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Nintendo’s old factory to transform into gaming museum

Perspective drawing of “Nintendo Gallery” (Via Nintendo)
Perspective drawing of “Nintendo Gallery” (Via Nintendo)
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06 Jun 2021 01:06:29 GMT9
06 Jun 2021 01:06:29 GMT9

Diana Farah

DUBAI: Nintendo’s Uji Ogura plant is turning into a video game museum after being of service for five decades.

The plant, tentatively named the Nintendo Gallery, is located in Ogura-cho, Uji-city, Kyoto and was built in 1969. This factory was in charge of manufacturing playing cards and Hanafuda cards as well as product repairs for customers.

Operations shifted to a neighboring plant in 2016, giving Nintendo the idea to convert it into a gallery, showcasing many of its historical inventions and gaming products.

Nintendo’s press release stated that there will be various exhibitions and experiences for visitors. Construction of the museum will likely be completed in March 2024.

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