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13 Aug 2020

Japanese award-winning movie Promare showing in Middle East cinemas

10 Aug 2020

Akiba Cafe: Your manga escape in Saudi Arabia

09 Aug 2020

Ken Arto: The French/Japanese artist working on major anime projects

03 Aug 2020

Ghost of Tsushima: PS4 samurai game becomes fastest-selling title ever

30 Jul 2020

Kuwaiti influencer one of the first to introduce Japan culture to the Arab world

23 Jul 2020

Black-owned anime studio D'Art Shtajio produces The Weeknd’s latest music video

23 Jul 2020

New Baskin-Robbins ice-cream redefines Poké Balls

18 Jul 2020

Hello Kitty themed food is on the menu at Japan’s Narita Airport

17 Jul 2020

Ghibli Park on track to open in Japan by Fall 2022

13 Jul 2020

‘Walking Pikachu:’ The robot that walks, talks and sings

12 Jul 2020

UAE-based hobby shop specializes in Gundam plastic model kits

10 Jul 2020

Studio Ghibli releases anime plushies that turn into eco-friendly bags

06 Jul 2020

Evangelion comes to life in Japan’s Toei Kyoto Studio Park

05 Jul 2020

Tokyo One Piece Tower theme park to permanently shutdown

05 Jul 2020

Fans can now play Super Smash Bros. Melee online

04 Jul 2020

Founders of the first black-owned anime studio take inspiration from Japanese culture

02 Jul 2020

Pan-Arab TV channel SpaceToon releases Arabic dubbed Japanese anime

02 Jul 2020

Pokémon Company celebrates love with Pikachu-themed engagement rings

01 Jul 2020

Studio Ghibli shares images of upcoming film ‘Aya And The Witch’

29 Jun 2020

Pokémon Company presents upcoming game 'Pokémon Unite'

28 Jun 2020

New anime series ‘CYBERPUNK: EDGERUNNERS’ to debut on Netflix in 2022

25 Jun 2020

Saudi artist is the first to receive a master’s degree in the Art of Manga

22 Jun 2020

Marvel unveils Alex Ross' cover art for 'The Rise of Ultraman' issue one

20 Jun 2020

Thai Anime Enthusiast creates Gundam-inspired face mask

19 Jun 2020

Hello Kitty and Gundam collaborate to release a clear model kit

17 Jun 2020

Bandai to launch a modern version of the Tamagotchi virtual pet

15 Jun 2020

Middle Eastern animation studio releases horror-themed animated short

14 Jun 2020

Japan’s Anime-inspired insect repellent cosplay armor

14 Jun 2020

Uniqlo introduces Design-your-own- Pokémon T-shirt service

13 Jun 2020

Uber Eats Japan offers manga delivery

12 Jun 2020

Hello Kitty gets new boss after 60 years

12 Jun 2020

D’ART Shtajio: Japan’s first black-owned anime studio

11 Jun 2020

eComic Con Live: The first virtual Comic Con in the Middle East

08 Jun 2020

UAE Anime fans rejoice: Japanese Bookstore Kinokuniya expands amid COVID-19  

07 Jun 2020

Pokémon's ‘Pokétoons' pays tribute to the classic Looney Tunes

05 Jun 2020

Japanese toymaker Bandai to release 1975 Toho version of Godzilla

04 Jun 2020

Saudi animator works on Middle Eastern anime series

03 Jun 2020

Middle East Games Con is going digital 

01 Jun 2020

Emirati antique collector has biggest animation sketch collection in the Middle East

01 Jun 2020

Japanese Manga artist George Akiyama dies at 77

30 May 2020

Final season of Attack on Titan to be released this fall

28 May 2020

'The Heart of Them': The first Emirati animated feature

26 May 2020

Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami team up for Uniqlo collaboration

25 May 2020

Japanese entertainment company releases browser-based version of ‘Dance Dance Revolution V’

24 May 2020

Japanese console most popular among US video game consumers

17 May 2020

Asami: the Emirati artist creating manga inspired by Japanese culture

16 May 2020

Japanese director Kaichi Sato speaks about his vision for Rick & Morty’s animated short, Samurai & Shogun

15 May 2020

Japanese actress Kumiko Okae dies from coronavirus

12 May 2020

Ghibli producer offers Totoro lesson online

12 May 2020

Coronavirus interrupts world's longest-running cartoon

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