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03 Jun 2024

Lebanese designer showcases ‘Life of Loofah’ pieces in Saudi Arabia

23 May 2024

Egypt to Japan without flying? One Egyptian traveler says it’s more than possible

09 Apr 2024

Bahrain's tourism vision: A conversation with the newly appointed CEO of the tourism authority

03 Apr 2024

Saudi efforts on Gaza ‘in line’ with Japanese policy: Special envoy

28 Mar 2024

Meet the Italian artist giving voice to Palestinians through street art

27 Feb 2024

OKKU: The latest sensation in Dubai's food landscape

16 Feb 2024

Japan Consul-General in Dubai hosts ceremony honoring Emperor Naruhito’s 64th birthday

06 Feb 2024

Japanese protester challenges Israel's ‘Gaza genocide’; confronts Japan public apathy

31 Jan 2024

29 Japanese companies participate at Arab Health trade show

24 Jan 2024

Arida City, Dubai schools sign cultural exchange agreement

23 Jan 2024

First ever Japan-Kyoto Trade exhibition opens doors in Dubai

18 Jan 2024

‘US no longer policeman of the world,’ says Kono

18 Jan 2024

Kono: Slush fund scandal would not happen if Japan was ‘digital’

17 Jan 2024

AI to 'massively transform' healthcare sector, says Takeda Pharmaceuticals CEO

16 Jan 2024

Carbon neutrality important ‘despite politics,’ says Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Chairman

08 Jan 2024

Palestinian Embroidery Obi Project to host fundraiser for people of Gaza

21 Dec 2023

Noor Taan: Lebanese designer weaving sustainability into style with loofahs and Japanese inspiration

08 Dec 2023

AGF educational foundation says ‘door is open’ to collaboration with Japan schools

07 Dec 2023

‘There is a grey zone between conflict zones and natural disasters,’ says ICRC energy & water hub chief

03 Dec 2023

Tokyo governor looking forward to ‘exciting’ World Expo in Riyadh

02 Dec 2023

Japan looks to Saudi Arabia for ‘new forms’ of collaboration: Shikata

02 Dec 2023

Cooperation with Saudi Arabia central to Japan’s green ambitions

27 Nov 2023

Japanese dancer embarks on journey of self-discovery, unveils soulful transformation

03 Nov 2023

Japanese content creator takes followers on his journey learning Arabic

20 Oct 2023

Japanese UNRWA staff member stuck in Gaza describes ‘real, living hell'

29 Sep 2023

KSA ministry acquires Kuwaiti Arabic dictionary

28 Sep 2023

Japan architects express interest working in Middle East at Dubai’s ‘Climate Future Week’

18 Sep 2023

Japan Consul-General bids farewell to Dubai, introduces new envoy

09 Sep 2023

‘We welcome peace in the Middle East,’ says Japan Deputy Press Secretary as Hayashi concludes trip

30 Aug 2023

Sumo smoking shisha: Saudi artist’s vision of bringing the Kingdom, Japan closer through art

11 Aug 2023

Young Explorers: Japanese kids’ Jordanian connection

18 Jul 2023

Japan, UAE agree to expand fields of cooperation

05 Jun 2023

INTERVIEW: Sumo wrestler Hiroki 'excited' to perform in Dubai

01 Jun 2023

Japan’s Princess Takamado hails Jordan’s royal wedding ‘a joyous occasion’

29 May 2023

Japanese restaurant TABŪ debuts sumo-wrestling event in Dubai

13 May 2023

Japan's leading skincare brand Shiseido opens flagship store in Dubai

08 May 2023

Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery opens first branch in Middle East

23 Feb 2023

Japan Consul-General in Dubai celebrates Emperor Naruhito’s 63rd birthday

15 Dec 2022

Fresh Japan fruits on display at tasting event in Dubai

04 Mar 2021

Fully-engraved gold Nissan GT-R model selling in the UAE

24 Feb 2021

Demon Slayer Happy Meals coming to McDonald’s Japan

23 Feb 2021

Mortal Kombat releases first film trailer

23 Feb 2021

Japanese man Shams Qamar celebrates Emperor Naruhito’s Birthday

05 Feb 2021

Pokémon celebrates its 25th anniversary with an all-new Levi’s denim collaboration

31 Jan 2021

Chaotic scenes as Japan store restocks Sony’s PS5

22 Jan 2021

Rare Pokémon card selling for ¥48m yen

20 Jan 2021

Japanese manufacturer LIXIL driving growth & value in the new normal

16 Jan 2021

Pokémon celebrates 25 years with Katy Perry as musical headline for the year

09 Jan 2021

The world’s smallest portable Nintendo 64 console is here

20 Dec 2020

Japanese bakery Yamanote Atelier releases festive menu

13 Dec 2020

Jordan tea house importing blends from Japan to shut down amid COVID-19

10 Dec 2020

Japanese sushi chain adds fried chicken sushi to its menu

09 Dec 2020

Online NHK poll ranks top 20 popular Sailor Moon characters

28 Nov 2020

Comiket to return in 2021 on a smaller scale due to COVID-19

25 Nov 2020

ORALPEACE: First of its kind fully edible Japanese oral hygiene product

24 Nov 2020

Sony pays Rick and Morty 'a lot' to promote new PS5

16 Nov 2020

SEGA to sell off its arcade business in Japan

09 Nov 2020

‘One Piece’ celebrates its 1000th chapter with free manga

06 Sep 2020

Super Mario Bros. titles to be released on Nintendo Switch

01 Sep 2020

Director Spike Lee features protests from Osaka in new Michael Jackson music video

31 Aug 2020

McDonald’s Japan adds ‘Gold Moon’ burger to its menu to celebrate Tsukimi season

27 Aug 2020

Japanese artist inspires joy through miniature statues

27 Aug 2020

Japan may run out of credit card numbers as consumers resort to online shopping

26 Aug 2020

IKEA gives its 2021 catalogue an Animal Crossing-themed makeover

24 Aug 2020

Tiffany & Co. releases Japan-exclusive accessories collection

20 Aug 2020

Transparent public restrooms open in Japan parks

16 Aug 2020

Mami Umami: Izakaya-style dining with a Latin American twist

12 Aug 2020

Nintendo fans can now enjoy Animal Crossing themed wireless controllers

11 Aug 2020

Toshiba laptops shut down for good

10 Aug 2020

Japanese footballer shows support towards Beirut blast victims

04 Aug 2020

Screaming mask sticker new ticket into Japan amusement parks

03 Aug 2020

Ghost of Tsushima: PS4 samurai game becomes fastest-selling title ever

31 Jul 2020

Toilet roll or cake? Dubai-based chef shows off pandemic-inspired dessert

31 Jul 2020

DIY hand sanitizer: How to safely make your own disinfectant

30 Jul 2020

Kuwaiti influencer one of the first to introduce Japan culture to the Arab world

26 Jul 2020

UAE National Olympic Committee discusses future of Olympics post COVID-19

25 Jul 2020

Sony and fast fashion retailer Zara release PlayStation-themed sneakers

23 Jul 2020

Black-owned anime studio D'Art Shtajio produces The Weeknd’s latest music video


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