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Japanese musicians headline Dubai’s electronic music festival

The musicians played a collaborative, improvised set. (Supplied)
The musicians played a collaborative, improvised set. (Supplied)
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13 May 2024 06:05:59 GMT9
13 May 2024 06:05:59 GMT9

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DUBAI: Renowned Japanese musicians Satoshi Tomiie and Kuniyuki Takahashi collaborated on a breathtaking electronic music set at the third edition of Dubai’s MUTEK music festival.  

The festival, which took place at Alserkal Avenue on May 4 and 5 in partnership with Dubai Economy and Tourism, offered immersive art exhibitions as well as cutting-edge electronic music to immerse guests in an audiovisual experience. It originated in Canada in 1999 and was expanded to Japan in 2017. 

Tomiie and Takahashi concluded the festival on May 5 with a completely improvised set of songs in order to give the audience an authentic, immersive experience.

On the visual side, the two musicians collaborated with Japanese videographer Manami Sakamoto, offering the audience a vivid piece of Japanese aesthetics. 

Tomiie and Takahashi performing at Alserkal Avenue at MUTEK on May 5. (_manamisakamoto on Instagram)

The two musicians have played together in Paris and Tokyo; however, the Dubai performance marks Tomiie, Takahashi, and Sakamoto’s first collaboration. 

“Being able to session in a fully improvised show with such great music was an important experience,” said Sakamoto on Instagram. “I felt I was able to expand and express a form of videography that has been my backbone and continues to be important to me. Once again, I learned the importance of sharing.” 

MUTEK Japan’s recent edition took place in Dec. 2023 for three days in Shibuya, with more than 50 artists performing. 

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