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  • Three Japanese grandmothers form the “Monkey Busters” to save local crops

Three Japanese grandmothers form the “Monkey Busters” to save local crops

The "Monkey Busters" carry airguns to scare away the animals. (Social Media)
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15 Sep 2020 09:09:26 GMT9
15 Sep 2020 09:09:26 GMT9

Diana Farah Dubai

Three Japanese women, also known as the “Monkey Busters,” are making headlines after they attempted to save crops from monkey damage.

Based in Fukui prefecture, the old women include Masako Ishimura (74), Tatsuko Kinoshita (68) and Miyuki Ii (67). They formed the “Monkey Busters” in May after they attended a class by the Japan Agricultural Cooperative, which taught residents how to repel monkeys.

In the rural town of Hikariishi, monkeys are often seen ruining onion, eggplant, soybean and potato crops. The “Monkey Busters” took matters into their own hands after seeing that scarecrows and anti-animal netting were ineffective.

The three women rush to scare away the animals carrying airguns, after a sighting is reported by any member of the community.

The group generally fire warning shots in the direction of the monkeys, and they are often backed up by locals who use loud firecrackers to chase them away.

The Cooperative reported that the “Monkey Busters” proved effective in making the animals disappear and saving their local crops.

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