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22 Jan 2024

Local reporter of Kyodo News held in Afghanistan

24 Aug 2023

Taliban detains Iranian photojournalist, bringing media arrest tally to 5 in less than a month

22 Aug 2023

Women bear the brunt of Taliban’s gender apartheid

10 Mar 2023

Daesh claim attack on senior Taliban governor in Afghanistan

28 Feb 2023

Taliban kill top Daesh commander in Afghanistan

21 Jan 2023

UN says Taliban divided on appeal to restore women’s rights

11 Jan 2023

Despite the obstacles, women are our planet’s future

07 Jan 2023

Senior Taliban leaders hit back at Prince Harry’s comments on ‘chess pieces,’ 25 kills

05 Jan 2023

Afghanistan raids on Daesh hideouts leave 8 dead -Taliban

29 Dec 2022

G7 tells Taliban to ‘urgently reverse’ women aid workers ban

28 Dec 2022

Japan condemns Taliban’s further restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan

22 Oct 2022

Taliban kill six Daesh members in raid in Afghan capital

31 Aug 2022

Taliban celebrate anniversary of foreign troop withdrawal

15 Aug 2022

Worries persist for Afghans in Japan 1 year after Taliban takeover

15 Aug 2022

The Taliban a year on: imposing misery, exporting instability

23 Jun 2022

Taliban chief calls for aid as deadliest earthquake in decades jolts Afghanistan

28 Apr 2022

OIC has key role to play in Afghan girls’ future

21 Apr 2022

Roadside bomb explosion in western Kabul wounds 2 children

18 Mar 2022

UN establishes formal ties with Taliban-governed Afghanistan

19 Jan 2022

Taliban arrest fighter who shot dead Hazara woman at checkpoint

22 Dec 2021

Life in Turkey takes toll on female Afghan MPs who fled Taliban rule

25 Sep 2021

Vital weeks ahead for Afghanistan

19 Sep 2021

3 Afghans killed in new Daesh bombings

13 Sep 2021

4 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan

12 Sep 2021

Iran takes a leaf from the Taliban playbook

11 Sep 2021

Unaccompanied Afghan evacuee children in Qatar limbo

10 Sep 2021

Twenty years on from 9/11, a grim new era of terror approaches

10 Sep 2021

Taliban government makes protests illegal over ‘security’ concerns

08 Sep 2021

Taliban name caretaker Cabinet that pays homage to old guard

08 Sep 2021

20 years after 9/11, has the Taliban severed its bonds with Al-Qaeda?

05 Sep 2021

Fighting continues in Afghanistan’s last holdout against Taliban rule

04 Sep 2021

Taliban delivers US military vehicles to Iran

02 Sep 2021

Afghans make a run for the border as Taliban promise ‘all-inclusive’ govt ‘within 2 weeks’

01 Sep 2021

President Biden defends Afghanistan withdrawal, warns Daesh: ‘We are not done with you’

01 Sep 2021

Taliban declare Afghanistan ‘free, sovereign’ nation, vow ‘good relations’ with rest of world

29 Aug 2021

G7 flexes its political muscles again

27 Aug 2021

US braces for more Daesh attacks after 85 killed in Kabul airport carnage

27 Aug 2021

We want the Japanese to stay, says Taliban spokesperson

25 Aug 2021

World powers urge Taliban to give ‘safe passage’ to Afghans

23 Aug 2021

Japan to send SDF plane to Afghanistan for evacuation

22 Aug 2021

What the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan means for volatile Iraq

18 Aug 2021

US Afghan debacle sends a troubling message to regional allies

18 Aug 2021

UAE senior official says Taliban statements encouraging

16 Aug 2021

Taliban take control of Kabul, storm presidential palace

21 Apr 2021

Turkey conference in doubt amid international efforts to engage Taliban

05 Jul 2020

Afghanistan is a graveyard for foreign invaders — Iran included

05 Dec 2019

Killed Japanese doctor constantly changed routes to avoid ambushes


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