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24 Jun 2022

Ambassador Iwai Fumio congratulates Saudi Arabia on UN Public Service Award 2022

22 Jun 2022

The Kingdom condemns hate speech ‘of all kinds and forms,’ Saudi official tells UN

17 Jun 2022

UN monitoring of Yemen ports for war activity hampered by Houthis, top official says

16 Jun 2022

Houthis order female aid workers not to travel without male escort, says UN

16 Jun 2022

Hariri killers to be sentenced as end looms for Lebanon court

15 Jun 2022

UN urges Houthis to lift Taif siege as Yemeni truce holds

15 Jun 2022

Saudi, US envoys to Yemen discuss ceasefire, decrepit tanker

14 Jun 2022

UN nuclear watchdog urges Iran to resume stalled nuclear talks ‘now’

14 Jun 2022

UN launches online campaign to bridge funding gap for Safer salvage work

13 Jun 2022

UN thanks Saudi Arabia for $10m donation to rescue Yemen oil tanker

11 Jun 2022

UN envoy warns of civil unrest in Iraq as anger grows over jobs, food and water

10 Jun 2022

Japan hopes to build momentum for UNSC reform: Spokesman

09 Jun 2022

UN nuclear watchdog slams Iran over ‘hidden’ uranium

08 Jun 2022

Occupation by Israel ‘is root cause of violence,’ says new UN report

07 Jun 2022

Houthi militia commits 464 breaches to UN truce in five days

06 Jun 2022

UN envoy: Syria constitution talks make little headway

04 Jun 2022

UN Security Council welcomes Yemen truce extension, urges Houthis to reopen Taiz Road

01 Jun 2022

Can a UN-coordinated Dutch-US plan defuse the ticking Safer ‘time bomb’?

29 May 2022

Yemeni parties conclude initial round of discussions to reopen key roads

28 May 2022

US, Netherlands back UN aim to raise $144 million for Yemen’s Safer tanker emergency operation

27 May 2022

Talk of closing last Syrian aid lifeline ‘a moral abomination,’ UN commission says

26 May 2022

UN Security Council calls for swift formation of new government in Lebanon

26 May 2022

US calls for more crossing points for delivery of aid to Syria

23 May 2022

UN envoy praises ‘potential’ of Syria prisoner amnesty

19 May 2022

At UN meeting on food security, Saudi Arabia stresses that global cooperation is vital

18 May 2022

UN envoy says talks to extend Yemen truce are ongoing

11 May 2022

UN says $144 million needed to avert Yemen tanker disaster

11 May 2022

UN urges crisis-hit Lebanon to ‘change course’

06 May 2022

Yemeni government calls for global action to end Houthi violations of truce in Yemen

05 May 2022

How the Russia-Ukraine conflict put climate action and clean energy on the back burner

04 May 2022

Washington faces a moment of reckoning as Iran nuclear talks reach an impasse

03 May 2022

Palestinians warn against plans to weaken their UN agency

01 May 2022

Japan ASDF plane leaves to carry supplies for Ukrainians

29 Apr 2022

UN Yemen envoy seeks to rescue truce, resume flights from Sanaa airport

22 Apr 2022

UN welcomes announcement of first commercial flight from Sanaa in six years

19 Apr 2022

UN Security Council to meet Tuesday on unrest in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa

19 Apr 2022

Houthis sign UN plan to end recruitment of child soldiers

16 Apr 2022

UN says boat capsizes off Libya, 35 dead or presumed dead

15 Apr 2022

Qatar FM meets UN, US officials to discuss Yemen humanitarian situation, Safer tanker

15 Apr 2022

Yemeni truce ‘broadly holding’: UN envoy

14 Apr 2022

UN Security Council welcomes transfer of power in Yemen, praises GCC contribution

13 Apr 2022

UN wakes up to climate reality but future remains bleak

12 Apr 2022

Millions of Somalis at risk of famine: UN agencies

08 Apr 2022

Japan hails Saudi efforts to establish Yemen's Presidential Leadership Council

06 Apr 2022

Zelensky calls on UN Security Council to expel Russia, or disband

06 Apr 2022

Saudi Cabinet welcomes UN efforts in Yemeni truce

05 Apr 2022

Japan LDP wants international cooperation to limit UN veto powers

05 Apr 2022

Zelensky to address UN Security Council over Russian ‘genocide’

02 Apr 2022

Sudan’s Burhan threatens to expel UN mission head

30 Mar 2022

UN: Lebanon facing education emergency


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