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20 Oct 2022

Saudi swimmer sets new women’s world record for Red Sea crossing

12 Oct 2022

Red Sea shipwreck offers a clue of sheer scale of Saudi Arabia’s maritime heritage

02 Aug 2022

Jet skies banned in Egypt’s Red Sea cities to prevent ‘disastrous’ accidents

04 Jul 2022

2 women killed in shark attacks off Egypt’s Red Sea coast

30 Jun 2022

Jordan’s PM confirms results of Aqaba gas leak investigation to be ‘transparently’ shared

04 May 2022

The increasing complexity of maritime security in the Red Sea

21 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia’s The Red Sea Project to use biofuels to run all tourist facilities

06 Apr 2022

PIF push to propel Saudi construction market to pre-pandemic levels

24 Mar 2022

Bahrain condemns attempted Houthi attack in Red Sea

28 Feb 2022

Yemen army destroys 2 Houthi explosive boats in Red Sea

28 Oct 2021

The Red Sea Development Co. signs hotels deal with nine international brands

15 Oct 2021

Saudi-led mission uncovers the secrets of the deep

29 Sep 2021

Jeddah residents make the most of new Red Sea water sports activities

29 Aug 2021

Red Sea Development to award contracts worth $267m per month in next phase

14 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast offers fascinating fun for vacationers

02 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Development Company signs contract KACST to provide satellite data

27 Jul 2021

New Houthi demand to agreement before granting access to decaying oil tanker ‘disappointing’: UN

17 Jul 2021

Fears of environmental disaster in Red Sea grow as UN-Houthis talks on Safer tanker fail

10 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM and KAUST join forces to protect endangered turtle species

27 Jun 2021

Bringing the beauty of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea to surface

14 Jun 2021

Drought-hit Jordan to build Red Sea desalination plant

25 May 2021

Red Sea security requires international cooperation

20 May 2021

Inaugural Saudi Red Sea film festival go for movie submissions

27 Apr 2021

Saudi forces intercept booby-trapped boat in Red Sea near Yanbu port

27 Apr 2021

Saudi Red Sea project secures $3.8bn ‘green’ loan for new hotels

20 Apr 2021

Saudi Red Sea tourism plan to clinch a $3.7bn green loan

11 Mar 2021

UN talks with Houthis continue over repairs to stricken oil tanker

10 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia signs deal for rapid response to environmental threats in Red Sea

26 Dec 2020

Houthi marine mine hits cargo ship in Red Sea: Arab coalition

02 Nov 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Development Company signs $2bn worth of contracts to date

18 Oct 2020

UN Security Council demands ‘unconditional’ access to decaying Yemen tanker

07 Oct 2020

UN renews calls for access to Safer as fighting rages in Hodeidah

22 Sep 2020

Arab ministers warn of oil spill disasters in the Red Sea

10 Aug 2020

US blasts Houthis over ‘ticking time bomb’ tanker in Red Sea

19 Jul 2020

Yemen seizes boat loaded with weapons in Red Sea

16 Jul 2020

Egypt receives 48 international flights to Red Sea cities this month

13 Jul 2020

UN approves aid to Syria’s rebel area through 1 crossing

03 Mar 2020

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea film festival postponed due to coronavirus

19 Feb 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Festival reveals lineup

31 Jan 2020

Saudi-Egyptian joint maritime training exercise ends

29 Dec 2019

Egypt road accidents kill 28 including tourists


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