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Japan’s Casio announces educational activities in Egypt and Bangladesh

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24 Jan 2024 02:01:22 GMT9
24 Jan 2024 02:01:22 GMT9

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TOKYO: Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced that its educational activities in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh were selected by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to introduce Japanese-style mathematics education overseas.

Under the mission statement ‘Boost Your Curiosity,’  Casio’s educational business promotes the use of scientific calculators in schools worldwide through GAKUHAN activities, which include lesson development and teacher support. They were selected by EDU-Port Japan, a public-private initiative that drives Japanese-style education overseas.

The company said it has already started collaborating with the ministries of education and educational professionals in these two countries. In Egypt, they are involved in providing learning packages designed to equip teachers and students with inquiry-based learning rather than rote memory learning as part of Egypt Vision 2030 first announced in 2016 when the country launched a new education reform project called Education 2.0.

The company will support schools by providing teaching materials, teacher training in scientific calculators, pilot classes, and methods for evaluating effectiveness.

This will target 7th grade students in lower secondary school, first year of junior high school in Japan for whom a revised curriculum is planned to start in October of this year.

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