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28 May 2023

Officials: UN chief ‘shocked’ by letter from Sudan’s military ruler demanding removal of UN envoy

28 May 2023

UN backs Sudan envoy as army seeks to bolster ranks

19 May 2023

UN officials urge Iraq to push on with reforms and preserve women’s rights

16 May 2023

UN secretary-general praises Egypt, Qatar, Lebanon, US for helping to secure Gaza truce

10 May 2023

UN officials warn security council of major regional risks of Sudan conflict

09 May 2023

Syria still not complying with chemical weapons watchdogs, UN Security Council hears

06 May 2023

Countries set to request emergency session of UN rights body on Sudan

02 May 2023

Sudan conflict descending into ‘full blown catastrophe,’ UN officials warn

01 May 2023

UN envoy says Sudan’s warring sides agree to negotiate

30 Apr 2023

UN warns Sudan ‘falling apart’ as fighting reaches third week

29 Apr 2023

UN security council receives bleak update on Syria situation

25 Apr 2023

UN chief welcomes staff evacuation, warns Sudan conflict could ‘engulf whole region’

20 Apr 2023

UN criticizes Iraq’s hasty closing of camp for displaced

09 Apr 2023

UN human rights chief alarmed over tense situation in Sudan

07 Apr 2023

World food prices fall for 12th month running in March — UN

05 Apr 2023

UN panel denounces N. Korea's human rights abuses

03 Apr 2023

UN calls for accountability push in Libya as war crimes probe ends

27 Mar 2023

UN rights investigator says EU aided and abetted abuse of migrants in Libya

23 Mar 2023

Palestinians and Israelis clash at UN over Netanyahu actions

14 Mar 2023

UN’s envoy to Syria holds talks with Egyptian foreign minister and arab league chief

13 Mar 2023

Qat-chewing Houthi negotiators annoy pilot of UN aircraft

09 Mar 2023

Split Libya pushes back against UN plan for elections

05 Mar 2023

UN chief slams rich countries’ treatment of poor states

03 Mar 2023

Experts share views on new UN proposal for election process in Libya

28 Feb 2023

Israel-Palestine conflict: Why Palestinians are not as happy as their UN ambassador

28 Feb 2023

Iran says UN nuclear watchdog chief to visit in ‘coming days’

24 Feb 2023

1 year on, Japan vows to strengthen Russia sanctions

21 Feb 2023

Palestinian president under fire for ‘backing down’ over contentious UN Security Council resolution

21 Feb 2023

Statement by UN Security Council keeps Israel isolated, says Palestinian envoy to UN

20 Feb 2023

No UN vote Monday on Israel settlements — diplomats

14 Feb 2023

UN welcomes decision to open two additional crossings into northwest Syria

13 Feb 2023

UN warns of aid failure for Syria as quake toll nears 30,000

09 Feb 2023

First UN quake aid convoy reaches Syria as envoy says needs immense

08 Feb 2023

Quake imperils cross-border aid to Syria: UN

04 Feb 2023

UN ‘unable’ to resolve conflicts, Jordanian official

03 Feb 2023

UN experts slam slow progress in Lebanese activist murder probe

02 Feb 2023

Iran says IAEA stance on nuclear work “incorrect” — Mizan

31 Jan 2023

‘Silence is unacceptable’ in response to victims of atrocities, UN experts tell Libyan authorities

17 Jan 2023

40 nations urge Israel to lift ‘punitive’ sanctions on Palestinians

17 Jan 2023

Saudi Arabia calls for stronger action against Houthis as militia rejects peace

13 Jan 2023

UN extends Lebanon tribunal until Dec. 31 to wrap up work

13 Jan 2023

Japan foreign chief calls for unity around Rule of Law

10 Jan 2023

UN says ozone layer slowly healing, hole to mend by 2066

07 Jan 2023

Jordan rejects Israeli ‘lies’ over West Bank at UN Security Council

05 Jan 2023

UN to hold emergency meeting on Israeli visit to holy site

04 Jan 2023

Japan takes 2-year nonpermanent seat on UN Security Council

03 Jan 2023

Saudi, UN body sign agreement to combat human trafficking

19 Dec 2022

UN and Lebanon hold memorial for killed Irish peacekeeper

16 Dec 2022

Irish peacekeeper’s death ramps up Lebanon security fears

15 Dec 2022

Iran ousted from UN women’s group; US envoy says regime’s ‘unrelenting brutality’ must end


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