Tunisia

19 Nov 2020

Activists protest against total closure in Lebanon

30 Oct 2020

Algeria to vote on a constitution dismissed by protest movement

30 Sep 2020

Israel approves law to curb protests during virus lockdown

22 Aug 2020

Series of killings plunges Iraq activists into familiar fear

20 Aug 2020

Japan urges Belarus to stop violence against protesters

10 Aug 2020

Egypt mulls law to protect women’s identities as MeToo movement escalates

24 Jul 2020

Israeli police use water cannons on protesters, arrest 55

20 Jun 2020

Arrests of Lebanese activists continue

07 Jun 2020

Dozens wounded in clashes as hundreds of protesters flood Beirut

03 Jun 2020

Algeria to release 2 protest leaders, says opposition politician

01 Jun 2020

‘We were all outraged,’ says Arab owner of store at center of US protest firestorm

31 May 2020

Iran suggests up to 225 killed in November protests

20 Jan 2020

Lebanon needs international help to fight corruption

25 Dec 2019

Iran starts Internet shutdown ahead of possible new protests

12 Dec 2019

Political crisis is costing Lebanon more than $70m a day

01 Dec 2019

Iraqi parliament accepts Abdul Mahdi’s resignation amid ongoing violence

24 Nov 2019

Iran vows to punish ‘mercenaries’ behind street violence

21 Nov 2019

Iraq protests lead to more deaths in clashes with security forces

20 Nov 2019

Lebanon protesters block MPs as street battles erupt

14 Nov 2019

Simple Lebanese chant makes a complicated story even more so

12 Nov 2019

Lebanese protests lacking a legitimate leader

07 Nov 2019

Region’s youth need opportunities to realize their potential

07 Nov 2019

Iraqi security forces use live fire to disperse protesters in Baghdad

04 Nov 2019

Iraqi protesters storm Iranian consulate in Karbala

03 Nov 2019

Iraqis defy protest curbs after cleric calls for ‘end to chaos’


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