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Walruses from Japan make their way to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Lilou and Nanoha joined SeaWorld Abu Dhabi from Kamogawa, Japan. (Supplied)
Lilou and Nanoha joined SeaWorld Abu Dhabi from Kamogawa, Japan. (Supplied)
Lilou and Nanoha joined SeaWorld Abu Dhabi from Kamogawa, Japan. (Supplied)
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09 Aug 2023 05:08:09 GMT9
09 Aug 2023 05:08:09 GMT9

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ABU DHABI: The walruses of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi are acclimating well to their state-of-the-art habitats located in the Marine Life Theme Park’s Arctic Realm. Home to five walruses, each with their own unique personalities, the Arctic Realm of the Polar Ocean is one of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s eight immersive realms.

From Smooshi, her calf Koyuk, and Boris, who joined from zoological facilities in Canada to Lilou and Nanoha, who joined SeaWorld Abu Dhabi from Kamogawa, Japan – all the walruses have adapted exceptionally well to their new home.

Among the numerous comforts of their habitat is the innovative Animal Life Support System (ALSS), a state-of-the-art technology that meticulously mirrors the atmosphere of the Arctic. The ALSS carefully oversees the control of water quality, ensuring its salinity, temperature, and other parameters are upheld to the highest standards. This comprehensive system fosters an environment that is not just habitable, but entirely conducive for the growth and development of the animals.

Complementing the ALSS is the Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS), which reproduces the natural light cycles found in the Arctic north. By simulating daybreak, sunset, seasonality, and the subtle shifts in between, the AALS promotes the animal’s natural circadian rhythm, ensuring their continued physiological and psychological wellbeing. Together, these systems represent a benchmark in marine habitat design and management, underscoring SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s commitment to the wellbeing of its resident marine life.

The dynamic walrus habitat, with an intricate design resembling the Arctic north, gives these playful mammals ample room to explore, engage and prosper. The overall design of the habitat includes large Arctic rocks and boulders for the animals to rest, bask and play on, as well as several viewing windows – both above and below water – which give the walruses opportunities to interact with guests. Another interesting feature that’s worth noting is the addition of schools of fish in their habitats, which encourages the walruses to exercise and play throughout the day.

The skilled team taking care of the animals provides enrichment activities daily, from engaging behavior sessions to providing them with specially designed devices to play with, the walruses are kept busy throughout the day. This enrichment is also supported with a high-quality diet including restaurant grade clams, squid and herring – with their individual diets continuously under review by nutrition specialists to ensure that each walrus’s daily nutritional needs are met.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s commitment to animal welfare has established an enriching environment for all the animals in their care. The Marine Life Theme Park is also the region’s first facility to be certified by Global Humane, the international brand of American Humane and the world’s largest certifier of animal welfare.

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