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Dr.stretch: a leading assisted stretching specialist from Japan in UAE

A vision brought to life in 2010 by Masahiro Kurokawa in Japan.
A vision brought to life in 2010 by Masahiro Kurokawa in Japan.
A vision brought to life in 2010 by Masahiro Kurokawa in Japan.
A vision brought to life in 2010 by Masahiro Kurokawa in Japan.
A vision brought to life in 2010 by Masahiro Kurokawa in Japan.
A vision brought to life in 2010 by Masahiro Kurokawa in Japan.
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18 May 2024 04:05:38 GMT9
18 May 2024 04:05:38 GMT9

Amin Abbas

Dr.stretch, a leading assisted stretching specialist from Japan in UAE that opened its first branch in Abu Dhabi (Shams Boutik Mall) last September and recently in Dubai (Dubai Hills Mall).

Dr. stretch’s unique technique directly stretches the ‘deep muscles’ that are the cause of pain & aches and postural imbalance. By performing the “two step” preparation: ‘Shaking’ & ‘Moving’ before the stretch, it allows the stretches to address the deeper muscles tensions that cannot be reached by massages.

Masahiro Kurokawa was born in Tokyo in 1971. After graduating from high school, he worked at a golf specialty store and a car dealership, he started his own car rental business in 1993. In 2001, he established a relaxation business department (spa, massages), then launched a yoga studio, and in 2010 opened the first stretch specialty store, Dr.stretch. Since then, Dr.stretch has expanded overseas to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and UAE and has over 220 branches worldwide.

A representative of Dr.strech shared exclusively to Arab News Japan the story behind the establishment of the center in Japan.

@Dr.stretch was founded in Japan in 2010 by Mr. Masahiro Kurokawa. Mr. Kurokawa’s son had suffered from chronic pain and his family discovered the benefits of stretching. The main concept of Dr.stretch is to provide professional and customized stretching sessions that can improve posture, mobility, flexibility, blood circulation, and overall health. Dr.stretch aims to help people live their best, pain-free lives with the help of stretching. Dr.stretch is not a typical gym or yoga center, but a place where people can receive personalized guidance and support from trained staff who use specialized techniques.”

About the challenges that they faced in establishing & opening of Dr.stretch in the UAE, the representative said: “Some of the challenges that we faced for establishing and opening Dr.stretch in the UAE were related to the cultural and legal differences between Japan and the UAE. For example, we had to adapt our marketing strategy, our staff training, and our customer service to suit the local preferences and expectations. We also had to adapt our open space stretching concept by allocating private, female-only rooms for ladies that prefer to have more privacy”.

About the response & feedback from the people who tried the sessions at Dr.stretch, the representative said:” The response and feedback from the people who tried the sessions at Dr.stretch have been very positive and encouraging. Many of them have expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the quality of the service and the results they achieved by using Dr.stretch. They have also reported improvements in their physical and mental well-being, such as reduced stress, increased energy, enhanced mood, and better sleep. We have received many referrals and recommendations from our clients, which demonstrates that they trust us and value our work”.

About distinguishing Dr.stretch from other training & Yoga centers in the UAE, the representative said: “We believe that what distinguishes Dr.stretch from other training and yoga centers is our unique and innovative approach to stretching, which is based on scientific research and proven methods. We rely purely on manual stretching techniques and do not use any machines or equipment. We do not offer generic or one-size-fits-all solutions, but tailor-made approaches that suit each individual’s needs and goals. We also focus on educating our clients about the importance and benefits of stretching, and how to incorporate it into their daily lives. We aim to create a friendly and comfortable environment, where people can relax and enjoy their sessions, while receiving professional and attentive care from our staff”.

Regarding Dr.stretch upcoming plans in the near future, the representative said: “Our upcoming plans in the near future are very exciting and ambitious. We want to: First of all, continue to spread the culture of stretching across the UAE and help the country in its quest to become the healthiest one on the planet. We believe that stretching is not only a physical activity, but also a lifestyle that can improve one’s well-being, happiness, and productivity”.

“Secondly, Be the trusted place for people to help with their stretching needs. We offer a variety of services, such as individual sessions, corporate wellness pop-ups and community events that cater to different preferences and schedules. We also have a team of experienced stretch trainers who can support our clients throughout their wellness journey”.

“Thirdly, continue to grow in the UAE over the coming years and open more studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and possibly other Emirates. We want to make stretching accessible and convenient for everyone, regardless of their location or background”.

“Beyond the UAE, we are looking at opening new branches in neighboring countries in the Middle East region, where we see a great potential and demand for our services. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with more people and help them achieve their health and fitness goals”.

“Also, we are very passionate and enthusiastic about what we do, and we hope to inspire and empower more people to join us in this movement. We invite you to visit our website or follow us on social media to learn more about us and stay updated with our latest news and offers,” he added.

About his recommendations for those who wants to know more about Dr.stretch, the representative said:” One of the best ways to know more about Dr.stretch is to experience it for yourself. We offer a free trial session for new customers, where you can enjoy a 10-minute personalized stretching session with one of our experienced trainers. You can book your session by calling one of our studios in Abu Dhabi (Shams Boutik Mall) or Dubai (Dubai Hills Mall)”.

“Another way to know more about Dr.stretch is to read our testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers. You can find them on our website or on our social media pages. You can also watch our videos and see how we perform our stretching techniques and how they benefit our customers”.

“Finally, you can contact us anytime if you have any questions or inquiries about Dr.stretch. We are always happy to hear from you and provide you with any information you need. You can find us on,” he added.

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