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30 Apr 2024

Suspected Houthi missiles hit commercial ship in Red Sea

27 Apr 2024

Yemen’s Houthis say their missile hit Andromeda Star oil ship in Red Sea

18 Apr 2024

Iranian military says it is ready to deal with any Israeli attack

17 Apr 2024

Iran navy escorting Iranian commercial ships to Red Sea, commander says

09 Apr 2024

Yemenis bear the brunt of Houthi Red Sea attacks, says Al-Alimi

04 Apr 2024

‘Reckless’ Houthi Red Sea campaign harming Yemenis, Palestinians: US special envoy

02 Apr 2024

US military destroys Houthi drones over Red Sea and in Yemen

31 Mar 2024

Saudi Pro League stars including Ronaldo and Firmino enjoy Red Sea holiday

28 Mar 2024

US says it downed four Yemen rebel drones in Red Sea

24 Mar 2024

Chinese-owned tanker hit by Houthi missile in Red Sea: CENTCOM

22 Mar 2024

US-led Red Sea coalition destroys Houthi drone, boat

20 Mar 2024

Houthis claim firing missile toward Israel and attacking Red Sea ship

19 Mar 2024

UN Security Council calls for immediate halt to Houthi attacks on Red Sea vessels

15 Mar 2024

Yemen’s Houthis reported to have a hypersonic missile, possibly raising stakes in Red Sea crisis

13 Mar 2024

Houthis warn Red Sea attacks will intensify during Ramadan

12 Mar 2024

US military confirms Yemen’s Houthis targeting of vessel Pinocchio

11 Mar 2024

Red Sea Global embarks on seagrass conservation efforts

09 Mar 2024

US-led coalition shoots down 15 Yemen rebel drones: CENTCOM

07 Mar 2024

Three dead after Houthi attack on bulk carrier off Yemen’s Aden

03 Mar 2024

Ship earlier attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels sinks in the Red Sea

27 Feb 2024

Could Houthi attacks on ships off the Yemen coast continue even after a Gaza ceasefire?

26 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthis ballistic missile misses US tanker Torm Thor

23 Feb 2024

Houthis to step up Red Sea strikes, use ‘submarine weapons’, leader says

22 Feb 2024

Abandoned Red Sea ship remains afloat, to be towed to Djibouti: operator

20 Feb 2024

Houthi attacks cut Suez Canal revenue by 40-50%: Egyptian President El-Sisi

19 Feb 2024

Red Sea disruption to impact deliveries, not output: QatarEnergy CEO

19 Feb 2024

Houthis suspected in attack that damaged a Belize-flagged ship in Bab el-Mandeb Strait

19 Feb 2024

Houthis will always threaten Red Sea even if Gaza war ends, says Al-Alimi

17 Feb 2024

Store chains urge action to halt Houthi attacks in Red Sea

17 Feb 2024

India-bound oil tanker hit by missile in Red Sea attack

12 Feb 2024

US foils Houthi Red Sea drone boat, missile strikes

02 Feb 2024

Missile reportedly fired from Houthi-controlled Yemen explodes near ship in Red Sea

01 Feb 2024

Houthi attacks remain troublesome but not a major economic factor, analyst group says

01 Feb 2024

Houthi disruption of Red Sea shipping hurts, not helps, Gaza Palestinians, US diplomat Tim Lenderking tells Arab News

31 Jan 2024

EU aims to launch a Red Sea naval mission within 3 weeks to protect ships from Houthi attacks

31 Jan 2024

Red Sea crisis unlikely to end soon, Hapag-Lloyd CEO says

24 Jan 2024

Houthis now seek to de-escalate tension with US over Red Sea attacks

23 Jan 2024

Red Sea Global continues to upskill Saudi talent in line with Vision 2030

18 Jan 2024

US military launches another barrage of missiles against Houthi sites in Yemen

17 Jan 2024

Japan's Sumitomo says some cargoes affected by Red Sea situation

17 Jan 2024

Aramco CEO predicts tighter oil markets, sees Red Sea risks

17 Jan 2024

Japanese shipping firms suspend Red Sea sailings

11 Jan 2024

UN Security Council demands immediate end to Houthi Red Sea attacks

10 Jan 2024

Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch drone and missile attack on Red Sea shipping, though no damage reported

09 Jan 2024

KAUST scientists discover first hydrothermal vent fields in Red Sea

08 Jan 2024

Houthis want Red Sea ships to report destinations to avoid attack

07 Jan 2024

US military says it shot down another drone near commercial vessels over Red Sea

06 Jan 2024

Shipping giant diverts all Red Sea vessels amid Houthi attacks

05 Jan 2024

Red Sea shipping disruption increases costs by 200 percent, forecasting group says

04 Jan 2024

Japan, US, others warn Houthis against commercial ship attacks

03 Jan 2024

UN Security Council likely to meet Wednesday on Red Sea, says French UN envoy

02 Jan 2024

Houthis vow revenge for US Navy Red Sea killings

27 Dec 2023

‘Explosions’ alert after Houthi drones, missiles hit Red Sea ships

25 Dec 2023

Houthis say US missile targeting its naval forces exploded near Gabon-owned ship

23 Dec 2023

Effects of Houthi Red Sea attacks on shipping likely to increase

22 Dec 2023

More than 20 countries join coalition to protect Red Sea shipping

22 Dec 2023

Yemen militia scales back Red Sea attacks

21 Dec 2023

Exporters explore cargo flights as way out of deepening Red Sea bottleneck

21 Dec 2023

Why attacks by Yemen’s Houthis on Red Sea shipping pose a clear and present danger to Israel

19 Dec 2023

UK warship joins Red Sea coalition: govt

16 Dec 2023

Egyptian air defence shoots down suspected drone off Red Sea coast

10 Dec 2023

French frigate downs drones over Red Sea: military

10 Nov 2023

Israel strikes Syria source of drone that hit school: IDF

22 Sep 2023

Red Sea International Airport becomes operational

14 Aug 2023

Red Sea Global launches world’s first zero-carbon 5G network with Zain KSA

13 Aug 2023

How ‘a monumental catastrophe’ was averted with UN’s Safer offloading operation near Yemen’s Red Sea coast

12 Aug 2023

Decaying Yemen tanker no longer a ‘ticking time bomb’ after 1m barrels of oil removed

26 Jul 2023

Saudi Arabia welcomes start of work on stricken vessel in Red Sea

17 Jul 2023

UN ship arrives in Yemen to pump oil from decaying Safer tanker

02 May 2023

Red Sea Global launches adventure sports brand

09 Mar 2023

11 women, 3 children among 16 Yemenis drowned in 2 Red Sea boat accidents

24 Jan 2023

Red Sea Global hands out $270m contract for infrastructure works at luxury destination

20 Oct 2022

Saudi swimmer sets new women’s world record for Red Sea crossing

12 Oct 2022

Red Sea shipwreck offers a clue of sheer scale of Saudi Arabia’s maritime heritage

02 Aug 2022

Jet skies banned in Egypt’s Red Sea cities to prevent ‘disastrous’ accidents

04 Jul 2022

2 women killed in shark attacks off Egypt’s Red Sea coast

30 Jun 2022

Jordan’s PM confirms results of Aqaba gas leak investigation to be ‘transparently’ shared

04 May 2022

The increasing complexity of maritime security in the Red Sea

21 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia’s The Red Sea Project to use biofuels to run all tourist facilities

06 Apr 2022

PIF push to propel Saudi construction market to pre-pandemic levels

24 Mar 2022

Bahrain condemns attempted Houthi attack in Red Sea

28 Feb 2022

Yemen army destroys 2 Houthi explosive boats in Red Sea

28 Oct 2021

The Red Sea Development Co. signs hotels deal with nine international brands

15 Oct 2021

Saudi-led mission uncovers the secrets of the deep

29 Sep 2021

Jeddah residents make the most of new Red Sea water sports activities

29 Aug 2021

Red Sea Development to award contracts worth $267m per month in next phase

14 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast offers fascinating fun for vacationers

02 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Development Company signs contract KACST to provide satellite data

27 Jul 2021

New Houthi demand to agreement before granting access to decaying oil tanker ‘disappointing’: UN

17 Jul 2021

Fears of environmental disaster in Red Sea grow as UN-Houthis talks on Safer tanker fail

10 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM and KAUST join forces to protect endangered turtle species

27 Jun 2021

Bringing the beauty of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea to surface

14 Jun 2021

Drought-hit Jordan to build Red Sea desalination plant

25 May 2021

Red Sea security requires international cooperation

20 May 2021

Inaugural Saudi Red Sea film festival go for movie submissions

27 Apr 2021

Saudi forces intercept booby-trapped boat in Red Sea near Yanbu port

27 Apr 2021

Saudi Red Sea project secures $3.8bn ‘green’ loan for new hotels

20 Apr 2021

Saudi Red Sea tourism plan to clinch a $3.7bn green loan

11 Mar 2021

UN talks with Houthis continue over repairs to stricken oil tanker

10 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia signs deal for rapid response to environmental threats in Red Sea


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