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07 Nov 2020

'Noshiro Week’ strengthens Jordan and Japan's close ties

08 Oct 2020

The first Bento maker in Saudi Arabia

03 Sep 2020

Saudi ministry launches culture database

04 Aug 2020

Japanese Illustrator Shohei Otomo showcases the Seven Legendary Swords in latest print edition

23 Jul 2020

Israel arrests Palestinian cultural leaders, raids centers

27 Jun 2020

Japanese ramen shop offers lifetime supply of ramen

06 Mar 2020

Culture, heritage of 100 nations showcased at Saudi festival

13 Feb 2020

AlUla, Saudi Arabia’s most romantic gem

05 Feb 2020

Saudi Cabinet launches 11 new cultural development authorities for Kingdom

25 Dec 2019

‘Roads of Arabia’ exhibition visitors in Rome get a sliver of Arabian history

24 Dec 2019

Tunisian exhibition explores ‘popular modernism’ with regional art

12 Dec 2019

Five key facts about sumo, a sport like no other

10 Dec 2019

Japanese Mochitsuki Festival held in Riyadh

06 Dec 2019

‘Parasite singles’: why young Japanese aren’t getting married

30 Nov 2019

Arab world still has ‘much to learn’ from Japan: Culture experts

21 Nov 2019

Saudi Arabia elected to UNESCO executive board

18 Nov 2019

Ambassador Uemura: Education key to strengthening Saudi-Japan ties

18 Nov 2019

Lebanese designer celebrates Saudi Arabia’s hidden treasure through art

28 Oct 2019

Ties that bind Japan and Arabs: Arts and culture

28 Oct 2019

YouGov poll: Japanese anime continues to draw Arab fans

27 Sep 2019

Saudi Arabia to offer tourist visas for the first time


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