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26 Oct 2021

UN experts denounce Israeli branding of Palestinian rights groups as terrorists

24 Oct 2021

King Salman receives telephone call from UN secretary general

21 Oct 2021

UN Security Council divided over North Korean missiles

21 Oct 2021

$250k Saudi-backed UN science award launched

21 Oct 2021

UN Security Council condemns Houthi violations in Yemen, Saudi Arabia

20 Oct 2021

IAEA: Surveillance of Iran nuclear program no longer ‘intact’

18 Oct 2021

Syrian constitutional committee agrees to start drafting constitutional reform: UN envoy

16 Oct 2021

UN urges ceasefire in Marib for ‘safe passage’

15 Oct 2021

UN condemns armed violence outside of state authority in Beirut

15 Oct 2021

UN envoy: Yemen solution can only be achieved through negotiated political settlement

15 Oct 2021

Japan strongly condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia: Motegi

13 Oct 2021

Saudi Cabinet renews call for Middle East free from nuclear weapons

13 Oct 2021

Japan pledges ¥1.8bn yen for biodiversity in developing nations

10 Oct 2021

Iran makes more 20 percent enriched uranium than UN nuclear watchdog reported

09 Oct 2021

UN officials say guards kill 6 migrants detained in Libya

07 Oct 2021

UN envoy calls for ‘inclusive settlement’ to end Yemen crisis

06 Oct 2021

Yemen’s prime minister blasts Houthis for ‘sabotaging peace, blackmailing the world’

01 Oct 2021

Saudi, Swedish envoys discuss peace efforts in Yemen

01 Oct 2021

Wrangling over UN mission in Libya continues in Security Council

30 Sep 2021

UN launches initiative to repatriate citizens from Iraq and Syria

30 Sep 2021

UN special envoy slams Israeli destruction, seizures in occupied territories

29 Sep 2021

Saudi foreign minister calls on world powers to act over Iran’s nuclear violations

28 Sep 2021

Tehran faces UN rap over atom secrets

27 Sep 2021

US to Iran: Grant inspectors access to workshop or face action at UN nuclear watchdog

26 Sep 2021

Digital infrastructure enabled Saudi Arabia to confront pandemic

24 Sep 2021

Iraqi leader Barham Salih tells UNGA: ‘Corruption and terrorism work in tandem’

23 Sep 2021

EU says Tehran ready to resume nuclear talks at ‘early date’

23 Sep 2021

King Salman tells UN Saudi Arabia supports global effort to block Iranian nuclear ambitions

22 Sep 2021

COVID-19, Palestine and Iranian nukes feature in first day of UN General Assembly speeches

22 Sep 2021

Biden in UN call for independent Palestine

19 Sep 2021

UN ‘strongly condemns’ Houthi execution of 9 civilians

17 Sep 2021

The pros and cons of the UN when it comes to Palestine

17 Sep 2021

Yemen president renews support to UN-led effort to end war in Yemen

16 Sep 2021

UN Yemen envoy arrives in Saudi Arabia on first visit

16 Sep 2021

Delivering a better world through agri-food reform

12 Sep 2021

Iran invites UN nuclear watchdog’s chief for talks before showdown with West: Diplomats

11 Sep 2021

New UN Yemen envoy: We all have shared responsibility to end conflict

10 Sep 2021

Arab countries call for inspection of all Iranian nuclear sites

10 Sep 2021

Saudi ambassador, UN Yemen envoy discuss peace efforts

05 Sep 2021

Foreign fighters and mercenaries must leave Libya, says UN chief

05 Sep 2021

Egypt signs cooperation deals with UN body on climate change, pest control

04 Sep 2021

UN condemns Houthi attacks on Abha International Airport

04 Sep 2021

UN condemns Houthi attacks on Abha International Airport

04 Sep 2021

UN experts urge Iran to halt imminent execution of Kurdish prisoner

01 Sep 2021

UN allocates $10 million to ensure fuel for Lebanon hospitals

31 Aug 2021

UN envoy calls on Libya’s parliament to finalize election law

29 Aug 2021

Libyan interim PM pushes back against parliament in speech

27 Aug 2021

UN chief calls on Lebanon leaders to form effective government

25 Aug 2021

Fighting in Syria’s Daraa displaces 38,000

24 Aug 2021

UN concerned about humanitarian situation in Marib, fuel crisis in Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen


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