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03 May 2023

Kabuki kids: the children of Japan's traditional theatre

10 Apr 2023

World’s first NFT Arts Museum officially launches

07 Apr 2023

Japanese artists bring art and talent to World Art Dubai 2023

06 Feb 2023

Japanese Pakistani painter reflects love for nature in her artwork

06 Feb 2023

Japanese artist turns heads with freaky flesh-like accessories

16 Dec 2022

Murakami hopes to exhibit artwork in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla  

15 Dec 2022

Japan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia opens Japanese Art Exhibition

10 Nov 2022

Giant life-like statue of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami spotted in Qatar

04 Nov 2022

Light-themed art festival illuminates Riyadh

20 Oct 2022

Graffiti: Shift22 celebrates once suppressed art form in Riyadh

04 Oct 2022

Blooming art displayed in Tokyo

26 Jul 2022

Saudi musician seeks to support emotional health through art therapy

26 Jul 2022

Coffee cup creations: Saudi artist paints portraits on paper cups

15 Jul 2022

teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi: World’s New Home for ‘Infinite Curiosity’ in Abu Dhabi

06 Jul 2022

'Like a dream': Japanese grandpa draws in following as art YouTuber

15 Jun 2022

Japanese exhibition showcases ten artists’ prints in Abu Dhabi

28 Apr 2022

Gagosian to open Murakami exhibition, spotlighting physical and digital art work

06 Apr 2022

TeamLab and Galaxy collaboration allows visitors to catch and collect digital animals

02 Apr 2022

Art exhibition featuring comfort women statue opens in Tokyo

01 Mar 2022

Expats illustrate love of Saudi Arabia through artwork

12 Feb 2022

Inspired by nature, Nada Debs launches first leather marquetry collection

09 Feb 2022

Japanese artist Akinori Oishi talks about his art and success

19 Jan 2022

‘Saudi Picasso’ thinks outside the box

09 Dec 2021

The Abu Dhabi Festival 2022 includes a unique Japanese art exhibition

07 Nov 2021

Visual Arts Association to bolster Saudi artists

22 Oct 2021

Art installation in Tokyo reflects on the impacts of COVID-19

10 Oct 2021

Japanese artist Okuda opens exhibit "With Gratitude" in New York

05 Oct 2021

The cultural aspect behind Japan’s neon lights

21 Sep 2021

Palestinian artist depicts the ‘ticking bomb’ of Gaza

15 Sep 2021

Founder of Design Week Kyoto says ‘fusion’ is a keyword in design

12 Sep 2021

Saudi illustrator dives into digital art to highlight community’s daily life

09 Sep 2021

Secrets of the Japanese Garden

27 Aug 2021

Bridging Cultures through Art: Interview with Global Art Daily Magazine Editor-in-Chief

26 Aug 2021

Photography sale raises funds for children and photographers in Gaza

11 Aug 2021

Online art auctions gaining popularity in Japan

25 Jul 2021

This art exhibition is bridging the Gulf and Japan

16 Jul 2021

Sharjah Art Foundation presents the third Sharjapan exhibition

10 Jul 2021

Japanese artist offers sweet spin on classic paintings

04 Jul 2021

UAE’s Infinity des Lumières features 19th century Japanese inspired art installation

23 Jun 2021

Arabic calligraphy’s fusion with Japanese Kanji captures beauty of both worlds

13 Jun 2021

Saudi artist’s paintings helping sell luxury Hollywood properties

09 Jun 2021

Portrayal of Saudi women in art through the decades

07 Jun 2021

Saudi artists keep the dialogue going about Palestine

05 Jun 2021

Who’s that girl? Saudi makeup artist explores the changing face of women

04 Jun 2021

Highlights from Palestinian artist Yazan Abu Salameh’s ‘Cemented Sky’

24 May 2021

‘Prints for Palestine’ founder explains powerful message behind fundraiser

17 May 2021

The renovation of the Arab League Hall: Unity through design and dialogue 

21 Apr 2021

Saudi artist follows in pioneering father’s footsteps with unique painting technique

29 Mar 2021

Mari Ito: A particular imagination, a dreamlike and colorful universe

26 Mar 2021

Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara's work on display in Taiwan for the first time


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