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Japanese Mochitsuki Festival held in Riyadh

(Photos courtesy: Japan embassy, Riyadh).
(Photos courtesy: Japan embassy, Riyadh).
10 Dec 2019 07:12:14 GMT9
10 Dec 2019 07:12:14 GMT9

Fares Al-Rushud Riyadh

The Japanese Association in Riyadh organized the annual Mochitsuki Festival in the diplomatic district on Monday, during which it showcased the various ways of preparing the traditional rice cake dessert.

According to the association, around 80 people from different segments of society participated in the festival.

Mochitsuki is essentially steamed rice topped with mashed red beans and ground with a wooden hammer until the ingredients mix thoroughly. Different flavors are then added to the mixture.

Mochitsuki is consumed alongside other famous traditional Japanese dishes such as okonomiyaki and isobi miyake.

Rice cake is an essential seasonal food in Japan, and is served at religious and other events, festivals, holidays and wedding ceremonies. It is now available year-round in shopping centers and traditional Japanese restaurants.

Mochitsuki is also showcased for educational programs and for foreign tourists in areas where the dish is cooked regularly in Japan. 

Despite the popularity of the dessert, connoisseurs advise care while eating it because of its sticky texture, which sometimes makes it dangerous for children and the elderly. They recommend cutting it into smaller pieces before eating it.

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