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22 Sep 2023

Rising female workforce boosts Saudi Arabia’s economic growth

08 Jun 2023

Conflict and chaos in Sudan taking a devastating toll on women and girls

27 Apr 2023

Japan sets 30% target for women execs at big firms by 2030

27 Mar 2023

Universities in Japan try to encourage more science major women

27 Dec 2022

Iranian woman competes at chess tournament without hijab

23 Dec 2022

Muslim world league urges Afghan government to lift university ban for women

23 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia to send first Saudi woman to space in 2023

28 Jun 2022

After incidents in Jordan, UAE and Egypt: Is violence against women on the rise?

28 May 2022

Sudan women’s activist wins human rights prize

01 May 2022

Houthis crack down on women who walk without male chaperons

27 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia keen to strengthen UN partnership, cooperation in development and women’s empowerment

13 Mar 2022

SAMI to add 1,500 jobs in 2022 with focus on hiring more women, says CEO

10 Mar 2022

Saudi women lawyers celebrate advances in legal profession

09 Mar 2022

UAE calls for women to be given key roles in post-conflict recovery efforts

04 Mar 2022

Turkey announces measures to protect women from violence

24 Dec 2021

Sudanese women march to protest rapes blamed on security forces

22 Nov 2021

Women’s cybersecurity forum in Saudi Arabia brings opportunities to horizon

22 Oct 2021

First woman head of Japan's top union vows to fight workplace sexism

18 Sep 2021

Lubna Olayan becomes first woman to head a Saudi foreign business council

12 Sep 2021

Japan eyes football revival as first women's pro league kicks off

20 Aug 2021

Women in Turkey stand in solidarity with their Afghan sisters

05 Aug 2021

High-flying Saudi women are making the most of new career opportunities

09 Jul 2021

Call for women to apply to Apple academy in Riyadh

08 Jul 2021

Nora Al-Matrooshi, first Arab woman astronaut in training

10 Apr 2021

60 percent of Japan's female local assembly members harassed

03 Apr 2021

Sumitomo life aims for gender equality in managerial posts

20 Mar 2021

Turkey pulls out of landmark treaty protecting women from violence

13 Mar 2021

Libyan women want progress after appointment of first female foreign minister

10 Mar 2021

New initiatives helping Saudi women achieve their true potential

09 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia launches women’s accountancy program

08 Mar 2021

Vision 2030 puts Saudi women in the driver’s seat

08 Mar 2021

Jordanian women have come a long way, but much work remains to be done

07 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia reforms for women boost economic growth

21 Feb 2021

Saudi Arabia opens military recruitment to both sexes

10 Nov 2020

Cybersecurity sector celebrates women’s achievements

24 Oct 2020

How a young Saudi female engineer broke into GE’s male-dominated environment

22 Oct 2020

Saudi King praises role of women at W20 summit

21 Oct 2020

Saudi Arabia appoints second female ambassador

08 Aug 2020

Young Saudi woman takes pioneering role in male-dominated engineering industry

19 Jul 2020

Saudi woman fruit seller creates new market

30 Jun 2020

Japan to delay "womenomics" target for female leaders by up to a decade

27 Jun 2020

Saudis proud of female royal guard

29 May 2020

Women at record 36.8 percent of new govt workers in Japan

08 Apr 2020

Women fight for a place at the table as sushi chefs in Japan

24 Feb 2020

G20 leaders seek measures for youth, women

29 Jan 2020

Saudi justice minister appoints first woman to senior position at alimony fund

12 Dec 2019

Men vs women: Who’s richer in Japan?

09 Dec 2019

Poll bodes well for future of women’s empowerment in the Arab world

03 Dec 2019

Gender equality’s progress, viewed from the Middle East

20 Nov 2019

Dania Akeel to become the first Saudi female rider holding FIA license

13 Nov 2019

Influential regional figures share experiences and advice during Misk Global Forum

26 Oct 2019

TheFace: Al-Bandari Waeel Al-Ajlan, Saudi visual artist and dentist


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