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16 Jan 2021

Pokémon celebrates 25 years with Katy Perry as musical headline for the year

13 Jan 2021

The return of Chibi Maruko-chan to the Middle East

09 Jan 2021

The world’s smallest portable Nintendo 64 console is here

08 Jan 2021

2021 PREVIEW: Prepare for playtime

07 Jan 2021

Shiki Satoshi: Japanese manga artist behind the The Legend of Dororo manga series

30 Dec 2020

Japanese illustrator speaks about her inspiration as a video game desginer

27 Dec 2020

Shazam for anime: Voice recognition app redefines the anime-viewing experience

26 Dec 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Japanese publishing company announces 'Dinosaur War Izenborg' comic book

24 Dec 2020

Homage to Demon Slayer: Wisteria Trellis Illuminations

23 Dec 2020

Khalid Al Syed: The popular Arab dub voice behind Ganger in Astronganger

20 Dec 2020

Founder of Dim Mak explores Japanese culture through Sanrio collaboration

18 Dec 2020

Andrea Romoli: The creator of science fiction saga 'Altri Mondi' adapted into Japanese anime series

17 Dec 2020

Manga company partners with NEOM for Saudi animation series

10 Dec 2020

Sony to buy US anime giant Crunchyroll for ¥122bn

09 Dec 2020

Online NHK poll ranks top 20 popular Sailor Moon characters

05 Dec 2020

‘Monster Hunter’ is ‘the right movie at the right time,’ says director

04 Dec 2020

'Demon Slayer' final volume released; fans flock to bookstores

30 Nov 2020

From majors to manga: Japan tennis ace Osaka to star in comic book

30 Nov 2020

'Demon Slayer' takes 1st to 22nd spots in 2020 comic rankings

29 Nov 2020

Keisuke Hoashi: The Japanese American actor in Hollywood

27 Nov 2020

Studio Ghibli shares images from films to download

21 Nov 2020

Japanese watchmaker Seiko offers new Pokémon themed holiday line-up

20 Nov 2020

Tatsumaki Studio releases latest lineup for 2021 Shonen Star figures

16 Nov 2020

SEGA to sell off its arcade business in Japan

14 Nov 2020

A word with the Japanese anime director of the Golden Kamuy series

12 Nov 2020

Bandai reveals life-sized blade from 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba'

09 Nov 2020

‘One Piece’ celebrates its 1000th chapter with free manga

08 Nov 2020

Netflix announces Anime lineup for 2021

07 Nov 2020

Japanese character designer shares his inspiration through anime

04 Nov 2020

Bandai's new ‘HG Dragon Ball Set' shows all forms of Cell

02 Nov 2020

Sony reportedly set to buy Crunchyroll for over ¥100 billion yen

26 Oct 2020

'Demon Slayer' film reaches 10b yen, fastest ever in Japan

25 Oct 2020

Mitsuhiro Arita: Meet the man behind the illustrations Pokémon Trading Card Game

16 Oct 2020

Japanese illustrator Daigo Ikeno celebrates 25 years at Capcom

14 Oct 2020

Top 15 anime titles: Japan’s Goo Ranking names ‘Boogiepop Phantom’ number 1 anime

12 Oct 2020

Japanese anime director Takashi Saijo explains difference in classic and modern animation techniques

08 Oct 2020

Japanese watchmaker to launch Naruto themed watches

04 Oct 2020

'One Piece' Creator Eiichiro Oda introduces manga to Gucci

04 Oct 2020

Pokémon releases trailer for new Sword and Shield arc

01 Oct 2020

Meet the American animator working on major anime projects in Japan

28 Sep 2020

Crunchyroll releases trailer of Attack on Titan’s final season

27 Sep 2020

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie debuts in Dubai

24 Sep 2020

Pokémon PON launches hand washing stamps to ensure effective hand hygiene

24 Sep 2020

Japanese sculptor Akihito works on popular movies including Hulk, Deadpool

21 Sep 2020

Super Mario Bros. animated movie set to release in 2022

17 Sep 2020

Japanese TV network ranks the most favored anime songs

16 Sep 2020

‘Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna’ movie coming to Middle East cinemas this month

14 Sep 2020

Who is Motoko Shikama? Meet the Japanese animator behind popular anime projects

08 Sep 2020

Critically acclaimed movie ‘Weathering With You’ to release in Middle East cinemas this week

07 Sep 2020

Japanese illustrator sets his mark in the anime production industry

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