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Kaoru Hashimoto: Japanese artist using ballpoint pens in drawings

The artist has exhibited her work in Dubai three times. (Supplied)
The artist has exhibited her work in Dubai three times. (Supplied)
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23 Feb 2024 05:02:28 GMT9
23 Feb 2024 05:02:28 GMT9

Amin Abbas

DUBAI: Kaoru Hashimoto is a Japanese artist who lives in Kobe City, Japan, and graduated with the motto, “You can enjoy art without using expensive art materials as long as you have a ballpoint pen and paper.” 

Hashimoto visited the UAE in 2023 to exhibit her works for the third time at World Art Dubai. She previously had exhibitions in Dubai’s Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya. 

She shared with Arab News Japan that she started drawing as a hobby because she was frustrated with school. “At one time, I held an exhibition of my paintings and attracted many people, so I quit my job and became an artist,” she said. 

(kaorunrun2.4ohashi on Instagram)

“I think Japanese people are good at detailed work. I draw miniature pictures with a ballpoint pen. I also draw pictures that incorporate Japanese “ukiyo-e” and other elements and arrange them,” she added.

The artist’s goal is to draw something that will allow everyone to enjoy art. Her painting style has a delicate touch and a retro atmosphere.

“I like to draw pictures that no one else can draw. I was obsessed with how to express myself. I found exhibition venues by myself and have held exhibitions in eight countries.”

About her recommendations for those who want to be artists, Hashimoto said, “Keep doing what you love. I want you to continue to work hard.”

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