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01 Jun 2020

Emirati antique collector has biggest animation sketch collection in the Middle East

01 Jun 2020

Japanese Manga artist George Akiyama dies at 77

30 May 2020

Final season of Attack on Titan to be released this fall

28 May 2020

'The Heart of Them': The first Emirati animated feature

26 May 2020

Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami team up for Uniqlo collaboration

25 May 2020

Japanese entertainment company releases browser-based version of ‘Dance Dance Revolution V’

24 May 2020

Japanese console most popular among US video game consumers

17 May 2020

Asami: the Emirati artist creating manga inspired by Japanese culture

16 May 2020

Japanese director Kaichi Sato speaks about his vision for Rick & Morty’s animated short, Samurai & Shogun

15 May 2020

Japanese actress Kumiko Okae dies from coronavirus

12 May 2020

Ghibli producer offers Totoro lesson online

12 May 2020

Coronavirus interrupts world's longest-running cartoon

08 May 2020

Studio Ghibli museum offers virtual tours on YouTube

07 May 2020

Faji: The Omani artist creates own manga inspired by Japanese culture

27 Apr 2020

First three seasons of ‘Sailor Moon’ to stream on YouTube for free

20 Apr 2020

Popular Emirati cartoon ‘Freej’ the first to be dubbed and broadcast in Japan

18 Apr 2020

Studio Ghibli and other developers create backgrounds for the self-quarantined video conferences

16 Apr 2020

Emirati writer’s admiration for Japanese anime inspires creativity

15 Apr 2020

Omani manga artist takes inspiration from Japanese culture

14 Apr 2020

Arab author writes Japanese-inspired Middle East manga

13 Apr 2020

Catsaway: UAE-based animated feature inspired by Japanese anime

10 Apr 2020

Sony to invest in Chinese video platform operator Bilibili

05 Apr 2020

'10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki': A documentary following the life of Studio Ghibli’s co-founder

31 Mar 2020

Popular animated series ‘Rick and Morty’ transports to Japan in short clip

30 Mar 2020

Tatsumaki Studio showcases Japanese anime statues in Dubai

24 Mar 2020

Season 2 of Japanese Anime Baki will premiere on Netflix

22 Mar 2020

French-Tunisian animator dabbles in Japanese anime projects

22 Mar 2020

The 'Thousand-Year Blood War' arc adaptation for 'Bleach' Anime

17 Mar 2020

Crunchyroll previews its anime content at MEFCC 2020

16 Mar 2020

Tusme Art at MEFCC 2020 reveals exclusive One Piece figure collectible

15 Mar 2020

UAE fans build their own Gundam models

14 Mar 2020

Preview screening of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie at MEFCC 2020

07 Mar 2020

Plans for world’s tallest Grendizer statue unveiled in the UAE

02 Mar 2020

Anime featured in Apple Japan’s "Behind the Mac" Advertisement

01 Mar 2020

Japanese language studies remain popular in the UAE

01 Mar 2020

Fans name ‘Greninja’ their favorite Pokémon of the year 2020

26 Feb 2020

Saudi designer and musician Labeed Assidmi: ‘You don’t need an excuse to fail’

25 Feb 2020

VOX Cinemas picks up Saudi animated film

01 Feb 2020

Lebanese graffiti artists turn anime figure into revolutionary symbol

23 Jan 2020

Saudi anime series ready for liftoff on Pan Arab TV Chanel

20 Jan 2020

Studio Ghibli is coming to Netflix in the Middle East

19 Jan 2020

Kamehameha! Dragon Ball Z Kakarot launches in Dubai

14 Jan 2020

Big names in the Anime world expected at Middle East film, comic convention

12 Jan 2020

Saudis' favorite anime revealed

12 Jan 2020

Saudi anime fans hungry for more content

12 Jan 2020

Saudis reveal admiration for Japanese traditions, customs

21 Dec 2019

Dubai Expo’s Japanese ambassadors pave way for Osaka Expo 2025

12 Dec 2019

Pikachu named among Japan ambassadors to Expo 2020 Dubai

11 Dec 2019

Yoshinoya to launch Pokemon-themed menu line

05 Dec 2019

Saudi Arabia’s history to be told in manga animation

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