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Saudi Arabia showcases its global leadership role at WEF

The World Economic Forum is being held in Davos. WEF
The World Economic Forum is being held in Davos. WEF
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16 Jan 2024 07:01:30 GMT9
16 Jan 2024 07:01:30 GMT9

Arab News

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s participation in the five-day annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is bolstered by its position and leadership role in the global arena, according to a top official.  

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, Princess Reema bint Bandar, the Kingdom’s ambassador to the US, said that guided by its Vision 2030 the country has made remarkable achievements in various international forums and adopted a new approach in its foreign policy.  

This has established Saudi Arabia as a leader in the region and the world.  

She also expressed her keenness to play a key role in enhancing the Kingdom’s successful engagement at the WEF by exchanging views and ideas that can help address global challenges.

Princess Reema is eager to share Saudi Arabia’s achievements in the political, economic, climate, technical and innovative domains at the event.  

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