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Japan Style: Sustainable Japanese products in the UAE

The products can be found on the brand's Instagram page. (Supplied)
The products can be found on the brand's Instagram page. (Supplied)
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24 Mar 2024 05:03:46 GMT9
24 Mar 2024 05:03:46 GMT9

Amin Abbas

DUBAI: Japan Style is a Japanese store in the UAE that introduces traditional sustainable crafts rooted in Japanese culture along with their creators.

“I began to consider introducing exquisite traditional Japanese crafts to Dubai a few years ago. At the same time, I became interested in sustainable and eco-friendly product creation and rediscovered the charm of Japanese kimono culture,” Japan Style’s founder, Yoko Murata, told Arab News Japan. 

Murata’s goal is to spread Japanese culture across the Middle East. “I’m Japanese myself and spent most of my life in Japan. I find Japan’s aesthetic sense, arts, and traditional values particularly inspiring. The delicate beauty of Japan, meticulously crafted crafts, and the thoughtfulness of the Japanese people all contribute to deepening my interest in Japanese culture.”

“In Japan, kimonos are passed down from generation to generation, and the spirit of “mottainai” (not being wasteful) is deeply rooted. Embracing this spirit, I decided to cherish the unused but excellent vintage kimonos in Japan and challenge myself to upcycle them into new products. This includes not only clothing but also accessories, house decoration products, and more, all brimming with endless possibilities. Additionally, at Japan Style, we support traditional Japanese artisans. Without them, these crafts would not exist,” she added. 

Murata shared that she faced multiple challenges while starting the business but was able to overcome them with the support of customers and sponsors. 

“The response to Japan Style has been very positive. Many people have expressed appreciation for experiencing the beauty and tradition of Japan and are satisfied with the quality of our products and services,” the founder said. “We also receive proactive feedback from customers, which we use to improve our services and develop new products. What I have been really pleased about is that so many people in the UAE have a deep interest in Japan. Lots of people have traveled to our home country, and even more want to in the future.”

The Japanese founder visited the Middle East region for the first time around 10 years ago. “I remember feeling the overflowing energy of this country, with futuristic buildings set in the vast desert,” she told Arab News Japan. “The UAE is a melting pot of people, with over 90% of the population being expatriates. There are many cultures and each is respected.”

“I also had many opportunities to experience life in the Middle East, and I was deeply impressed by the diversity and richness of these experiences,” she added.

The brand is planning to offer new products and services in the future. “Additionally, we will actively participate in local community and cultural events to further promote Japanese culture to more people,” said the founder. 

The Japan Style products can be found and purchased through the brand’s Instagram account

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