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17 Jan 2021

US designates Bahrain, UAE ‘major security partners’

14 Jan 2021

Japan, UAE strike first fuel ammonia cooperation deal

10 Jan 2021

First Qataris in three years drive across border into KSA

08 Jan 2021

UAE minister: Gulf region shares Iran security concerns after AlUla Declaration

08 Jan 2021

UAE to reopen all entry points with Qatar on Saturday

07 Jan 2021

Israel appoints first diplomat to UAE

30 Dec 2020

Dubai’s Empower awards $380m in construction contracts, up 23% since 2019

30 Dec 2020

UAE reports ‘limited number’ of cases of new coronavirus variant

22 Dec 2020

Japan seeks to further strengthen the relationship with UAE: Suga

20 Dec 2020

Japanese bakery Yamanote Atelier releases festive menu

19 Dec 2020

Implementation of Riyadh Agreement praised, raises hopes of ending Yemen conflict

18 Dec 2020

Latest bid to resolve Arab-Qatari relationship crisis ends in failure: Egypt

16 Dec 2020

Gal Gadot ‘so honored’ to appear as Wonder Woman on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

15 Dec 2020

Dubai issues new law to regulate the timeshare industry

14 Dec 2020

Russia ‘seeks’ UAE, Egypt to resolve Libyan crisis

11 Dec 2020

UAE holds talks with Israel on expanding energy sector cooperation

10 Dec 2020

US Senate falls short of halting Trump’s $23bn arms sales to UAE

10 Dec 2020

Coronavirus dents Mideast hiring activity, salary levels

09 Dec 2020

UAE’s health ministry officially registers Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine

09 Dec 2020

Gargash says GCC relation with Egypt integral for regional peace

08 Dec 2020

Dubai economy expects 35% growth in foreign investments due to law reforms

07 Dec 2020

Japanese collector owns one of the biggest & rarest Batman collections in the world

07 Dec 2020

UAE House of Experience to launch ‘Digital Mall’ in Egypt

07 Dec 2020

UAE target of cyberattacks after Israel deal, official says

03 Dec 2020

UAE launches satellite to celebrate National Day

30 Nov 2020

Saudi, UAE central banks work on joint digital currency plan

30 Nov 2020

Israel ratifies aviation, scientific cooperation deals with UAE

30 Nov 2020

UAE cabinet approves new cybersecurity body, climate change envoy

29 Nov 2020

Abu Dhabi Ports to be a logistics hub for COVID-19 vaccines

28 Nov 2020

Palestinian refugees benefit from revival of traditional embroidery technique

26 Nov 2020

Japanese fans describe the late Maradona as ‘from a different planet’

25 Nov 2020

Economic boost tipped after UAE company ‘game-changer’

24 Nov 2020

UAE eases limits on foreign ownership to attract investors

24 Nov 2020

UAE discovers 22 billion barrels worth of onshore ‘unconventional’ oil resource

23 Nov 2020

UAE leaving OPEC? A storm in an oil barrel

20 Nov 2020

UAE foreign minister praises Saudi Arabia ahead of G20 summit

20 Nov 2020

UAE well placed to support G20’s critical work

20 Nov 2020

UAE committed to two-state solution in Palestine, says UAE minister

19 Nov 2020

Jordan, Bahrain and UAE discuss peace for Palestinians in Abu Dhabi summit

18 Nov 2020

UAE’s Barakah nuclear power plant unit reaches 80% capacity

17 Nov 2020

Japanese film to feature at UAE’s Sharjah Film Platform event

16 Nov 2020

UAE National Olympic Committee to participate in G20 conference

16 Nov 2020

Palestinians torn as Israel seeks Gulf tourists in Jerusalem

16 Nov 2020

UAE shortlists 61 candidates for astronaut program

15 Nov 2020

NMC’s Shetty says he will return to UAE to help with fraud probe

14 Nov 2020

UAE to open land border to Omanis next week

14 Nov 2020

PlayStation Arabia brings ‘Play Has No Limits’ to life with the PS5 unboxing on the Burj Al Arab Helipad

12 Nov 2020

Analysts debate impact of Israel-UAE-Bahrain accords at Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate

12 Nov 2020

ADNOC delivers first shale gas from the UAE

11 Nov 2020

US approves $23 billion sale of advanced defense equipment to UAE, says Pompeo


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