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Shota Miyashita: Innovative Japanese ceramic artist

The artist started doing ceramic art in 2017. (Supplied)
The artist started doing ceramic art in 2017. (Supplied)
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10 May 2024 04:05:57 GMT9
10 May 2024 04:05:57 GMT9

Amin Abbas

DUBAI: Shota Miyashita is a Japanese ceramic artist who is using 0.001g of raw materials collected from all over the world, glazes developed through original research such as firing at 1°C increments, and designs using 3D data technology and discovering potential in Mino, a special environment where artists and factories coexist. He works on a wide range of projects that take advantage of the strengths of both.

Miyashita told Arab News Japan that he started doing ceramic art after taking a pottery class. “I couldn’t sleep that day (after class.) I hitchhiked from Tokyo to Gifu and moved to start pottery,” he said, adding it was difficult to become successful as a potter. 

He started doing ceramic art in 2017. “My theme is to create a new pottery style and culture,” the artist told Arab News Japan. “We are pursuing a style of ceramic artistry that has never been seen before, such as team production and collaboration. I worked on the tableware product at the beginning, that’s why I’m challenging art and architecture.

About the most inspirational thing from Japanese culture that he has adapted into his daily life, Miyashita said, “It’s the attitude towards making things. I want to inherit a professional spirit that doesn’t compromise, even when I can’t see it. I pay attention to food and sleep, and I’m conscious of keeping the best performance.”

About the challenges that he faced during his career, Miyashita said:” I still have difficulty quantifying my senses when making a team, and it took about two years for me to realize this due to the mechanization of the factory, resistance to labor, and degradation of manual skills.

Shota Miyashita was one of the Japanese artists who were invited to the World Art Dubai 2024 event. He was very pleased to meet with many people at the event who were kind and friendly. “This is my first visit to Dubai. The city is clean and full of energy, and the hospitality is wonderful. It’s a place where I would definitely like to live,” he said. 

Regarding his upcoming projects in the near future, Miyashita said, “We are currently working on a new contract for a large property. We would like to introduce new facilities to improve our level and make it a studio where we can develop our young talents.”

The artist’s products can be purchased online

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