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28 Sep 2022

Japan exempts UAE nationals from visa requirements upon entry

26 Sep 2022

Emirati leader meets with governor of Tokyo

26 Sep 2022

UAE’s Sheikh Khalid meets Japan Prime Minister ahead of finalization of bilateral agreements

25 Sep 2022

At UNGA, UAE minister demands return of 3 islands seized by Iran

23 Sep 2022

Japanese restaurant Kinsu in Abu Dhabi serves premium Asian cuisine

22 Sep 2022

UAE foreign minister meets Ukrainian counterpart in New York

20 Sep 2022

UAE company unveils new game at Tokyo Game Show

19 Sep 2022

UAE foreign minister hails Abraham Accords in talks with Israeli minister

18 Sep 2022

UAE food aid delivered to families across flood-hit Sudan

13 Sep 2022

UAE President, Japanese Prime Minister agree on need to stabilize oil market

12 Sep 2022

Sakura Japan Sweets café opens new branch in Abu Dhabi

11 Sep 2022

UAE distributes more aid in flood-hit Sudan

07 Sep 2022

Special booklet celebrates UAE, Japan 50 year anniversary

07 Sep 2022

Jiu-jitsu tour comes to a stunning end in Abu Dhabi

06 Sep 2022

Sotheby’s Dubai exhibits rare pink diamond ahead of world tour

06 Sep 2022

Arab oil provides nearly 98 percent of Japan’s July crude imports

06 Sep 2022

Japan, Germany to train in Dubai ahead of Qatar World Cup

04 Sep 2022

UAE keen to engage with international partners to address global energy challenges: Official

01 Sep 2022

Emirates Mars Mission discovers new type of proton aurora around planet

27 Aug 2022

UAE operates air bridge to ship aid to Sudan’s flood victims

26 Aug 2022

Japan Embassy in UAE hosts orientation session for 20 Emirati students

26 Aug 2022

Aisha Al-Mansoori becomes first female Emirati captain at a commercial airline

22 Aug 2022

UAE ambassador to Iran to resume duties in the coming days

21 Aug 2022

UAE president orders $6.8 million worth of aid for Sudan’s flood victims

19 Aug 2022

UAE’s foreign aid over past year totalled $3.5 billion

18 Aug 2022

Senior UAE and Japan ministers vow to strengthen ties beyond 50th year of relations

18 Aug 2022

Top grapplers expected as jiu-jitsu tour returns to Abu Dhabi

14 Aug 2022

Sandstorm engulfs the UAE as authorities urge caution

12 Aug 2022

Japanese traditional fashion show set to facilitate UAE-Japan relations

12 Aug 2022

UAE minister says youth are main tool for building sustainable future

12 Aug 2022

‘We prepared for national emergencies’ says UAE as COVID-19 cases pass 1 million

12 Aug 2022

US envoy to Yemen visiting Saudi Arabia, other Gulf nations amid Houthi escalation in Shabwa

10 Aug 2022

Kimura-Ya: An Authentic Japanese restaurant in Dubai that “feels like Japan”

04 Aug 2022

Nile dam dispute solution ‘within reach,’ says UAE

25 Jul 2022

UAE selects first Arab astronaut to embark on 6-month space station mission

25 Jul 2022

US special envoy begins tour of Egypt, UAE, Ethiopia

22 Jul 2022

UAE-based NIRI restaurant offers an authentic Japanese dining experience

21 Jul 2022

UAE's Ras Al Khaimah ruler and Japan Consul-General discuss boosting ties

19 Jul 2022

UAE to send fuel to France to replace Russian gas

18 Jul 2022

Saudi-Emarati digital artist chiptunes popular Saudi and Arab songs

18 Jul 2022

UAE establishes $817 million fund for space sector

16 Jul 2022

Biden invites United Arab Emirates president to US

15 Jul 2022

teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi: World’s New Home for ‘Infinite Curiosity’ in Abu Dhabi

14 Jul 2022

Professional Japanese Judo coach spreads his knowledge in the UAE

14 Jul 2022

ADNOC displays photo of slain former PM Abe on its HQ building

13 Jul 2022

UAE’s president, Sheikh Mohammed, shares his vision for future of the country

12 Jul 2022

GCC embassies open to public as mourners bid farewell to Abe

08 Jul 2022

The late PM Abe: A true friend of the Arab World

07 Jul 2022

Ikebana class hosted as part of the UAE’s Natsu programme

05 Jul 2022

UAE’s 13th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival creates learning opportunities


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