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07 May 2021

More bickering as UN meets for 89th time to discuss Syria’s chemical weapons

05 May 2021

Jailed Iranian filmmaker could die if not released immediately, UN warns

01 May 2021

UN urges Palestinian leaders to avoid uncertainty and quickly set new date for elections

29 Apr 2021

Assad is indulging in “sham elections” as Syrians continue to suffer, UN told

28 Apr 2021

Israel says downed drone from Lebanon

28 Apr 2021

UN’s envoy for Yemen calls on Houthis to halt assault on Marib

26 Apr 2021

Officials from Jordan, Egypt, UN condemn anti-Arab extremist rampage in Jerusalem

25 Apr 2021

How the Arab region can be immunized against COVID-19

22 Apr 2021

Syria receives batch of UN vaccines to speed up coronavirus fight

22 Apr 2021

UN reiterates it is not involved in Syrian presidential election

22 Apr 2021

NEOM launches 3 initiatives to support UN Sustainable Development Goals

20 Apr 2021

Arab League chief calls for strategic partnership with UN to end region’s wars

18 Apr 2021

UN Security Council welcomes Saudi initiative to end Yemeni crisis

16 Apr 2021

Palestinian families face another difficult Ramadan as aid funding dips

10 Apr 2021

UN ‘appalled’ by deadly Darfur clashes

08 Apr 2021

Acceptable political solution in Syria needed: Jordan minister, UN envoy say

07 Apr 2021

On International Day of Conscience, Saudi Arabia urges adherence to UN Charter

04 Apr 2021

More than 220 African migrants kidnapped by Houthis in Sanaa: Al Arabiya

03 Apr 2021

UN, S. Arabia sign collaboration agreement to fight terrorism

31 Mar 2021

UN officials following Saudi Arabia's green initiatives ‘with great interest’

31 Mar 2021

UN chief: the world has a ‘collective responsibility’ to end the war in Syria

30 Mar 2021

UN team finds Houthis launched Aden airport attack that killed 22

29 Mar 2021

Yemen’s president meets UN and US envoys to discuss Saudi peace initiative

25 Mar 2021

UN praises Yemeni government for allowing fuel ships into Hodeidah

24 Mar 2021

Yemen coronavirus committee calls for ‘state of emergency’

24 Mar 2021

Ball in Houthis court, says Saudi Arabia’s UN envoy Al-Mouallimi

24 Mar 2021

UN chief thanks Saudi Arabia for Yemen peace initiative, urges cooperation

24 Mar 2021

UN chief thanks Saudi Arabia for Yemen peace initiative, urges cooperation

24 Mar 2021

UN, US, Russia and EU meet virtually on Israel, Palestinians

23 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia announces Yemen peace initiative

23 Mar 2021

UN experts demand ‘credible’ probe into murder of Hezbollah critic

19 Mar 2021

UN Security Council condemns escalation in Yemen’s Marib, Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

18 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia calls for greater tolerance as crimes against Muslims soar

17 Mar 2021

UN calls for independent probe into fire that killed migrants in Yemen

16 Mar 2021

UN envoy’s ‘profound regret’ over failure to end suffering in Syria

15 Mar 2021

US seeks to reinvigorate diplomatic effort alongside UN in Yemen — State Department

14 Mar 2021

UAE calls on UN Security Council to condemn obstruction of humanitarian aid delivery by armed groups

13 Mar 2021

UN urges foreign troops and mercenaries to leave Libya

13 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia food relief efforts highlighted in UN meeting

11 Mar 2021

Japan marks decade since 2011 quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster

09 Mar 2021

UN report reveals horrors of daily life for many in Iran

07 Mar 2021

UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Conference opens

03 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia urges UN Security Council to hold Houthis accountable for threat posed to global peace, security

02 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia pledges $430m to UN's Yemen response

01 Mar 2021

Five civilians killed in Hodeidah as fighting rages in Marib

27 Feb 2021

Yemen’s children starve as UN seeks billions to avoid vast ‘man-made’ famine

27 Feb 2021

UN urges warring parties to halt fighting for vaccinations

27 Feb 2021

UN Security Council sanctions top Houthi security official for rape and torture

25 Feb 2021

New Houthi demands delay efforts to assess decaying oil tanker off Yemen

24 Feb 2021

Syria’s rebel-held area to get jabs by March end


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