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22 Sep 2023

Manga Productions secures exclusive rights to distribute ‘Captain Tsubasa’ in MENA

15 Sep 2023

Netflix's "One Piece" renewed for a second season

14 Sep 2023

Pokémon announces unexpected collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum

12 Sep 2023

Studio Ghibli releases official teaser trailer for Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film

31 Aug 2023

A Pokémon J-drama is premiering this October

31 Aug 2023

Dubai’s ice cream festival hosts Japanese-inspired activities on its last day

24 Aug 2023

Review: ‘Ahsoka’ promises intrigue and closure for diehard ‘Star Wars Rebels’ fans

22 Aug 2023

Funko Pop releases exciting ’One Piece’ themed collection in the Middle East

20 Aug 2023

Meet the Taiwanese American animator working on major Japanese anime projects

18 Aug 2023

Demon Slayer themed plane goes viral

17 Aug 2023

Bruce Lee to receive his own anime “House of Lee”

12 Aug 2023

"Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game" opens in Middle Eastern cinemas this month

12 Aug 2023

Catch 'em all: Pokemon hooks kids, parents and investors

07 Aug 2023

Japan Foundation starts ‘JFF+ Independent Cinema 2023’ program

05 Aug 2023

Saudi company Manga Productions reveals the trailer for the upcoming "Grendizer U" anime

04 Aug 2023

“Jujutsu Kaisen” characters are coming to the popular video game “Fortnite”

03 Aug 2023

Rica Matsumoto, the Japanese voice actress of Pokémon’s Ash Ketchum, held her first meet & greet in Dubai

03 Aug 2023

Zelda, Mario movie boost Nintendo profits

02 Aug 2023

How dubbed anime shaped Arabs’ childhood

26 Jul 2023

The American animated TV show “Rick and Morty” is getting an anime adaptation

26 Jul 2023

Counting Pikachus: Pokemon sleep app entices fans to go to bed

24 Jul 2023

Late Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum's AI cover of “Detective Conan” goes viral

24 Jul 2023

The second edition of ‘Japan Film Week’ event held in the UAE’s Ras al Khaimah

18 Jul 2023

Saudi film production firm to launch collaborative new manga video game

17 Jul 2023

“The Irregular at Magic High School” is returning with a new season in 2024

16 Jul 2023

Anime “Black Butler” returns with a new season after nearly a decade

06 Jul 2023

Japan's 17th International Manga Award deadline extends to July 12

04 Jul 2023

‘The First Slam Dunk’ movie releases in the Middle East

03 Jul 2023

The best video games of 2023 so far

13 Jun 2023

Major participation of Japanese artists at Kinokuniya bookstore in Dubai

09 Jun 2023

Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine premieres in Dubai

09 Jun 2023

REVIEW: ‘The Legend of Zelda’ is a sprawling masterpiece

06 Jun 2023

11th Pokémon-themed ANA aircraft flies for the first time

19 May 2023

Paul Williams: The animator with a big passion for Japanese animation

03 May 2023

Nintendo’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie illegally streams on Twitter several times

28 Apr 2023

'Suzume' anime movie premieres in Middle East cinemas

26 Apr 2023

Japan anime 'First Slam Dunk' tops China Box Office

26 Apr 2023

Hit Japan anime genre offers escape, second chances

21 Apr 2023

Masaki Sato: The veteran Japanese animator well-known for Dragon Ball Z series

19 Apr 2023

'Super Mario Bros. Movie' premieres big in Dubai

14 Apr 2023

Japanese anime "Suzume" draws record viewers in S. Korea

13 Apr 2023

Cosmetics company Lush releases collection based on Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Movie

10 Apr 2023

Rarest Yi-Gi-Oh! card to go up for auction soon

06 Apr 2023

Japanese manga artist Rumiko Takahashi given French honor

06 Apr 2023

"Suzume" becomes highest-grossing Japanese film in China

04 Apr 2023

Sailor Moon SuperS anime streaming for free ahead of new franchise release

03 Apr 2023

Norman England: The author behind the book “Behind the Kaiju Curtain”

03 Apr 2023

'My Neighbor Totoro' wins six Olivier Awards

29 Mar 2023

MBC Group launches MBC Anime initiative with TOKYOPOP

29 Mar 2023

Manga Productions signs partnership agreement with Tsubasa Co. 

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