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5th edition of photography event Xposure event is coming back to the UAE

Sharjah’s International Photography Festival brings the world’s best visual storytelling with Covid-19 security protocols (Supplied)
Sharjah’s International Photography Festival brings the world’s best visual storytelling with Covid-19 security protocols (Supplied)
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04 Feb 2021 02:02:02 GMT9
04 Feb 2021 02:02:02 GMT9

Amin Abbas Dubai

The fifth edition of Xposure, the globally renowned International Photography Festival is coming back to Sharjah with promises of an exciting week for experts as well as amateurs and enthusiasts, as it brings together the best photographers from across the region and around the world, presenting their vision of the events and people who have impacted the world.

Hosted by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) at Expo Centre Sharjah from Feb. 10 to 13, Xposure 2021 will feature some of the most inspiring images from across the world with 1,558 photos by 400 international photographers who have quite literally gone to the ends of the earth to capture nature’s beauty, people’s lives, historical events, and more.

With 54 exhibitions, 21 public seminars and inspiring discussions, 14 workshops delivered by industry leaders, 8 focus groups and 14 expert-led portfolio reviews, the festival will play its role of being the biggest platform for hands-on learning and training in visual arts in the UAE and the region, once again this year. The festival will honor the emerging as well as renowned photography talents through its three awards.

Xposure, which is considered MENA’s leading photography forum and educational platform for both professional and aspiring photographers and media artists, will transform the halls of Expo Centre Sharjah into an artistic space which will not only provide an opportunity for the public to get acquainted with the work of the most prominent photographers in the world, but also offer an inspiring environment to learn and imbibe various photographic skills from the great masters themselves.

The International Photography Festival has in a very short time established itself as a premier global event dedicated to celebrating the art of photography and expanding professional frontiers for aspiring professionals in the region. It is widely regarded and respected by top photographers and experts as well as major photography companies around the world for its diversity, technical excellence, and professional integrity and, above all, for the attractive prizes and opportunities the platform offers.

The festival will be held in line with the UAE’s stringent precautionary measures against COVID-19. Mandatory measures being followed include sterilization of the premises, installation of disinfection gates at entry points, and provision of face masks and hand sanitizers as well other safety measures.

Tariq Saeed Allay, Director of Sharjah Government Media Bureau said: “After being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Xposure is back again & it is bringing the works of the world’s best photographers to you in keeping with Sharjah’s tradition of striving to make our events and offerings more interesting year after year.”

“Photography enthusiasts will have the unique opportunity to view the world through the eyes of these gifted practitioners of the art who have charted new paths in the domain,” he added.

“One of reasons this edition is outstanding is because, for the first time, the festival is launching an award to celebrate the commitment of photojournalists to document key events, jeopardizing their own safety at times. Moreover, this will be Xposure’s biggest edition yet – in terms of the number of photographers, number of images in our exhibitions, and even the number of competition entries. Furthermore, the festival is being staged against the backdrop of profound global changes, in continuation of its committed efforts to support image makers and their projects,” Allay explained.

“Thanks to technology becoming more accessible than ever, photography is now an essential part of most people’s lives, not practiced only by a select few on their artistic pursuits. The camera lens opens a window on to the world and, through its images, has the power to transport us to the remotest corners of the globe. We are certain that Xposure 2021 will be rewarding for both photography professionals and the general enthusiast,” he added.

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