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23 Jan 2022

Fuji TV’s One Piece gallery to close on Jan 31

23 Jan 2022

Manga Arabia Youth now available at Japanese-based Kinokuniya bookstores in UAE

17 Jan 2022

Freelance animator describes his first year working in the Japanese anime industry

17 Jan 2022

Japanese manga artist Shinji Mizushima dies at 82

12 Jan 2022

Japan’s ‘Clockwork Aquario’ receives Guinness World Record for ‘longest development of video game’

09 Jan 2022

Japan UAE-based Kinokuniya bookstore opens Gundam pop-up store

08 Jan 2022

Japan govt ads use popular anime to publicize adult age change

01 Jan 2022

Nezar Al Sabbagh: Talented Omani animator working on major Japanese anime projects

31 Dec 2021

Manga piracy sites remain rampant in Japan

31 Dec 2021

Play back: The best video games of 2021 we’ll be playing well into the new year

30 Dec 2021

Behind of the scenes of Rick & Morty’s 2nd Samurai & Shogun short with Japanese director Kaichi Sato

29 Dec 2021

Newest life-sized Gundam set to open to public in April 2022

28 Dec 2021

‘Shin Ultraman’ movie gets new release date in Japan in May 2022

27 Dec 2021

Funko Pop releases new ‘My Hero Academia’ themed collection in the Middle East

26 Dec 2021

SRMG opens a Manga Arabia booth at Boulevard Riyadh City in Saudi Arabia

23 Dec 2021

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dinosaur War Izenborg’ comic book coming to Japan this week

21 Dec 2021

Glow Sushi Bar: the world’s first glow-in-the-dark sushi bar

21 Dec 2021

Animenia: a space dedicated for anime & manga fans at UAE’s MOTN Festival

20 Dec 2021

Ghassan Al-Mashini, the Arabic voice of Kouji Kabuto in ‘Mazinger Z’ passes away

14 Dec 2021

Netflix cancels live-action series ‘Cowboy Bebop’

12 Dec 2021

Paramount Pictures releases first official trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie

03 Dec 2021

French animator Vincent Chansard works on major Japanese anime projects

01 Dec 2021

Kirakuya: New Japanese boutique store opens in Dubai

26 Nov 2021

Nassar Al Nassar: The Saudi voice behind The Journey’s protagonist

25 Nov 2021

Japanese co-producer of new Super Mario Bros. film praises Chris Pratt’s performance

24 Nov 2021

Hayao Miyazaki comes out of retirement to produce new film because he ‘wants to’

23 Nov 2021

40th Sharjah International Book Fair attracts 1.69 million visitors from 109 nationalities

20 Nov 2021

Japan's hit 'One Piece' anime marks 1,000th episode

14 Nov 2021

Nippon Sayko: How Japanese pop culture made it to the heart of Riyadh Season

10 Nov 2021

Netflix announces a new collection of anime series for Shonen Jump fans

08 Nov 2021

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission movie is coming to Middle East cinemas

05 Nov 2021

Gunpla Showroom opens in Dubai for Expo 2020

01 Nov 2021

Streaming app Spacetoon GO releases Arabic version of Kuroko’s Basketball

27 Oct 2021

‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’ singer reminisces his career as Pokémon celebrates its 25th anniversary

22 Oct 2021

French Animator Alexandre Gomes shares passion for Japanese anime

22 Oct 2021

Cartoon dreams: Netflix's Japan anime school targets booming demand

19 Oct 2021

Otaku ME opens biggest store yet in GCC region

15 Oct 2021

Manga signs deal to develop Saudi gaming talent

13 Oct 2021

Manga Productions announces launch of ‘AlUla Adventures’ VR Pod experience

13 Oct 2021

Mickey Mouse meets manga at Jeddah’s biggest anime cafe

12 Oct 2021

French animator is working on major Japanese anime projects

08 Oct 2021

EGYcon: The biggest anime & pop culture event in Egypt is coming back this weekend

05 Oct 2021

Shin Kamen Rider’s first live-action movie trailer released

29 Sep 2021

Mitsuyasu Sakai: Japanese scriptwriter behind the short Sci-fi movie ‘Orbital Christmas’

29 Sep 2021

'Golgo 13' author Saito dies at 84

28 Sep 2021

Teenage entrepreneur launches online store selling manga

24 Sep 2021

Manga Arabia Kids now available at Japanese-based Kinokuniya bookstores in UAE

21 Sep 2021

Sudanese animator Vann Oba is working on major Japanese anime projects

19 Sep 2021

New life-sized Gundam statue to make its debut in Fukuoka city

18 Sep 2021

‘The Journey’ to stream on MBC Group’s Shahid VIP

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