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07 Apr 2021

Saudi parents welcome possible schools reopening but concerns remain

03 Apr 2021

UK Israel-Palestine textbooks ‘dangerously misleading’

01 Apr 2021

Lebanon in ‘education catastrophe’ with children out of school: charity

04 Mar 2021

Why Iran’s hate-filled public school curriculum should be a global concern

17 Feb 2021

Japan grants Yemen $4 million to improve education

08 Feb 2021

Turkey to open schools in war-torn Syria

07 Feb 2021

45% of students in Saudi Arabia shifted to government schools amid pandemic

02 Feb 2021

Japan’s Education Minister: comments on Islam inappropriate, prejudice

31 Jan 2021

Mock university exam in Japan suggests poor Muslims will become terrorists

19 Nov 2020

Japan universities asked to give more face-to-face classes

04 Nov 2020

Egypt to suspend education in event of COVID-19 second wave

01 Nov 2020

Saudi Education Ministry to launch Mobile Innovation Laboratories

08 Oct 2020

UNESCO praises Saudi Arabia for keeping education going during COVID-19 lockdown

26 Sep 2020

Japan's FY2021 Budget requests to top 100 Trillion Yen for seventh time

28 Aug 2020

Student spearheads Syrian education drive on dangers of COVID-19

21 Aug 2020

Saudi schools set stage for major lesson shake-up

01 Aug 2020

Forestry agency to launch panel for promoting nature education

10 Jul 2020

Japan white paper urges digitization of school education

28 Jun 2020

G20 education ministers hold extraordinary meeting

27 Jun 2020

Japan university awards first-ever ninja studies degree

04 Jun 2020

Saudi university ranks fourth on international list of educational establishments

02 Jun 2020

Japan's Abe eager to avoid another nationwide school closure

20 May 2020

Japan's coronavirus crisis sparks calls for revamping the school year

10 May 2020

Fighting to survive: Lebanon’s AUB launches appeal for an Emergency Fund

07 May 2020

Lebanon’s AUB projects 60 percent revenue reduction amid economic crisis and COVID-19

17 Apr 2020

Japan urges measures against coronavirus discrimination

01 Apr 2020

With Japan on brink of coronavirus emergency, Tokyo could keep schools closed until May

31 Mar 2020

UAE extends distance learning until end of academic year

24 Mar 2020

The best platforms to learn Japanese online

18 Mar 2020

UAE school curriculum scores high with Japanese experts

09 Mar 2020

Saudi Arabia closes schools over coronavirus concerns

26 Feb 2020

Japan's Hokkaido prefecture seeks closure of all public schools

30 Jan 2020

King Abdul Aziz University launches Saudi Association for English Language Education

20 Jan 2020

Japan ranks 15th in social mobility: WEF report

18 Jan 2020

Integrating special needs students in Saudi public schools key to their development

23 Dec 2019

Jobs market ‘will drive Saudi education,’ says education minister

21 Dec 2019

Japan government to support trial use of digital teaching materials

18 Nov 2019

Ambassador Uemura: Education key to strengthening Saudi-Japan ties

31 Oct 2019

Foreign universities to open branch campuses in Saudi Arabia

22 Aug 2019

Egypt looks to Japan for a lesson in education


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