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19 May 2024

How women and girls in war-torn Gaza are coping with water, sanitation and hygiene collapse

08 May 2024

Why Israel’s military operation in Rafah will lead to ‘inevitable catastrophe’ in Gaza

07 May 2024

Palestinians in the West Bank pushed to the brink as Israeli assault on Gaza keeps tensions high

30 Apr 2024

Why Syria’s wars fell off the radar despite continued crisis and suffering

29 Apr 2024

Global teacher shortage needs more than AI: WEF panelists

21 Apr 2024

Have deaths of Quds Force commanders in Iran-Israel shadow war dented IRGC’s public image and confidence?

18 Apr 2024

Why displaced Syrians in Lebanon face an agonizing dilemma amid mounting hostility

10 Apr 2024

How Iran might retaliate for suspected Israeli strike on its Damascus embassy building

05 Apr 2024

How the war in Gaza deprived Palestinians of beloved Ramadan rituals and traditions

04 Apr 2024

What exactly happened at Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital during Israel’s military siege?

02 Apr 2024

How a ceasefire and unrestricted aid access could yet prevent a famine in north Gaza

05 Mar 2024

Why Syrian refugees are returning from host countries — despite fear of persecution

16 Feb 2024

What the intensifying US-Iran proxy war means for crisis-wracked Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen

22 Jan 2024

How people with disabilities in Gaza are coping with the agony of Israel-Hamas war

04 Jan 2024

Killing of Hamas operative Saleh Al-Arouri in Beirut fits pattern of Israeli operations in Lebanon

03 Jan 2024

After Israel breaches Hezbollah stronghold, will Beirut finally be dragged into Gaza war?

12 Dec 2023

Why aid chiefs see Gaza’s humanitarian crisis worsening in the absence of Israel-Hamas ceasefire

02 Dec 2023

Renewed Gaza combat thrusts Palestinians between mortal danger and mass displacement

25 Nov 2023

Can Gaza humanitarian pause be starting point for end to Israel-Hamas war?

18 Nov 2023

Pregnant women and newborns face trauma, infection, malnutrition in Gaza under Israeli assault

09 Nov 2023

Israel’s bombardment of Jabalia seen as only the latest horror to befall the Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza

28 Oct 2023

How Israel-Hamas war in Gaza is impacting the mental health of Palestinian children

24 Oct 2023

Can Arab countries absorb a regional conflict’s economic shocks if Israel-Hamas war in Gaza expands?

04 Oct 2023

Rising poverty forces Syrian parents to choose between children’s schooling and survival

18 Aug 2023

How conflict, devastating earthquakes created a maternal health crisis in northwest Syria

06 Aug 2023

How Feb. 6 earthquake compounded the misery of northwest Syria’s children

12 Jul 2023

How women in northwest Syria led the post-earthquake aid effort, shattering social taboos in the process

07 Jun 2023

How neglect of health and hygiene issues deepens gender inequality in Middle East displacement camps

15 May 2023

80 percent of Palestinians welcome Chinese offer to mediate with Israel, US seen as least favorite option

10 May 2023

Shelter and stability elude Syrians made homeless by Feb. 6 Turkiye-Syria earthquakes

04 May 2023

Sudan’s descent into chaos shatters illusion of safety for war-weary Syrians


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