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UAE’s SpeedyComics to launch in Japan

SpeedyComics' Japanese logo. (Supplied)
SpeedyComics' Japanese logo. (Supplied)
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27 Sep 2023 05:09:50 GMT9
27 Sep 2023 05:09:50 GMT9

Manar Elbaz

DUBAI: SpeedyComics, one of the biggest toy and collectible vintage comic stores in the GCC region, will be opening a major store in Japan. 

The company is collaborating with the Japanese entertainment company Cube Japan to bring the store to life. 

Dr Rashed Al Farooq, SpeedyComics’ CEO, with Cube Japan Entertainment’s President REGONATI Robert and Manager KIMURA Akari. (ANJ Photo)

Speaking exclusively to Arab News Japan, REGONATI revealed that the Japanese branch will be located in Hakusan, a city in Ishikawa Prefecture. 

“We will have recording studios to record voice (actors) and a video production team to make content from Japan that goes directly to the Arab world,” REGONATI told Arab News Japan. 

The store has no exact opening date yet, but it is expected to launch in a few months. In the meantime, SpeedyComics will also open an office in Japan to prepare for the launch.

Dr. Rashed Al Farooq, CEO of SpeedyComics, shared that he is confident in this strategic expansion as it emphasizes the company’s purpose to promote Arab pop culture in both regions and strengthen the collaboration between Japan and the Arab world. 

“We will start with a soft opening, and then we have big things coming. We are working closely with the Japanese Consulate to see how we can bring the two countries together,” Al Farooq told Arab News Japan. 

SpeedyComics just launched a new location at Times Square Center in Dubai. Al Farooq also shared that the company is planning to open stores in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.

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