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02 Dec 2022

OIC welcomes UN resolutions on Palestinian cause

01 Dec 2022

UN envoy: military escalation in Syria is ‘dangerous’

27 Nov 2022

UN World Food Program welcomes Saudi Arabia’s $6m contribution to Syrian refugees in Jordan

25 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia elected to chair executive council of World Tourism Organization

23 Nov 2022

Japan’s WAW! 2022 to tackle gender inequality issues on global scale

23 Nov 2022

UN alarmed by reports of Iranian authorities holding bodies of protesters hostage

22 Nov 2022

92 children killed in Yemen since January despite UN-brokered truce, charity says

19 Nov 2022

UN climate talks in Egypt head into overtime

16 Nov 2022

World Population hits 8 billion, creating many challenges

04 Nov 2022

Jordan votes for UN resolution calling for US to end Cuban embargo

04 Nov 2022

UN body calls on Japan to set up human rights institution

29 Oct 2022

UN urges Libya rivals to agree in road map to elections soon

28 Oct 2022

International silence on Israeli occupation has weakened international law, UN report finds

21 Oct 2022

Saudi Arabia determined to honor all its commitments to human rights, envoy tells UN

21 Oct 2022

Palestinians’ sovereign rights must be ensured, Qatar tells UN

17 Oct 2022

Envoy says UN to push for nationwide cease-fire in Syria

14 Oct 2022

Saudi vote ‘clearly supports’ Kyiv’s sovereignty, Ukrainian ambassador tells Arab News

14 Oct 2022

UN experts urge warring sides to renew truce in Yemen

14 Oct 2022

Saudi Arabia votes in favor of UN Resolution not to recognize regions annexed by Russia

10 Oct 2022

UN condemns ‘heinous killing’ of migrants in Libya

09 Oct 2022

United Nations representative on internal refugees urges help for Fukushima evacuees

08 Oct 2022

UN expert says Japan should do more for Fukushima evacuees

04 Oct 2022

Why Israel’s prime minister spoke of a Palestinian state

21 Sep 2022

Egypt, France in bilateral talks at UN

21 Sep 2022

UN chief warns global leaders: The world is in ‘great peril’

19 Sep 2022

Japan, UN affirm commitment to improvement of Yemen’s Port of Aden

15 Sep 2022

Syria risks endless war, poverty unless ceasefire is achieved, UNSC told

12 Sep 2022

Yoon mulling talks with Kishida in New York

08 Sep 2022

UN must facilitate regional Rohingya burden-sharing scheme

26 Aug 2022

84% of Lebanese families lack money for basics, UN report reveals

22 Aug 2022

Houthi restrictions on child vaccination campaigns threaten spread of epidemic diseases

20 Aug 2022

Aid workers face ‘alarming’ levels of incitement, violence in Yemen: UN humanitarian envoy

19 Aug 2022

Israel defies UN with raid on Palestine rights groups

12 Aug 2022

UN's Guterres expresses 'clear commitment' to North Korea denuclearisation

11 Aug 2022

KSrelief’s supervisor general meets Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, pledges $10m aid

08 Aug 2022

Japan’s Foreign Minister and UN Secretary-General discuss international concerns

04 Aug 2022

New Saudi ambassador Abdulaziz Al-Wasil presents credentials to UN chief

26 Jul 2022

Kishida planning talks with UN chief Guterres

22 Jul 2022

Lebanon’s water supply networks ‘remain on the brink,’ UNICEF warns

22 Jul 2022

Russia defends veto of aid to northwest Syria for one year

21 Jul 2022

For the 105th time, UN calls on Syrian regime to come clean about its chemical weapons

07 Jul 2022

UN Security Council to vote on extending Syria cross-border aid

07 Jul 2022

Yemen government slams new ‘one-sided’ UN proposal on Taiz

24 Jun 2022

Ambassador Iwai Fumio congratulates Saudi Arabia on UN Public Service Award 2022

22 Jun 2022

The Kingdom condemns hate speech ‘of all kinds and forms,’ Saudi official tells UN

17 Jun 2022

UN monitoring of Yemen ports for war activity hampered by Houthis, top official says

16 Jun 2022

Houthis order female aid workers not to travel without male escort, says UN

16 Jun 2022

Hariri killers to be sentenced as end looms for Lebanon court

15 Jun 2022

UN urges Houthis to lift Taif siege as Yemeni truce holds

15 Jun 2022

Saudi, US envoys to Yemen discuss ceasefire, decrepit tanker


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