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“Before the Coffee Gets Cold” author announces sixth book at Emirates LitFest

The author did not specify a date for the upcoming book, but he said it's
The author did not specify a date for the upcoming book, but he said it's "coming soon." (ANJ)
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07 Feb 2024 07:02:37 GMT9
07 Feb 2024 07:02:37 GMT9

Manar Elbaz

DUBAI: Toshikazu Kawaguchi, author of the bestselling Japanese book series “Before the Coffee Gets Cold,” announced that he is currently writing the sixth book in the series during his panel at Emirates Literature Festival on Friday. 

Emirates Literature Festival, known as Emirates LitFest, is the Middle East’s biggest literary event that is held annually to celebrate the love of literature in the United Arab Emirates.

The “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” books follow several characters as they travel back in time to resolve their conflicts before returning when their coffee gets cold.

The fifth book of the series is currently only out in Japan, with no English translation available yet. However, fans were excited to know that the series would receive a sixth book and gave him a round of applause.

Kawaguchi (M) during his panel at Emirates LitFest on Friday. (ANJ)

Kawaguchi told Arab News Japan about the sixth book prior to his panel. “I’m currently writing the sixth book. I will continue to do my best,” he said, adding that he hopes that people can become a better version of themselves after reading his books.

“The fourth one is about goodbyes, the fifth one is about kindness. The sixth one is about love,” Kawaguchi said.

The author did not specify a date for the upcoming book, but he said it’s “coming soon.”

Kawaguchi signing copies of his books after his panel. (ANJ)

This is the Japanese author’s second time at the festival, after his 2022 appearance. “I’m very happy to be here,” he told Arab News Japan.

The author shared during his panel, moderated by award-winning journalist Amandeep Bhangu, that he was very inspired by a variety of manga and anime, especially Doraemon, as it also has a time-travel plot similar to his books. 

The “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” series began as a play before Kawaguchi’s editor suggested that he should adapt it into a novel. “I also do theatre in Japan, and even in that, I want to do my best,” he told Arab News Japan. The Japanese author wrote his first book at 40 years old, around 12 years ago. 


The series showcases characters as they struggle with extreme emotions such as grief and regret. He revealed during the panel that some of these stories are based on his own life, such as the story “Mother and Son” from his second book, “Tales from the Cafe.” 

When asked why he writes complicated characters, he said, “I think that there are a lot of people who feel the same way as I do,” adding that he understands what these characters go through from his experience.

Kawaguchi also received praise from the moderator as well as the audience for the way he writes his female characters. “I do theater, and I often observe the behavior of the women,” he said when asked how he makes his characters as realistic as possible.

For aspiring writers, the Japanese author recommends writing all the way through. “In the middle of writing, I’m sure I’ll end up hating it, but it’s important to keep writing,” he told the panel.

Kawaguchi showcasing photos of his book collection during a panel on Sunday. (ANJ)

Additionally, the author took part in a panel on Sunday, where he showed photos of his book collection and talked about his inspiration. 

He shared how thankful he is for everyone’s support and how grateful he is to be an author. “If I hadn’t become a novelist, I don’t think I would be here in Dubai,” he said.

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