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29 Apr 2021

Dragon Ball Z music composer Shunsuke Kikuchi dies at 89

10 Apr 2021

Japan’s oldest pianist performs ahead of 100th birthday

08 Apr 2021

Saudi choir ready to hear new voices

05 Apr 2021

Emirati composer makes history with first-of-its-kind digital symphony

02 Mar 2021

US men accused of helping Ghosn escape arrive in Japan

15 Feb 2021

Author Murakami hosts live jam for relaxation amid pandemic

02 Feb 2021

Sony to buy US music distribution service AWAL

30 Jan 2021

The Cairo-trained violinist who wants Saudis to pursue their musical ambitions

25 Jan 2021

Emirati singer Hussain Al-Jassmi releases ode to Saudi Arabia

13 Nov 2020

Of motorcycles and 500 year old drums: Meet Shonosuke Okura

12 Oct 2020

Japanese composer Kyohei Tsutsumi dies at 80

15 Sep 2020

Pika to Pico: Pokemons’s Pikachu collaborates with ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen' singer for new song

08 Sep 2020

The Sound of Beirut: Global artists unite to perform a virtual fundraising concert

07 Sep 2020

Japanese musicians win top prizes at Austria’s Brahms international contest

23 Jul 2020

Black-owned anime studio D'Art Shtajio produces The Weeknd’s latest music video

20 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture forms the Music Commission's Board of Directors

10 Jun 2020

Dubai Opera to host a series of virtual sessions and performances

04 May 2020

The Blue HamHam: The Japanese hamster quartet making people smile

21 Apr 2020

Apple Music expands to 52 new countries

30 Mar 2020

'His music could be heard from Japan to the US': World-renowned composer Krzysztof Penderecki dies at 86

06 Mar 2020

Japanese band becomes goodwill ambassador to the UAE

26 Feb 2020

Saudi designer and musician Labeed Assidmi: ‘You don’t need an excuse to fail’

19 Feb 2020

Passionate Saudi musicians Jwa ready to take the world by storm

04 Feb 2020

‘Scary Beauty’: Japanese robot performs alongside a human orchestra

16 Jan 2020

Saudi music producer fuses Arabic melodies with hip-hop

21 Dec 2019

DJ Steve Aoki spins Mohammed Abdu remix at MDL Beast for Saudi fans

18 Dec 2019

Japanese band Maywa Denki lights up Al-Hosn festival

18 Dec 2019

Saudi entertainment authority offers musical treat to Riyadh Season visitors

21 Jan 2019

Playing political football with Paterno’s Saudi visit


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