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The best platforms to learn Japanese online

Learning Japanese has become easier with many online platforms offering lessons at no cost. (Shutterstock)
Learning Japanese has become easier with many online platforms offering lessons at no cost. (Shutterstock)
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24 Mar 2020 08:03:48 GMT9
24 Mar 2020 08:03:48 GMT9

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With several lockdowns imposed in most countries globally due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are looking for different ways to stay knowledgeable, healthy and educated.

One way to do so is by learning a new language.

According to Time Out Tokyo, these websites and apps are the best platforms for those who want to learn Japanese at no cost

  1. NHK Online programs
[caption id="attachment_13623" align="alignnone" width="358"] (Screenshot/NHK Online programs website)[/caption]

The well-known Japanese national broadcaster offers free online language resources, including videos, textbook downloads, and podcasts. These are available according to different proficiency levels – beginner elementary, and intermediate. NHK Online also provides programs customized to those who might be in a Japanese office environment and specialized courses for tourists.

  1. Duolingo
[caption id="attachment_13618" align="alignnone" width="449"] (Shutterstock)[/caption]

Duolingo is a very popular free language app that features not only Japanese language learning but also several other languages such as Korean, Greek, French and Spanish. The app also helps you keep track of daily lessons by sending notifications.

  1. Japanesepod101
[caption id="attachment_13622" align="alignnone" width="375"] (Twitter/@japanesepod1)[/caption]

Japanesepod101 is an all-inclusive website that offers Youtube videos and podcasts along with complementary online content. The lessons on the website are mostly free, but for those looking to master the language, Japanesepod101 offers a monthly subscription with extra content.

  1. Tofugu
[caption id="attachment_13621" align="alignnone" width="353"] (Screenshot/[/caption]

This website is a great resource for those looking for tips if they plan to visit or work in Japan. Tofugu also includes material such as flash cards and TV shows to ease the process of learning Japanese.

  1. News in Slow Japanese
[caption id="attachment_13619" align="alignnone" width="461"] (Apple Podcasts)[/caption]

This is a podcast that broadcasts news in Japanese but at a slower pace for the user’s understanding. Each podcast has two versions; a ‘regular’ pace and a ‘slow’ one so students can compare and practice listening to both. This is a learning technique for those already intermediate in the Japanese language.

  1. Imiwa?
[caption id="attachment_13620" align="alignnone" width="490"] (Screenshot/Apple store)[/caption]

Another mobile app that acts as a dictionary and a kanji teacher. The app offers definitions of Japanese words in four different languages such as English, French, Russian and German. Imiwa can also be used offline.

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