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World Art Dubai features Japanese artwork at 6th edition

JAPAN TIDE at the 6th edition of the World Art Dubai 2020 in the UAE. (Supplied)
JAPAN TIDE at the 6th edition of the World Art Dubai 2020 in the UAE. (Supplied)
Japan Promotion returned with more than 200 artworks from 31 Japanese artists. (Supplied)
Japan Promotion returned with more than 200 artworks from 31 Japanese artists. (Supplied)
Japan Promotion returned with more than 200 artworks from 31 Japanese artists.  (Supplied)
Japan Promotion returned with more than 200 artworks from 31 Japanese artists. (Supplied)
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20 Oct 2020 03:10:20 GMT9
20 Oct 2020 03:10:20 GMT9

Amin Abbas Dubai

The World Art Dubai 2020 event took place in the UAE from Oct. 8 – 10 this year, with the participation of over 120 exhibitor and independent artists from over 20 countries, the event featured more than 2000 pieces of artworks and artifacts.

Amongst them, JAPAN TIDE, the introduction of Japanese art and culture project organized by Japan Promotion, returned to the show and exhibited the largest stands with more than 200 artworks from 31 Japanese artists. Japan Promotion has exhibited Japanese art stands every year since the 1st edition of the show.

Various art works including Japanese calligraphy, Japanese painting and woodcarving, sumi-e (Japanese ink painting), cloisonné and traditional Japanese Muntin art using exquisite traditional techniques as well as more contemporary art works like C-Art sculptures were displayed at the JAPAN TIDE stands.

During the show, Japanese sculptor and poet Rozan Takeuchi presented an art talk on C-Art and his unique project C-Art Museum. He won the World Art Dubai2020 Outstanding Art Award. Japanese style painting artist eisui did Art Talk and workshops on the theme of visualizing meditation “Mind-Reflection” and were very well received by the participants.

The Middle East project organizer in Japan Promotion, Aki Yamada, reflected on the event coinciding with the pandemic by pointing out how many Japanese artists who planned to come to Dubai had gave up their trips due to restrictions and quarantine rules.

She added by sharing how “people have recognized the event as their main hub to explore the diversity world of art from local & international artists who came from the different countries in one place, The organizers did an amazing job in organizing the event in terms of putting regulations for mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, safety signboards as well providing sanitizers for the safety of the visitors & exhibitors at the event”

“We didn’t expect the big number of visitors for this year’s edition of World Art Dubai which was very surprising for us considering the issues of COVID – 19 pandemic that caused the cancellation of many major events around the world. We were so impressed to see how people in the UAE were looking forward to the art and culture events and it reminded us the importance of art and culture for our life. We are very pleased that people were very excited for the return of events especially cultural events and enjoyed the show very much.”

Japan Promotion has exhibited Japan pavilions showcasing Japanese artworks, crafts and high-quality products at the various events globally such as Japan Expo Paris, Hyper Japan in London, Games Con ME 2019 and ADIHEX2019 in Abu Dhabi– supporting Japanese artists’ exhibitions in Japan and outside of Japan.

“People were very pleased & excited of visiting JAPAN TIDE to explore the unique world of Japanese culture & art. Some of them come to the show and JAPAN TIDE stands every year, while others attended the show for the first time, and they wanted to know more about the Japanese art works and the artists who made them.” she added.

In 2017, Japan Promotion launched a cultural project called JAPAN TIDE which has introduced Japanese high standard culture, arts and products to the Middle East region in April 2017.

From emerging Emirati artists, pop-art icons and fashion art disrupters, to experimental expressionists and fine art and photography practitioners, World Art Dubai 2020 was an immersive space of artistic style.

This year’s edition was among the first big international indoor events held in Dubai during the coronavirus pandemic with all necessary precautions such as mandatory face masks, social distancing and providing sanitizers for the safety of visitors and exhibitors.

World Art Dubai 2020 was overwhelmed with visitors who were looking forward to a new season of events in Dubai following seven months of closure caused by COVID-19.

Petra Kaltenbach, graphic designer and curator of World Art Dubai said: “We were very delighted with this year’s event in terms of the number of the visitors and artists as well many artworks that being bought by fans of arts.”

“The event was postponed from its usual time in early April of every year to October due to COVID-19,” she added. “We were concerned about the security and

safety of people in terms wearing masks, social distancing and attendance meter for 2000 people in one time in the hall of the event.”

Additionally, Kaltenbach said they got “very positive feedback” from visitors as they felt safe and entertained.

Nada Al Barazi, a talented artist who participated to World Art Dubai for the 3rd year said: “I’m very pleased to participate in Dubai World Art, as its one of the most recognized events for the arts field globally as well a hub for many artists, creators and critics of arts from around the world.”

She added that this year’s edition was “beyond expectations.”

Romina Ocon, a passionate Filipino artist who has resident in UAE for than 10 years shared her experience in participation at World Art Dubai for the first time, she said: “My experience in my first participation at World Art Dubai was exceptional and I was very grateful to be given a chance to showcase my artwork at the event.”

The sixth edition of World Art Dubai concluded on a high as it marked amazing award ceremonies during the show. Being one of the most successful editions in its six years run, the event placed the spotlight on a range of international and emerging artists and galleries, awarding winners across numerous competitions and awards that took place during the show as well proving the possibility of organizing events during the pandemic.

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