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10 Nov 2023

12-year-old Gaza gamer killed by Israeli airstrike finally reaches ambition of 1m YouTube subscribers

08 Nov 2023

Japan's Nintendo is developing a live-action film based on its hit video game 'The Legend of Zelda'

07 Nov 2023

Nintendo lifts annual profit forecasts on strong game sales

06 Nov 2023

UAE's Japan Embassy hosts engaging creative industry seminar

06 Nov 2023

Nintendo to distribute Switch consoles to elderly homes in Japan

01 Nov 2023

Review: ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ is a blast from the past

24 Oct 2023

Sony says 'Spider-Man 2' videogame sales set record

17 Oct 2023

Tokyo Game Show 2023 achieves major success

19 Sep 2023

Ultimate gaming fuel: Nissin introduces caffeinated Cup Noodles

03 Sep 2023

Youthful, gaming-obsessed Saudi Arabia seeks homegrown hit

31 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia’s robust IT infrastructure suitable for gaming industry

31 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia to become a global esports player in the next decade: SEF chairman

30 Aug 2023

Gaming sector set for accelerated mergers and acquisitions, say experts

21 Aug 2023

Smartphones used to play video games by over 70 percent of weekly gamers in Saudi Arabia, study shows

06 Jul 2023

Dubai Esports and Games Festival makes a comeback

03 Jul 2023

The best video games of 2023 so far

09 Jun 2023

REVIEW: ‘The Legend of Zelda’ is a sprawling masterpiece

31 May 2023

MENA video game revenues to hit $6bn by 2027

26 May 2023

PlayStation announces new handheld PS5 device

24 May 2023

'Last Of Us' drama success drives Sony gaming sales

09 May 2023

Nintendo expects to sell 15m Switch consoles this year

19 Apr 2023

'Super Mario Bros. Movie' premieres big in Dubai

11 Apr 2023

Gamers Without Borders kicks off with a prize pool of $10m

04 Apr 2023

Nintendo Switch owners in Europe get free repairs

28 Mar 2023

Ubisoft uses AI to assist writing video game dialogue

02 Mar 2023

Japanese gaming experts explain industry trends at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry HQ

17 Feb 2023

Saudi Public Investment Fund raises Nintendo stake, second such disclosure this week

07 Feb 2023

Jordan Gaming Lab hosts video game development events across the country

06 Feb 2023

'Assassin's Creed' composer wins first ever video game music Grammy

24 Nov 2022

RUSH gaming festival returns for Riyadh Season

02 Oct 2022

How Saudi Arabia intends to become a global hub for gaming and esports

19 Aug 2022

Gamers8 hosts week-long Gameathon with $530,000 up for grabs

01 Aug 2022

Next World Forum to host global e-sports and gaming leaders in Riyadh

15 Jul 2022

Gamers8 festival ‘opens new avenues for Kingdom’s gamers’

11 Jul 2022

Gamers8 announces Razer as gear partner

21 Apr 2022

Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts IV video game

20 Apr 2022

Bandai Namco participates at Middle East Film and Comic Con

11 Mar 2022

Arab artists to produce Arabic soundtrack for online games crossover

01 Mar 2022

Former Nintendo game developer joins Saudi Game Development Program

14 Feb 2022

ZamZam Group opens gaming store in the UAE

26 Jan 2022

Las Vegas’s Wynn announces UAE resort with gaming facilities

16 Jan 2022

Rika Muranaka: Japanese music composer for the Metal Gear video games series

12 Jan 2022

Japan’s ‘Clockwork Aquario’ receives Guinness World Record for ‘longest development of video game’

31 Dec 2021

Play back: The best video games of 2021 we’ll be playing well into the new year

19 Dec 2021

Meet the Saudi entrepreneur pursuing her passion of gaming

04 Nov 2021

Gaming disorder on rise in Japan amid COVID-19 pandemic

03 Nov 2021

Yoshitaka Hirota: The Japanese composer who created music for the Shadow Hearts video games

03 Nov 2021

‘Let the games begin’: Netflix launches mobile games globally

26 Oct 2021

Registration kicks off for the first regional edition of UNIVERSITY Esports MENA

20 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s game-obsessed kids turn game developers

01 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s ‘ThinkTech Talk’ initiative brings worldwide e-gaming expertise to the table

26 Jul 2021

Google offers video game to commemorate Tokyo Olympics

20 Jul 2021

A rare copy of 'The Legend of Zelda' on NES sold at an auction for ¥95m

12 Jul 2021

Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sets video game auction record

11 Jul 2021

A new Animal Crossing themed Monopoly board game is on the market

27 Jun 2021

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and some of the best videogames coming your way this year

15 Jun 2021

Jeddah-based studio making online gaming educational for children

06 Jun 2021

Nintendo’s old factory to transform into gaming museum

04 Jun 2021

Netflix explores gaming partnerships

01 Jun 2021

New Nintendo Switch console may be released this year

06 May 2021

Nintendo's FY 2020 net profit hits record high

04 May 2021

Sony to integrate Discord chat app into PlayStation

03 May 2021

Ryuichi Nishizawa: The creator of video game titles Wonder Boy and Monster World

22 Apr 2021

Darkness Road: The first Arab survival horror game developed by an Emirati studio

21 Apr 2021

Finish him! ‘Mortal Kombat’ stars reflect on bringing hugely popular game to life

12 Apr 2021

Japanese gamer opens Super Smash Bros prep school

24 Mar 2021

Nintendo teams up with Pokemon Go creator for smartphone games

05 Mar 2021

From FIFA to Fortnite, Saudi Arabia pushes telecoms giants to boost gaming response times

17 Feb 2021

Saudi PIF acquires $3.3bn stake in US video-game makers

08 Feb 2021

Saudi gaming sector sees boost from users stuck at home during pandemic

30 Jan 2021

Ayoub: an Arabian Visual Novel game about school life drama

17 Jan 2021

Japanese video games illustrator shares inspiration for his artwork in Gravity Rush

16 Jan 2021

Pokémon celebrates 25 years with Katy Perry as musical headline for the year

14 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia launches ambitious e-gaming program

09 Jan 2021

The world’s smallest portable Nintendo 64 console is here

08 Jan 2021

2021 PREVIEW: Prepare for playtime

19 Dec 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 pulled from PlayStation Store after bug backlash

13 Dec 2020

KSA edition of the Digital Games Conference Live to be held this month

14 Nov 2020

PlayStation Arabia brings ‘Play Has No Limits’ to life with the PS5 unboxing on the Burj Al Arab Helipad

06 Nov 2020

With PlayStation 5 launch, Sony needs a high score

06 Oct 2020

PlayStation 5 in Japan swapping the ‘X’ and circle button functionalities

11 Sep 2020

Sustainable gaming: Solar powered Game Boy developed by university researchers

06 Sep 2020

Super Mario Bros. titles to be released on Nintendo Switch

06 Sep 2020

Epic Games asks court to prevent what it describes as Apple’s ‘retaliation’

27 Aug 2020

Shinichiro Obata: A Japanese video game designer who started his own game developing company

18 Aug 2020

Arab streamers on the price of being a professional

12 Aug 2020

Nintendo fans can now enjoy Animal Crossing themed wireless controllers

26 Jul 2020

Japanese gamer builds retro home arcade

10 Jul 2020

Sony to invest in Fortnite game creator

20 Jun 2020

The Middle East’s Digital Games Conference will be held digitally

12 Jun 2020

Sony pulls back curtain on PlayStation 5 console

10 Jun 2020

Nintendo says 300,000 accounts breached after hack

31 Jan 2020

Nintendo says no new Switch in 2020

30 Jan 2020

Nintendo logs nine-month profit leap, upgrades annual forecast

03 Dec 2019

Japan sheds light on ‘golden opportunities’ for Saudi gaming industry

29 Nov 2019

Gamers on the march as global giant makes Saudi debut

22 Nov 2019

Saudi gamers seeking global recognition

21 Nov 2019

Saudi gamers seeking global recognition


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