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Yukana Kida: Expressing life through art

The artist visited Dubai for the first time to participate in World Art Dubai 2024. (Supplied)
The artist visited Dubai for the first time to participate in World Art Dubai 2024. (Supplied)
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15 May 2024 02:05:38 GMT9
15 May 2024 02:05:38 GMT9

Amin Abbas

DUBAI: Yukana Kida is a Japanese artist who expresses her feelings through art. She was invited to exhibit her art at Dubai’s largest art fair, ‘World Art Dubai’ this month. 

“This is my first time in Dubai,” she told Arab News Japan. “Many people come from many countries. It’s a big city and a country that will continue to grow. The security is good. I think it’s a very good country to work in.” 

She shared that she started working on her art in 2022 and her concept is freedom and honesty. “The first work that I worked on was drawing the darkness inside me in a sketchbook,” Kida said.  “When I showed it to my friend, he cried. I was moved that my emotions were conveyed through art, and I cried with him.”

About the most inspirational thing from Japanese culture that she has adapted into her daily life, Kida said, “I’m always inspired. Sometimes I fall in love and think of the person I like, and sometimes I draw to wish my friends happiness. I feel the ecstasy that lies beyond my emotions and draw.”

Kida’s art displayed at World Art Dubai 2024. (Supplied)

“Since I have studied a little about the Sumerian civilization, I would like to deepen my faith with the people of the Middle East and discuss their culture and history with them. I would be happy if I could be of help to the people of the Middle East by sharing my art and culture using the brush and Chinese characters,” she added.

Kida is planning to hold exhibitions in Japan, Spain, and Austria. She wants to hold exhibitions in more countries and regions to experience foreign worlds and let many people experience her art world. Her dream is to have her own gallery.

About her recommendations for those who want to learn about art, Kida said, “I recommend seeing and feeling a lot of art and pursuing your own world. You are only you, so live your world to the fullest.”

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