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27 Nov 2020

Saudi Foreign Minister: Houthis are behind Yemen’s problems

26 Nov 2020

Houthis give green light for UN team to access decaying oil tanker

26 Nov 2020

UN, Amnesty call on Iran to halt execution

24 Nov 2020

Palestinians slam Pompeo over pro-settlement efforts

23 Nov 2020

Rights experts: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn

21 Nov 2020

Pandemic tough on millions of Mideast, N. African children, says UN

21 Nov 2020

UN chief warns Yemen in imminent danger of famine

19 Nov 2020

UN atomic watchdog: Iran now operating Natanz centrifuges

13 Nov 2020

UN warns of ‘ecological disaster’ in Houthi-controlled Red Sea area

13 Nov 2020

Japan’s Yuji Iwasawa wins seat at UN court

13 Nov 2020

UN: 74 migrants drown after boat breaks down off Libya coast

08 Nov 2020

Passenger flights reduced by more than half in Arab region

07 Nov 2020

Houthis continue to target civilian areas in Yemen: Military spokesman

07 Nov 2020

Saudi mission to UN celebrates KSA’s G20 presidency

02 Nov 2020

Iran begins annual air force drill with drones, fighter jets

28 Oct 2020

Libya UN envoy expects election date to be set at coming talks

27 Oct 2020

Palestinians push for international conference, US is open

27 Oct 2020

Japan to lead efforts to reduce emissions, Suga tells Guterres

27 Oct 2020

Buddhist group welcomes UN nuclear ban treaty

26 Oct 2020

Japan vows not to sign UN nuclear ban treaty

25 Oct 2020

Atomic bombs survivors in Japan cheer nuclear weapons ban treaty's entering into force

25 Oct 2020

UN: Nuclear weapons ban treaty to enter into force

24 Oct 2020

Warring Libya rivals sign truce, but tough political talks ahead

19 Oct 2020

Open season on weapons sales to Iran as 10-year UN embargo expires

18 Oct 2020

UN Security Council demands ‘unconditional’ access to decaying Yemen tanker

16 Oct 2020

Japan launches action plan to protect human rights in business activities

14 Oct 2020

Yemen leader rejects UN peace deal, denounces Houthi demands

14 Oct 2020

UN urges Libyans to prioritize national interest in November talks

09 Oct 2020

Hodeida fighting threatens peace efforts, warns UN

07 Oct 2020

UN renews calls for access to Safer as fighting rages in Hodeidah

04 Oct 2020

Lebanon pins economic hopes on talks with Israel

03 Oct 2020

Key players to meet virtually to push for Libya cease-fire

30 Sep 2020

Armenian, Azeri forces accuse each other of shelling far from Karabakh

27 Sep 2020

UN condemns clashes in Libyan capital, urges security reforms

26 Sep 2020

Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas asks UN for international peace conference next year

24 Sep 2020

In defense of multilateralism at UN General Assembly

24 Sep 2020

Suga, Guterres affirm Japan-UN cooperation

24 Sep 2020

Japan, Brazil, Germany, India renew UN bid

22 Sep 2020

Japan wants permanent UN security council seat

21 Sep 2020

Lebanon finds four bodies after deadly sea crossing

20 Sep 2020

International summit urges UN to take tougher action against Iran

20 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia backs UN’s coronavirus response plan with $100 million

19 Sep 2020

Yemen prisoner exchange talks open in Switzerland

18 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia’s KSRelief to provide $200m in UN Yemen aid deals

17 Sep 2020

Pompeo: We will return to the UN to reimpose Iran sanctions next week

13 Sep 2020

UN adopts Saudi resolution to fight pandemic

10 Sep 2020

UN chief hoping to visit Hiroshima next year

04 Sep 2020

Apple commits to freedom of information and expression in human rights policy

04 Sep 2020

UN laments ‘blatant’ violations of Libya arms embargo

04 Sep 2020

World food price index rises for the third month running


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