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08 Jun 2024

Gaza aid through US pier will resume in coming days, Israel says

31 May 2024

Israeli airstrike on Rafah kills 12 Palestinians, Gaza medics say

29 May 2024

Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s continued acts of genocide in Rafah

29 May 2024

Palestinian refugees’ health suffering crushing blow due to Israeli war in Gaza: UNRWA

29 May 2024

Israel denies strike on camp near Rafah that Gaza officials say killed 21 people

28 May 2024

Netanyahu says deadly Israeli strike in Rafah was the result of a ‘tragic mistake’

25 May 2024

Spain demands Israel comply with UN court ruling on Rafah, Britain criticizes order

16 May 2024

Egypt rejects Israeli plans for Rafah crossing, sources say

16 May 2024

The top UN court is holding hearings on the Israeli military’s incursion into Rafah

12 May 2024

Israel strikes Gaza as more Rafah evacuations ordered

11 May 2024

Israel orders new evacuations in Rafah as it prepares to expand operations

10 May 2024

Israel strikes eastern Rafah as ceasefire talks end with no deal

08 May 2024

Mediator Qatar urges international community to prevent Rafah ‘genocide’

01 May 2024

In Israel, Blinken pushes Netanyahu for sustained aid into Gaza

26 Apr 2024

Hamas official says Israel ‘will not achieve’ goals in Rafah

24 Apr 2024

Gaza doctors process 200 days of war from devastated hospital’s rubble

17 Apr 2024

Israeli tanks push back in northern Gaza Strip, warplanes hit Rafah

09 Apr 2024

France, Egypt, Jordan leaders warn Israel against Rafah assault

02 Apr 2024

How a ceasefire and unrestricted aid access could yet prevent a famine in north Gaza

28 Mar 2024

Israel backtracks on canceled Rafah talks: US official

27 Mar 2024

Attack on Rafah ‘not the way’ to defeat Hamas, US envoy tells UN Security Council

22 Mar 2024

Blinken says Israeli assault on Gaza’s Rafah would be a ‘mistake’

20 Mar 2024

Palestinian clans and factions step in to protect Gaza aid, sources say

18 Mar 2024

Israeli PM adamant on invading Rafah despite world pressure

09 Mar 2024

Israel strikes landmark residential tower in southern Rafah as truce talks stall

05 Mar 2024

Hamas says it presses on with Gaza truce talks without Israelis

23 Feb 2024

WHO plans more evacuations from Gaza hospital as bodies buried on grounds

23 Feb 2024

Israel hits Gaza’s Rafah; Hamas chief’s trip raises truce hopes

19 Feb 2024

Israel vows to ‘finish the job’ in Gaza as War Cabinet member threatens a Ramadan deadline for Rafah

16 Feb 2024

Demonstrators protest Japan’s defunding of UNRWA, Israeli attacks on Rafah

14 Feb 2024

Gaza truce talks end inconclusively as Rafah braces for Israeli assault

10 Feb 2024

Saudi Arabia warns of extremely dangerous repercussions if Israel launches Rafah operation

09 Feb 2024

US warns Israel of ‘disaster’ if it sends troops into Gaza’s Rafah

29 Jan 2024

Saudi, Egyptian foreign ministers call for ceasefire in Gaza

09 Feb 2021

Egypt opens Gaza border crossing ‘indefinitely’


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