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AYA Universe: promising immersive museum experience in Dubai

AYA Universe is located at Dubai's Wafi City Mall. (ANJ)
AYA Universe is located at Dubai's Wafi City Mall. (ANJ)
AYA Universe is located at Dubai's Wafi City Mall. (ANJ)
AYA Universe is located at Dubai's Wafi City Mall. (ANJ)
AYA Universe is located at Dubai's Wafi City Mall. (ANJ)
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15 Jun 2024 07:06:21 GMT9
15 Jun 2024 07:06:21 GMT9

Manar Elbaz

DUBAI: Dubai residents can enjoy an exciting indoor activity by embarking on a journey at AYA Universe, a 40,000-square-foot area that has 12 immersive rooms with unique experiences ranging from beautiful blooming flowers to an engaging soundtrack.

Founded in 2022 at Wafi City Mall by Hyperspace, AYA Universe provides a unique experience with cutting-edge technology that helps guests fully immerse in the experience.

Upon entry, guests receive a passport and a set of stickers to help navigate all rooms without getting lost. In the passport, guests get a full map of the AYA Universe as well as a small description of each place.

The museum tour starts with ‘The Source’, a room with an immersive six-minute interactive floral show paired with a touch reactive dome that visitors can control by moving their hands on the surface of it.

‘The Source’ at AYA Universe. (ANJ)

To further immerse themselves in the museum’s floral beauty, guests can move on to the ‘Flora’, a majestic forest with an illuminating garden. The room offers a six-minute light show that showcases the magical garden in different colors.

‘Flora’ at AYA Universe. (ANJ)

To dive deeper into other parts of nature, visitors can head to the ‘Celestia,’ where they can experience the magical cosmos alongside AYA Universe’s Star Pool, the largest ball pit in Dubai.

The ball pit is available for guests of all ages and is surrounded by the 360-degree Cosmos show.

‘Celestia’ at AYA Universe. (ANJ)

Furthermore, ‘Luna,’ ‘Harmonia,’ and ‘Tides’ are mirrored rooms that offer picturesque views paired with shows that help guests feel more immersive. 

To conclude the experience, guests can head to the ‘Drift’, where they can lay down and enjoy an interactive underwater show projected on the ceiling. 

‘The Drift’ at AYA Universe. (ANJ)

AYA Universe is open daily from 10am to 10pm on weekdays and until 12am on weekends. Ticket prices start at 5,781 Japanese yen.

Hyperspace is extending to Dubai Mall with a new interactive museum titled ‘House of Hype.’

For those in Saudi Arabia interested in visiting an interactive museum, Japan’s TeamLabs just recently opened its Borderless museum in Jeddah’s Historic District.

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